Saturday 11 December 2021

Introduce Yourselves: Bishop Of Salem

What is the name of your band? 

Bishop of Salem

What is the genre of music that you play?

Psychedelic Metal

Can you give a brief history of the band of how it came together and where it is today?

We've been a collective unit for about a year now. We've all played in various projects together.

We got together with the goal of creating a space for us three to explore a more spiritual side of music.

Currently, we're rehearsing, we also have a new album in the works, which we intend to have finished by late Spring 2022.

What can people expect from your music?

Craig (guitar/vox) - "Bishop of Salem is on a futuristic, imaginative, animistic quest to unlock the eternal artistic high that is heavy metal euphoria."

Andrew (bass) - "Turgid sonorities reverberating perpetually across isotropic reaches, invoking a convergence of pneumatic and corporeal stations of reality. The sanctious unity that is emanate from each ritual transports each vessel into infinite rapturous aeons of astronomical zeal. This is what our music is to me."

Joe (drums) - "My name's Joe, I play drums, ... and I concur."

What is the best release that folks should check out from your band?

We have two demos available online, I would recommend the self titled, Dead Bog's Love in particular is a very epic track.

Where can people find you on Social Media?


I'd like to thank Steve & Outlaws of the Sun for making this happen. Thanks guys! You rule :) I'd also like to thank anyone who gives us a listen, music is life, and we truly just want to create authentic cerebral soundscapes for you all to enjoy.