Thursday 7 July 2016


Release date: June 17th 2016. Label: Prosthetic Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

AUDUBON – Tracklisting

1.L.M.M. 03:07
2.ELEPHUCK 03:35
3.THUMPER 02:23
5.NEW JOCKS 02:23
6.DOTS 02:50
9.IN CYAN 04:42

Band Members:

Timo Ellis (guitar, throat)
Ava Farber (synth, bass)
Zach Eichenhorn (drums)


Greetings all,
I got to check out the brand new album from noise rock band Netherlands. First off, they're from New York, not Western Europe. And second, this three piece is a guitar, drums, bass synth trio. Mind is officially blown. To be honest, I am a bass guy, so I was taken back when I realized all the low end was not coming from the good ol' boomstick, but to be completely honest, you wont miss it. This trio is fierce and the songs are amazing. Netherlands will not fuck with your ADD. None of the first 8 songs clock in over 4 minutes, the final scorcher goes over a bit, but they will get you with their seemless and unique blend of noise rock with some nwobhm/80's metal vocal. The songs bounce all over you in an epic whiplash that is sure to please.
The openers, L M M and Elephuck, are ragers that will pummel you while you smile. The third track Thumper is angry and intense. The band does not let up at all over the next two The bottom of the Ocean and New Jocks before careening wildly into the awesome Dots. The luxurious battering rams Thrombosis and Alien Pussy do just that, ram you hard and make you want more. Before they finally let up and deliver the mammoth In Cyan to send you on your merry way.
I was not at all familiar with Netherlands before this album, but I can not say enough about how righteous and heavy this record is. I am hooked and you will be too. Check it out and bliss out, or break some shit or whatever flops your mop. Highly recommended!
RIYL - Melvins, Big Business, Faith No More, Deftones, Skeleton Key
Words by Todd Stealey