Saturday 11 December 2021

Introduce Yourselves:EARTHBONG

What is the name of your band? 


What is the genre of music that you play? 

Someone came up with the genre Dope Doom Bong Metal and that’s pretty much what we play. 

Can you give a brief history of the band of how it came together and where it is today? 

In 2018 Tommy and I started playing together in a Kraut/Psychedelic band called Kombynat Robotron. Soon we found out that we both like to play heavier stuff too that we couldn’t play with the kraut band. Tommy had jammed with Selly before and asked him to join us, so we had drums, guitar, bass and vocals. 

After some jams we decided to form a unique weed and riff worshipping doom power-trio: Earthbong! 

Our first album ONE EARTH ONE BONG was released a few months later in winter 2018 because we wrote songs really fast and wanted to release them asap. We played some gigs, wrote new songs, recorded a new album and released it in May 2020. Bong Rites then got the attention of Thomas from BLACK FARM Records and he released the album as a double LP in early 2021.

Last summer we played a couple of festivals and club gigs around Germany, playing gigs abroad would be nice too but it doesn’t look to good right now, you know why… At the moment we are writing on new songs for our third album which we are planning to record early next year. 

After we recorded both previous albums in our rehearsal room we are looking forward to record the new songs in a real studio. BLACK FARM Records didn’t hear a single note of it but they already said that they want to release it and we will do our very best that they won’t regret it! Besides that we are planning a split release with our friends in Oelgod, a rather new sludge/doom project from our hometown Kiel and keeping our eyes open for gigs in 2022. If you know anything or want some dope doom bong metal at your club or festival get in touch with us! 

What can people expect from your music? 

Heavy riffs with a twist, smooth drumming and nasty black metal vocals! A lot of repeats when the riff is nice (which is mostly the case) then some more screams and another repeat of that riff, but maybe a little slower. Then some feedback, noise, and more riffs! 

What is the best release that folks should check out from your band? 

Even though we still love most songs from our first album the sound and style on Bong Rites is more what we want to sound like, so better check Bong Rites. And then check ONE EARTH ONE BONG, too!

Where can people find you on Social Media? 

You can find us on Facebook ( and Instagram (@earthbong_doom)