Saturday 18 December 2021

Introduce Yourselves: Gramma Vedetta

What is the name of your band?

Gramma Vedetta, which we know is not easy for English speakers to pronounce. It is also always misspelt as "venNdetta". There is no N in Gramma Vedetta

What is the genre of music that you play?

We don’t know. LOL. It’s Heavy Rock for sure, with some recalls to Stoner Rock, Progressive Rock and some hints of psychedelia.

Can you give a brief history of the band of how it came together and where it is today?

The band was born in late 2016 when Italians Dan and Marco started mixing riffs and pints of beer.

Starting with grunge/stoner influences, our sound has developed over the years and after two drummers and two EPs (Proof of concept 2018, ACID Compliant 2020) we are now in the process of releasing our first full length "The Hum of The Machine"- which also includes progressive rock influences.

Paul, the new drummer, joined the band a few months ago and brought all his knowledge on audio and video streaming, so for the future, we’ve planned monthly streaming gigs for our fans abroad and physical concerts for our fans in the UK.

Tell me more about the new release.

The Hum of The Machine will be released in May 2022 through Mandrone Records, a label created by Dan in 2020. It has been recorded by ourselves as a duo with the help of Teo from King Bong, who played the drum and mixed the album remotely.

The Hum Of The Machine is the natural evolution and progression of the sound started during our previous works and It will surely please fans of Monster Magnet, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Rush and Pink Floyd.

Massive riffs in Drop C, fuzzy bass lines, heavy grooves and analogue synthesizers paint nine different scenes that together tell the story of a man who struggles to keep his individuality while trying to adapt to a new world found on the other side of a Black Hole. They call it the machine.

What can people expect from your music?

Big sounding riffs, down-tuned instruments, big variety in moods between songs. And lots of sci-fi in the lyrics.

What is the best release that folks should check out from your band

At the moment, A.C.I.D. Compliants is the release where the folks can understand which direction the band took in terms of sounds research and the atmosphere we like to create with our songs. But you should definitely listen to The Hum Of The Machine when it’s out.

Preferably with headphones in a dark room.