Saturday 23 July 2016

Obscura Insania - Sodoma (Album Review)

Release date: June 11th 2016. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Sodoma – Tracklisting

1.I 02:33
2.Candelada 05:41
3.Testigos de la miseria 05:22
4.Celeste 04:32
5.Mandragora 05:37
6.Fragmentos de la nada 05:44
7.Universo adverso 05:14
8.Una nueva maldad 08:17

Band Members:

Luis Osorio (Guitars)
Ivan Torres Barroyetta (Drums)
Renzo Lucena (Vocals)


Obscura Insania are perhaps a band you’ve not heard of which is understandable since these guys are from the South American Stoner Metal scene. Their debut album – Sodoma is a Gothic/Occult influenced take on all things Doom/Stoner Metal. All of the songs are sung in Spanish so I can’t comment what the band is singing about or what the lyrical content is like.

The vocals are more rooted in Doom Metal than Stoner Metal and the riffs are a mixture of both Doom and Stoner Metal but with a gloomier occult vibe compared to other bands of the South American scene. The instrumental work even though good for the most part, lacks focus on certain parts of the album. Though nothing major to stop you enjoying the album.

The production is handled reasonably well as it allows Obscura Insania to create many great moments of heavy noise and distorted riffs. This is perhaps one of the more confident Stoner/Doom Metal albums I’ve heard from the South American scene in a long while. Obscura Insania aren’t afraid to experiment with their sound and they make things count where it matters most and that’s with the superb riffs held on the album.

Fans of Orange Goblin, Saint Vitus and Black Sabbath will find much to enjoy here. If you’re a fan of the South American Doom/Stoner Metal scene you should seriously check these guys out as you will pleasantly be surprised by this album

Words by Steve Howe