Saturday 9 July 2016

Kapitan Bongo - SKIBI (Album Review)

Release date: December 31st 2016. Label: Self Released Music. Format: CD/DD

SKIBI – Tracklisting
1.Kosmiczny kaktus 17:19
2.Knur 04:35
3.Żryj trawę 06:32
4.Świątynia 15:09
5.SKIBI 13:40

Band Members:

cmb - guitar, vocals
js - bass, vocals
kpl - drums
krp - djembe, space


This is an album I promised the band that I would review ages ago. I can only apologise for the long delay to Kapitan Bongo. Sure you may laugh at their name but give their new album listen as SKIBI is a heavy spaced out affair that will surprise you in many different ways.

SKBI runs for 58 mins or so and Kapitan Bongo don't waste a single second in creating heavy moments of distorted noise which drift from Psych, Fuzz, Doom, Stoner and Sludge. The album contains it's fair share of far-out instrumental moments which allows the band to play a combination of quiet riffs and the more heavier sludgier moments.

Opening song - Kosmiczny kaktus – is the perfect example of this. As Kapitan Bongo can't decide whether they want to be a Space Rock band or a heavier Doom/Sludge Rock band. So what do these guys do. They decide to merge these styles together for one epic jam session of heavy noises and distorted riffs.

It's pretty cool that the band have created some epic songs here as they need time to fully explore their insane musical vision. If you're not a fan of long drawn out riffs then it maybe best for you to look elsewhere as Kapitan Bongo have created 3 epic songs that run past the 13 minute to 17 minute mark.

The two shorter tracks – Knur and Żryj trawę – are perhaps the weakest moments on the album. They aren't bad songs. It's just compared to the 3 epic songs on the album, they seem a bit out of place but I can see why the band included them. Mainly to show the band can do something different with their sound compared to the other songs. Though the band do create some great heavy moments for you to check out on both of these songs.

My final thoughts on SKIBI are that Kapitan Bongo have released a superb album especially if you're in the mood for something different in the realm of Sludge/Stoner Rock. Lets see what these guys release next as I have a feeling it will be something different altogether. Until then, enjoy SKIBI in all it's spaced out and trippy technicolor glory.

Words by Steve Howe


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