Thursday 29 April 2021

Desert Druid And The Acid Caravan Release New Single THE WITCH

Band Bio

Formed in early 2020 in the city of Sorocaba / SP by three musicians who have known each other for a decade and have been in other bands, the band Desert Druid and the Acid Caravan seeks to bring to their sonority elements of classic bands from the Heavy Metal and Doom Metal, adding a few touches of Stoner Rock. Between the references, seminal names like Electric Wizard, Saint Vitus, Black Sabbath and Pentagram, as well as names like Uncle Acid.

Recorded at Covil Studio in Sorocaba in 2020, “The Witch” is the EP of debut of the trio formed by F. Klinger (bass / vocals), P.Nass (guitar) and E.Lisboa (drums) and consists of four tracks where 70s Hard Rock, Doom Metal and Stoner intertwine in an atmosphere dark and obscured, inviting the listener on a journey through atmosphere of dense riffs coupled with a clean and ethereal vocal, if based on the occult theme and aesthetics. The Witch is scheduled to launch in early May on platforms digital, and the title track will come out as a single in April.

You can hear the excellent new song below from their forthcoming new release


1.The VVitch
2.Total Madness
3.Mistress of Black Heart
4.Witching Hour


F.Klinger - Baixo/Voz
E.Lisboa - Bateria
P.Nass - guitarra