Tuesday 30 April 2024

State Of Non Return - White Ink (Album Review)

Release Date: May 03rd 2024. Record Label: Trepanation Recordings. Formats: DD

White Ink - Tracklisting

1. Catharsis 9:35

2. Vertigo 8:45

3. White Ink 9:18

4. Pendulum 15:15



Mauro - guitars

Diego - bass

Tony - drums


White Ink is the debut album from Drone/Doom/Stoner Metallers State Of Non Return and when a band names themselves after the classic track by OM then you have a good idea of a certain style of music that the band plays. However, that’s a small side of State Of Non Return’s overall sound as they incorporate massive amounts of Drone, Doom, Psych and Stoner Metal grooves which also has a cold calculated Industrialised movement running through it’s creative mindset.

You can hear influences from bands such as Neurosis, YOB, ISIS and SLEEP with the record moving across the Post-Metal landscape to a heavier style of Progressive Stoner Metal. There’s moments of Ambient Post Rock and ethereal soundscapes all combining for a record that’s quite unsettling within the more heavier Sludgier environments on the stunning opening tracks of Catharsis and Vertigo. The vocals that appear when the time calls for it which you first hear on Catharsis and they’re spread out fairly evenly within the album. 

White Ink contains four tracks that run about forty four minutes in length but it feels longer and I mean that as a huge compliment. As State Of Non Return are quite adventurous with their music and explore different levels of cold-hearted heaviness which becomes ever more ethereal and devastating on the later tracks of White Ink and Pendulum. The instrumental passages can be focused mostly on Shoegaze or Doomgaze delivery but State Of Non Return brings an epic, harsh and abrasive style of vocals to move the album back into the Sludge/Post-Metal arena. 

State Of Non Return allows the record to transform into a heavier and distorted atmosphere which sees the overall creative flow of the record to be quite dynamic and fractured at times with the help of some intense raw-sounding production values. 

White Ink is a more direct, aggressive and primal style of Psychedelic Doom/Stoner Metal sound which buries itself under a ton of POST-METAL aggression that leaves you wanting to hear more.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Trepanataion Recordings for the promo.

White Ink will be available to buy on Digital Download from Friday May 3rd 2024.


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Monday 29 April 2024

Introduce Yourselves: Zahhāk

What is the name of your band?


What is the genre of music that you play?


Can you give a brief history of the band of how it came together and where it is today?

Zahhāk is a Noise-Sludge trio from Aachen, Germany, founded in late 2021, when members of previous projects decided to start a new band, focused on really heavy sludge, noise and drone.

Since then we had quite some gigs, opened for Crowbar in our hometown and released an EP (“Zahhāk s/t”, 2022) a full length album (“Yakh”, 2023), and now we added our second one 'Ostokhān' to our discography. We recorded and produced all these releases ourselves.

What can people expect from your music?

Noise and slooow Doom but we also like to surprise with oriental rhythms and melodies. Emotionally it revolves around sadness and desperation and anger.

What is the best release that folks should check out from your band?

The newest one 'Ostokhān' has the most fleshed out sound. But people also seem to like our harsh and rough sounding self titled EP.

Where can people find you on Social Media?

Hollow Leg - Dust (EP Review)

Release Date: May 03rd 2024. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Dust - Tracklisting

1. Poison Bite (3:34)

2. Sick Days (3:58)

3. Funeral Storms (3:47)

4. Another Day Dying (4:51)

5. Holy Water (5:46)



Scott Angelacos - vocals

Brent Lynch - guitar/backing vocals

Tom Crowther - bass

John Stewart - drums, rainstick general


Sludge/Doom Metallers Hollow Leg return after a five year absence with their new EP Dust which is the first of a two-part release. This time round the band opt for a new heavier and perhaps clearer sound compared to their previous albums. The sound is more aggressive and quite forceful while still bringing sludge-based melodies to the Groove Metal surroundings heard within the bombastic opening track Poison Bite.

The track has a buoyant High On Fire/Motorhead energy within the music and even the harsh vocals from lead vocalist Scott. There’s a subtle and aggressive flavour of Doom Metal with a fantastic kinetic Psychedelic energy heard within the lyrics. 

Second track Sick Days has a more fleeting style of NOLA based sounds with the band going all out by playing a classic style of Sludge/Stoner Metal grooves that sees Hollow Leg playing a more riff focused delivery within this track alone. There’s some sublime FUZZED UP and SEEDY sounding guitar solos with powerful drumming to match.

Third track Funeral Storm is another down-tuned and catchy number with Scott’s vocals bridging the gap between punishing Doom Metal aggression and the more subtle Sludge Metal sound. Brent Lynch provides excellent vocal support with his cleaner style of delivery. The later stages of the song is dominated by Psychedelic Stoner Metal and Prog Rock even within the short running time of the track not hindering the band at all.

Fourth Song Another Day Dying is classic Hollow Leg through and through with the instrumental sounds being more aggressive and fast-paced compared to the other tracks. There’s moments of pissed off THRASH elements appearing with the track having a stripped back quality. Scott’s vocals are slightly more demonic and there’s some epic harsh passages which allow this track to perhaps be the heaviest part of the whole EP.

The final track of Holy Water opens with a solitary acoustic guitar with Hollow Leg adding different levels of instrumental passages. The song is quite different with the band opting for a surreal sound with moments of intricate Post-Doom allowing Hollow Leg playing a similar style of music to Ancient VVisdom with its melodic and acoustic structure. The song still has moments of Psychedelic Metal becoming more primal and the sludgy guitars gaining more control as time goes by. The vocals are a mixture of harsh and clean based passages with a certain Alice In Chains energy or influence appearing within the later stages of the track.

Dust is a first rate slice of modern day Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal that sees Hollow Leg announce their return with supreme confidence and promising more punishing grooves within the second part of the EP that will be released at a later date.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Good Boy PR for the promo. Dust will be available to buy digitally from Friday 3rd May 2024.


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Druidess - Hermits & Mandrakes (EP Review)

Release Date: March 20th 2024. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Hermits & Mandrakes - Tracklisting

1.Intro 00:40

2.Witches' Sabbath 05:56

3.Mandragora 03:41

4.Knightingales 06:12

5.The Hermit of Druid's Temple 04:14

6.The Forest Witches' Daughter 05:51



Vocals by Shonagh Brown

Guitars Performed by Daniel Downing

Bass Guitar Performed by Daniel Downing

Drum Programming by Daniel Downing

Additional Keyboards by Daniel Downing


Hermits & Mandrakes is the debut release from Heavy Psych/Doom/Stoner Rocker Druidess who hail from my hometown of Newcastle Upon Tyne. I saw the band open recently for Saint Karloff / JOSIAH on their recent UK tour. I was impressed by the band’s subtle style of IOMMI Riff Worship and Sabbath inspired take on the Heavy Psych sound. Their debut EP is quite a bewitching OCCULT affair with a massive sludgy down-tuned sound. If you dig bands such as Green Lung, LOWEN, Alunah and Black Sabbath then Druidess offer a drug induced and Proto-Doom sound within the EP with standout tracks as Witches’ Sabbath, Knightingales and The Forest Witches’ Daughter.

There is a surreal dreamlike Psychedelic energy when matching with the heavier DOOMED OUT aspects of the music which is first heard on Witches’ Sabbath and that is amplified for a more sinister creative style heard within Shonagh’s excellent vocals and intense lyrics that appear on the record. The music is quite FUZZY and SEEDY even when the mood becomes more Blues Rock based. Druidess have a fine ear for conjuring up extended instrumental passages that pays HOMAGE to the classic AMPLIFIER WORSHIP sound that Black Sabbath created back in the day.

Druidess work best when they let their Heavy Psych attitude merge with the Occult Rock overtones which gives way to some of the best grooves on the whole EP. 

Overall, Hermits & Mandrakes is a superbly produced record which allows Druidess to cast a bewitching spell within the Doom/Stoner Rock community and I’m excited to hear what the band can deliver on a full length record. Don’t let this EP pass you by as it’s seriously good with Druidess having the potential to go a long way within the UK Doom/Stoner Metal scene and perhaps perform on some of the biggest stages currently out there.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


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Sunday 28 April 2024

Doom/Desert/Stoner Rockers Fuzz Evil have released their lead single with Desert Records

"Wanderer’s Wake” is the first single from Fuzz Evil’s fourth studio record "Smear Merchants" to be released in late 2024 on Desert Records.

"We are always trying to evolve our music each record and with "Smear Merchants" it will be our take on more doom metal/stoner.” -FUZZ EVIL

As purveyors of chug-heavy, fuzz-laden riffs, this heavy rock ensemble unleashes a monolithic fuzzpocalypse that reverberates through your ears and straight to your soul. With raw, gritty Fuzz and unique tones, FUZZ EVIL combines baritone fuzz, extraordinary riffs, and heavy bass tones to create a sound that's as soulful as it is earth-shattering.  

Fuzz Evil is: 

Vocals: Wayne Rudell 
Guitar: Wayne Rudell 
Bass: Joseph Rudell 
Backing Vocals: Joseph Rudell 
Baritone Guitars: Preston Jennings 
Drums: Cajun Adams 
Song written by Fuzz Evil 
Song Recorded, Produced, and Mixed by: Joseph Rudell 
Art by: Joseph Rudell 


Official | Facebook | BandCamp | Instagram

Thanks to Desert Bloom PR and Fuzz Evil for all of the details

Saturday 27 April 2024

Blues Funeral Recording Latest Updates With ABRAMS, HORSEBURNER And HASHTRONAUT

HASHTRONAUT No Return (splatter vinyl edition) - (photo courtesy of Igor Lukina)

Holy moley! We try not to be too in-your-inbox with our updates, but we didn't mean to let it get to the end of April without a word. Now we have to catch you up, but we promise you're gonna want to hear all this.

When the year started, we told you 2024 would be a bit of a pivot for us, not in music quality or style, but in bringing out records from some younger bands whose names you might not always recognize.

Don't worry, this doesn't mean we're finished working with legends and heavyweights like Dozer and Acid King! It just means we found ourselves blasting the hell out of stuff from a handful of newer bands that's so good we just couldn't pass up the chance to bring it to the world.

Our goal has always been that the Blues Funeral brand would be a mark of quality, an assurance that fans of colossal riffs, soaring melodies, massive tones and irresistible hooks could rely on being able to dig pretty much any record with our logo on the back.

We're don't literally expect you to love every single thing we release, but honestly, that's always what we're striving for! And we're pretty confident that with what we've got coming in 2024, you'll have a hell of a time finding something that doesn't deliver.


ABRAMS "Fire Waltz" Official Music Video

First up in the coming months is a band called ABRAMS, whose new record Blue City is a cathartic mix of catchy, driving rhythms, soaring vocals and ethereal ambiance that we think fans of everything from post-metal to classic grunge will dig. Wait, grunge? Really?

So here's the thing: our founder started his first label in 1997, right when desert/stoner rock was coalescing into a worldwide movement. He'd been listening to Kyuss, Monster Magnet and Fu Manchu since 1992, but you know what else he was listening to during that time?

Yep, grunge. And we'd be lying to ourselves if we didn't acknowledge that stoner rock shares a ton of common roots with grunge.

Both came into being around the same time.

Both drew from heavy 70s and classic rock and metal.

Both were a response to the superficiality of late 80s hair-metal and the watered-down commerciality of 90s radio rock.

And both were characterized by total authenticity. Yeah, grunge blew up and stoner rock not as much, but in terms of heavy music styles, the only one on par with stoner rock if you're talking undeniable commitment to unpretentious heaviness is grunge.

We're not afraid to say that you may hear a touch of grunge swirling around in what ABRAMS do. But that's also what's so damn cool, because these guys were barely alive when grunge was happening.

ABRAMS are young, hungry, and they've been guzzling the entirety of heavy rock history and letting it seep into their blood, and now they're unleashing their take on what modern heaviness can be.

That's why we can say without hesitation that if Torche, ASG and Cave In are up your alley, we know you'll be riveted by ABRAMS, but also if you dig Failure, Quicksand, Hum, and hell, even Soundgarden.
We can't say enough about how stoked we are to be working with this band and how bowled over we are by their perfect melodic songcraft. It's cathartic and bittersweet, nostalgic while feeling fresh, and above all, it fucking rocks.

Check out the video above for the first single "Fire Waltz" and if you dig it, head over to Bluesfuneral.com, our Bandcamp or our European Web Shop to preorder Blue City, the new album from ABRAMS that arrives next month.


HORSEBURNER "The Gift" Official Music Video

Speaking of up-and-coming bands who you may or may not know (but should), here's a no-brainer: Blues Funeral will release the new album from HORSEBURNER this June.

Where to start? This is one of Howling Giant's favorite bands. In fact, they've been touring together regularly for years. So yeah, that's point one in their favor.

Point two is that these guys have utterly mastered galloping modern metal in a way that only the absolute topmost tier of heavy bands have; we're talking Mastodon, Baroness, that level of heavy musicianship.

This is breakneck high-energy riff-metal that'll have you swerving toward freeway dividers, you'll be banging your head so hard.

Okay, let's breathe for a second.

HORSEBURNER isn't a "new" band. They've been around a few years, and they put out a killer album in 2019 on Ripple Music. But like every band in our scene, part of making a mark is showing you'll be here for the long haul, that you're gonna keep growing and burning down stages year after year.

Again, going back to examples like Dozer and Acid King, these are bands who've been going for decades, and their greatness wasn't just accepted by any of us on day one. They persevered, and eventually, what they did was in your DNA and ours.

That's the track HORSEBURNER is on. Mastodon didn't go from Remission to Crack the Skye in a week. They built, they tore down, they rebuilt, they set it on fire, they started again.

What HORSEBURNER has made with new album Voice of Storms is them on that path. It's a massive leap, an endless array of musical flexes. It's blistering tempos, fearless hooks and burly crush. Voice of Storms is a sludge-prog triumph full of soaring, obliterating mini-epics. These guys do things a lot of other bands never try, because a lot of other bands just could never do it.

HORSEBURNER will be with us all for some time, but this is their Leviathan... so it's time to get on the boat.

Preorder Voice of Storms at Bluesfuneral.com, our Bandcamp or our European Web Shop, and stream first single "The Gift" right now at the video link above or on all digital platforms. And be looking out for more live dates this summer (yes, some of them with their pals in Howling Giant).



In January, we introduced you to HASHTRONAUT, a band who represented this label's first foray into the grand tradition of weed-metal odysseys. And you responded by making this one of the fastest growing and exploding bands ever on this label.

Their Spotify numbers, if you pay attention to that kind of thing, went from 300 listeners a month to over 5000.

There was no magic. We haven't figured out any tricks or behind the scenes maneuvers to bump streaming numbers up.

This was all you.

Fans of quality heaviness just love HASHTRONAUT's No Return album, and are letting the world know by streaming the goddamn hell out of it.

We're down to our last few copies of the stunning splatter vinyl version of No Return, but the band will be hitting the road on tour this May and they're carrying a handful with them as well. So order your copy now, or get out and see them to snag one.

Thanks for taking a chance on something completely new. Thanks for giving us the confidence to bring you bands you might not know and showing us you're into it. And thanks for supporting these dudes! We can't say enough great things about HASHTRONAUT, so we highly (get it?) encourage you to check them out if they're coming your way, it'll be worth your while and they sure as hell deserve it.

Catch HASHTRONAUT on tour in May (with more dates coming later this year):

May 9 - Hi Dive - Denver, CO
May 10 - Ace’s High Saloon - Salt Lake City, UT
May 11 - Neurolux - Boise, ID
May 12 - Substation - Seattle, WA
May 15 - High Water Mark - Portland, OR
May 16 - The Eagle - San Francisco, CA
May 17 - Mrs. Olsons - Oxnard, CA
May 18 - Til Two - San Diego, CA
May 19 - Redwood Bar & Grill - Los Angeles, CA
May 20 - The Dive Bar - Las Vegas, NV

And stay tuned for more killer heaviness to come, 'cause we're just getting warmed up!

The Blues Funeral Team

Hashtronaut "Rip Wizard" - Official Music Video

APE VERMIN Release Intergalactic Sludge Single “Awakened” Off Upcoming Album “Andromedas Colossus” and Tour Dates

Ape Vermin, the formidable 3-piece act hailing from the depths of Valdese, North Carolina, USA, is gearing up to conquer the cosmos with their latest sci-fi-infused album “Andromedas Colossus” on May 17, 2024, with a US tour to follow the release. Your journey into otherworldly realms begins with their new single “Awakened”, which guitarist/vocalist Brett Lee comments on:

My personal favorite. We’re back, and we’re making up for lost time. Hell has come back to life. The Colossus is awake, prepare for your imminent obliteration. “Ten thousand years, through portals of time. Awaken this hell, Your world will be mine. Destroyed to extinction by hellish invention, made up for lost time, Hell has come back to life.

In “Awakened”, sludge metal meets thrash in fine form. Double bass so crushing it could cause another world war. Guitar leads reminiscent of Dimebag Darrell and Kerry King in their prime and enough low-end to destroy planets.

Since its inception in 2017, Ape Vermin has pledged to push the limits of its craft, blending colossal riffs with amplifier worship and masterful percussion. “Andromedas Colossus”, promises to be a tour de force, featuring ten tracks of unique and exciting metal. Building upon the foundation laid by their acclaimed releases - the 2021 “Arctic Noise” EP and the 2018 “Sonic Monolith” LP; “Andromedas Colossus” sees Ape Vermin usher in a new chapter of their intergalactic saga; it is recommended for fans of High on Fire, Crowbar, and Mastodon.

Listen to “Awakened” below or over at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4Chku6Ir64

Album pre-order - https://apevermin.bandcamp.com/

Track Listing:​

1. Obliteration Imminent - 5:12
2. Colony - 7:00
3. Solaruss - 5:30
4. Pulse Driver - 3:47
5. Mining The Colossus - 8:06
6. Signal Transmissions - 2:45
7. Motherlode - 8:32
8. Awakened - 3:17
9. Unearthing the Artifact - 7:43
10. Return to Andromeda - 7:57

APE VERMIN - Riders of the Damned Tour Dates:​

5/17 - Spartanburg, S.C - Ground Zero
5/19 - Tampa, FL - Brass Mug
5/21 - New Orleans, LA - The Goat
5/22 - Houston, TX - Black Magic Social Club
5/23 - Fort Worth, TX - Haltom Theatre
5/24 - San Antonio, TX - Paper Tiger
5/25 - Laredo, TX - Cold Brew Rock Bar
5/26 - Austin, TX - Valhalla
5/28 - El Paso, TX - Rockhouse Bar & Grill
5/29 - Tucson, AZ - The Rock
5/30 - Phoenix, AZ - Blooze Bar
6/1 - Richmond, CA - Baltic Kiss
6/2 - Reno, NV - Alturus Bar
6/4 - Salt Lake City, UT - International Bar
6/5 - Casper, WY - The Gaslight Social
6/7 - Ridgeway, CO - The Sherbino
6/8 - Denver, CO - Hermans Hideaway
6/12 - Asheville, N.C - The Odditorium

***More Dates to be added***

Thanks to Asher Media PR for all of the info.

Lucifer Giant - Lucifer Giant (Album Review)

Release Date: April 12th 2024. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD/Vinyl

Lucifier Giant - Self Titled - Tracklisting

1.LUCIFER 06:17


3.ACID DREAM 07:05



6.GHOST 08:33



Simu Sigrist - Guitar, Vocals

Matt Flury - Guitar, Vocals

Remo - Synth, Backing Vocals

Avi Moser - Drums

Ändu Feuz - Bass


Heavy Psych/Doom/Stoner Rockers Lucifer Giant debut self-titled album blew my mind when I first heard the album thanks to my good friend Frazer over at Desert Psychlist. As this band would have gone under my radar but thankfully I read his brilliant review which you can read here. This record is top-level Psychedelic Stoner Metal of the highest order.

Adding a more vivid Progressive Rock foundation to their music which allows the epic synths to have free reign playing more expansive moments of Cosmic/Spaced Out Doom. The musical journey still continues along the modern day Psych Doom/Stoner Rock trajectory which is quite similar to bands such as ELDER, King Buffalo and Howling Giant have made their own over the last few years. However, as their name suggests, this band is helped along by LUCIFER on their Cosmic based journey. As a result, this record can be more DOOM and OCCULT based despite the Psychedelic Space Rock movement that Lucifer Giant make their own with.

The record opens with the excellent Lucifer which allows the band to lay down the rules for the listener to familiarise themselves with. Moments of classic and modern day Psych Stoner Rock passages with a thrilling Prog Rock sound adds a level of Cinematic presentation that gives their music a more intense and bigger sound to play EPIC grooves throughout. The melodic vocals are an absolute joy to listen to despite the gloomy Post-Doom surroundings of the track starting to emerge.

Second track Monuments sees Lucifer Giant play the standout track on the whole album with a mixture of intense Post-Doom sounds that soon merges into a caustic Sonic Rock sound with the modern Stoner Rock/Metal element drifting further into the heaviest parts of the album. The synths once again are standout for me which are brilliantly provided by Remo with the rest of the band playing first rate instrumental grooves that have the essence of 70’s Space Rock, 90’s Stoner Metal and modern day Fuzzed Up aggression leading the creative charge. The vocals are reminiscent from other bands of that ilk but Lucifer Giant have an air of cynicism behind them which gives this album a more threatening vibe and I adore that aspect of the whole album the most.

The album is full of intense instrumental sounds but they’re grooves that are built to last an age with the Prog Rock/Metal aspect fully utilised within the whole album. Lucifer Giant can be quite contemporary within the mellow and ambient parts of the album which come into effect more and more on the later stages of the album.

Lucifer Giant becomes more Psych Rock/Space Rock obsessed with the rest of the album especially on tracks such as Acid Dream, Miles Deep Well and Ghost. The music is quite trippy and verges on the hallucinogenic style of Psychedelic energy with massive levels of FUZZ, Post-Doom and Progressive Stoner Metal sounds building upto a daring style of music you don’t initially expect.

The band are quite adept at projecting different Ambient Sounds into the mix which allows the record to have a more stripped back sound which comes into primary focus on Acid Dream and perhaps Miles Deep Well. 

The album is backed up by richly observed and superb production values with the album having a contemporary flow which sees Lucifer Giant delivering an original sounding album not many bands deliver on their debut release. I have a feeling that the band has been given the key to achieve bigger and better things within the world of Stoner Rock/Metal thanks to this album alone. 

Add this album to your record collection now as it’s already a contender for Album Of The Year that will no doubt appear on many more within the scene before the year ends.

Words by Steve Howe


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Stonerhead - Running High (Album Review)

Release Date: April 27th 2024. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Running High - Tracklisting

1.Someone Please 05:02

2.Obsession 06:20

3.Super Mario 07:34

4.Need Some Time 05:35

5.Running Low 05:03

6.Tweaky Mind 10:27



Phil - guitar, vocals

Anna - bass, vocals

Igor - drums

Christian - guitar


Psych Stoner Rockers Stonerhead second album Running High sees the band play a more open and honest rendition of Stoner based music compared to their debut album. The music is quite contemporary with a raw sounding quality which allows Stonerhead to perform with moments of music outside the world of Stoner Rock/Metal appearing within the vocals and the aggressive parts of the album.

Running High can be quite Doom Rock based within the vocals and lyrics which gives Stonerhead an “OUTSIDER” quality compared to the other Stoner Rock records currently being released. They still play the usual blend of Stoner Rock sounds and extended passages but there’s something adventurous to Stonerhead’s delivery of music which shines through on Someone Please, Obsession and really comes into prominence on the outstanding third track Super Mario.

The music is a mixture of aggressive sounding Stoner Rock, Fuzz Rock, Psych Rock and Desert Rock with the trademark influences from the STONER scene being used as a spiritual inspiration and Stonerhead developing and playing their own HEAVY sound. The record can shift to a more Progressive direction before returning to a classic 90’s Desert Rock/Stoner Metal style with energetic Cosmic Rock grooves starting from Super Mario and developing on the later stages of the album.

The Psychedelic rhythm and beats remind me of Monster Magnet on the slower paced moments and some fantastic shamanic singing courtesy of Phil first heard on Super Mario. I know I keep focusing upon Super Mario but that is the track where the record changes for the better with Stonerhead fully utilising their whole creative arsenal and expanding the whole Psychedelic and Stoned out dimension for the rest of the album.

From this point on, Stonerhead brings an effortless style of superior Stoner Rock/Metal to the listener whilst exploring other areas of the WEEDIAN landscape with a rich and fabulous narrative contained within the lyrics yet again. The final batch of tracks of Need Some Time, Running Low and Running High is where Stonerhead bring a deft Alternative Rock flavour especially with the kick-ass vocals and rhythm section creating classic strands of Stoner Metal with some Progressive energy on the epic final title track.

Running High is a first rate album packed full of intense Stoner Rock/Metal melodies and extended instrumental passages with a ton of epic guitar solos throughout. Stonerhead are onto a winner here and I'm excited to hear where they go next for future releases. However, until then, Running High is a genuinely exciting and wonderfully sounding record that could even see the band align themselves to one of the famed underground record labels looking to add to their roster for a future physical release.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Broken Music and Stonerhead for the promo.


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