Wednesday 9 August 2017

Night - Passages (Album Review)

Release date: August 25th 2017. Label: Hand/Eye Records. Format: CD/DD

Passages – Tracklisting


Band Members

Bobby Yagodich - Guitar
Matt Jackson - Bass
Zach Nace - Guitar
Mark Bixler - Drums


Passages is the second album from Post-Rock/Post-Metal Instrumentalists - NIGHT. Night released their last album back in 2015. That album was a very good album indeed. Dark, dense, heavy and with enough progressive post-rock/post-metal riffs to keep fans of Pelican and Russian Circles entertained for days. This album sees Night in a more robust and reflective mood. 

Opening track - Drift - is a seventy second burst of ambient/psych post-rock murky sounds with a foreboding doom atmosphere.

Second track - Parallel - opens with an operatic style sound that allows Night to create almost heavenly sounds. Noises are slowly added before a familiar post-rock style riff appears and the song moves into cinematic post-rock territory. The interplay between the psychedelic noises and experimental post-rock sounds offer an almost counter balance to each other. Quiet for the most part and played at a fast pace. Elements of heavier post-rock passages slowly make their intentions known. The instrumental work has a semi-acoustic feel with the post-metallic drums driving the rhythm along. It's quite an uplifting song that channels the early days of Pelican and Russian Circles to perfection.

Third track - Passages - is an epic ten minute song that finally add the Post-Metal element to the album with more of the strange psychedelic and almost noise rock riffs being played too loud levels. The drumming is very good on this song but it can be under-produced at times. The song gradually builds to a very loud experience before the band stop everything in their tracks and opt for a mellow post-rock sound. Pounding drums save the day as Night flirt between Post-Rock ambience and Post-Metal dominance.

The second half of the album sees Night carry on and progress with their hybrid Psychedelic Post-Rock/Post-Metal journey with the final three songs - Shapeshifter, Breathe and Alluvion - driving and finishing the album to its natural conclusion. The best two tracks on the album are in my opinion - Breathe and Passages. As they offer the best representation in what Night are all about. Crushing guitar solos, intense drumming and a keen eye for sound experimentation.

If you think these guys are another Pelican or Russian Circles clone. Think again. As Night have created a very bold and daring Post-Rock/Post-Metal album. The use of psychedelic space rock noises is one of the albums main strengths. As it holds everything together on Passages. 

The production is mainly superb throughout. Sure there's a few rough parts towards the start. Once everything settles down, the album opens up to be an exciting and daring take within the Instrumental Post-Rock/Post-Metal fields of music.

Words by Steve Howe