Tuesday 7 December 2021

Introduce Yourselves: DARK SUN KULT

What is the name of your band? 

Dark Sun Kult

What is the genre of music that you play? 

We’re a Heavy Rock/Hard Rock band that incorporates elements of Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Stoner Rock, Space Rock, Proto Metal, and Doom. We where dubbed Sci Fi Stoner Rock by a member of one of the bands we’ve played with and that seems like s pretty accurate description.

Can you give a brief history of the band of how it came together and where it is today?

DSK was formed in December of 2012, when Eric Burke (Lead Guitar), David Littell (Bass), and Shannon Bowlin (Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar) started playing Drummer Josey Byustrom. Eric, David, and Shannon had all three been in three previous bands together going back to 2002.

This original line up jelled quickly and performed it’s first show on 7/12/13 at the World Famous Milestone Club in Charlotte NC. After playing multiple shows at various venues across the state of North Carolina, they entered the studio to record their debut album “Year Of The Astronaut.”

In 2018, Dillon Warren became the second drummer for DSK. After playing a number of shows, DSK returned to the studio to record their second album “Holy Motivator,” which was released just prior to the COVID 19 Pandemic.

Dillon Warren had to step down in early 2021, on amicable terms and Logan Bowlin then became the third Drummer for DSK.

DSK will be returning to live performance early in 2022.

What can people expect from your music? 

We refer to what we do as our Secret Science of Sonic Alchemy, because from day one our goal has been to create Heavy Music that’s not limited to any one style or genre. Each member of DSK brings a lot of different influences to the band, but among the common influences we share, Black Sabbath, Mot├Ârhead, Blue Cheer, and Monster Magnet are the most prevalent.

What is the best release that folks should check out from your band? 

We’ve released two albums “Year Of The Astronaut” and “Holy Motivator.” Both are pretty good representations of what we do, but since “Holy Motivator” is the most recent, it’s probably the best one to check out first. “Holy Motivator” is available on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, and pretty much every major platform for Streaming and Downloads. There’s also a link for physical copies on our FB Page.

Where can people find you on Social Media? 

DSK can be found on Facebook and YouTube