Wednesday 20 July 2016

Valient Thorr - Old Salt (Album Review)

Release date: July 29th 2016. Label: Napalm Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Old Salt– Tracklisting

1. Mirakuru - 04:06
2. Lil Knife - 03:48
3. Cut and Run - 04:19
4. No Count Blues - 03:17
5. The Trudge - 05:21
6. Worm Up - 05:46
7. Spellbroke - 04:15
8. Linen Maker - 02:02
9. The Shroud - 03:44
10 Looking Glass - 03:39
11. Jealous Gods - 03:35

Band Members:

Dr. Professor Nitewolf Strangees - Bass
Lucian Thorr - Drums
Eidan Thorr - Guitars
Valient Himself - Vocals
Sadat Thorr - Guitars


Valient Thorr return with their seventh album – Old Salt. The album which is being released on Napalm Records sees the band return to their earlier stylized hardcore based Southern Metal sound. Valient Thorr still maintain their heavier riffs that have been present on the last couple of albums. I will be honest; I thought the last couple of Valient Thorr albums have been kind of a disappointments compared to their earlier albums. Though I’m happy to report that Old Salt is a return to form for the band.

Opening track – Mirakuru – captures Valient Thorr with a much missed blues/southern rock swagger that allows the band play soulful riffs with the ever-reliable Valient Himself singing classic rock/punk style vocals. It has a playful energy that invites you to join in with the vibrant fun.

Second track – Lil Knife – is one of the most fun and insane songs the band has written in years. An almost pop style delivery but delivered with the usual Valient Thorr magic. Spaced out lyrics and southern rock style riffs just carries on the devilish based atmosphere running through out the entire album. It has quite a sinister edge towards the end of the song as classic heavy metal vibes start to appear.

Third track – Cut and Run – is a faster garage psychedelic rock kind of song as the band creates disjointed punk/noise style riffs. Elements of classic doom metal are spliced through out the song as Valient Thorr manages to include as many different genres they possibly can.

Fourth song – No Count Blues – sees Valient Thorr starting to include spaced out trippy vocals and computer based glitches. Set this against a fast-paced Stoner/Southern/Punk Rock backdrop and Valient Thorr have written one of the albums standout tracks. These four tracks will give you a good impression on what to expect on Old Salt. Other great tracks to check out are: The Trudge, Linen Maker and Looking Glass.

One of the main strengths of Old Salt happens to be the production. As this is perhaps the best that Valient Thorr has ever sounded. Everything sounds so good and crystal clear.

If you’re new to the world of Valient Thorr then Old Salt is perhaps the best place to start as it offers the classic earlier sounds of the band matched with the more modern sounds that have appeared on the last couple of albums. If you’re already a long-time fan of the band then you can rest easy as Old Salt is perhaps their best album in years. This is a must have album. Do yourself a favour and buy a copy. You won’t be sorry….

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Napalm Records for the promo. Old Salt will be available to buy via Napalm Records on CD/DD/Vinyl from July 29th 2016.