Sunday 3 July 2016

Tripping The Mechanism - Dead Letters (EP Review)

Release date: June 20th 2016. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Dead Letters – Tracklisting

1.Serpents Tonque 05:14
2.Selina Kyle 03:46
3.Clique Show 01:59
4.Dead Letters 05:38
5.Sightless God 04:12
6.Loss Of Control 01:31

Band Members

Legion - Guitar
Paisley - Bass
Cutter - Drums


Tripping The Mechanism are a very hard band to describe. Parts Doom Metal, Sludge, Noise Rock and moments of pure Rock and Roll fury. Put all this together and you have a recipe for one kick-ass band with a great sound of their own. Heavy distorted guitars with intense vocals make Tripping The Mechanism one of the most refreshing sounds I've heard this year.

Their new release – Dead Letters – is a blast from start to finish with moments of heavy guitars merging the thin line between Doom, Sludge and Noise Rock. If you're a fan of Kylesa then you should check this band out as they have a similar sound but still creating their own identity.

Opening track – Serpents Tonque – sees Tripping The Mechanism create a nightmarish sound where the riffs are drenched in Doom/Sludge Metal gloomy atmospherics and the vocals add a sinister edge that wouldn't go amiss from a Neurosis record.

Second track – Selina Kyle – is a very different affair compared to the first track as the band offer a punk/rock and roll sound merged with psychedelic sludge rock riffs. It still maintains a heavy gloomy atmosphere but this song is so damn catchy at times you would be forgiven to think you were listening to a more commercial based band. It's perhaps my fave song on the album as it's a daring song especially with the delivery of the music and sublime vocals.

Third track – Clique Show – sees the band offer a more proto-punk/sludge rock sound and it has a very raw psychedelic sound. I think this track offers perhaps the best representation on what Tripping The Mechanism would sound on the live stage.

Fourth track – Dead Letters – is a more slow-paced affair as the pounding drums and sultry vocals take their time in creating a despairing doom and almost occult based atmosphere. Tripping The Mechanism soon return to their heavier sounds for perhaps the EP's heaviest track. It's quite a depressing track but one that shows the true power of Tripping The Mechanism's heavy distorted sound.

The final two tracks Sightless God and Loss Of Control offer more moments of heavy bleak nightmarish sounds. Dead Letters will leave you in a daze as it's quite a daring and challenging record to listen to. It sounds superb from start to finish which isn't surprising since you have Brad Boatright mastering this. You also have Philip Cope from Kylesa producing and co-engineering and mixing with Jay Matheson. Top-notch talent who definitely know a thing or two.

Tripping The Mechanism mean serious fucking business with Dead Letters. Check this EP out as it's a refreshing and quite often depressing release though it's one you will be listening to over and over again. Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe