Monday 29 June 2020

ILS - Curse (Album Review)

Release date: July 4th 2020. Label: Self Released (USA) and POGO Records (Europe). Format: DD/Vinyl

Curse – Tracklisting

1.Bad Parts
3.Don't Hurt Me
4.No Luck
8.Casket Race
9.It's Not Lard, But It's A Cyst
10.For The Shame I Bring


v. Tom Glose
g. Nate Abner
d. Tim Steiner
b. Adam Pike


Sludge/Punk/Stoner Metallers ILS debut album Curse is the album that the world needs right now. With the band playing a fast-paced blend of Hardcore Punk, Noise Rock, Sludge Metal and Stoner Metal, things are aggressive, lean, mean and moody throughout the albums short 26 minute run time. Though this is a thrilling style of music with BRAINS and BRAWN to match.

ILS is a band made up of members from acts such as: Black Elk, The Days The Night, Red Fang and White Orange. So these guys are a hugely talented bunch with a lot to say.

I’ve seen the band been compared to EYEHATEGOD, Unsane, Kyuss and even Red Fang. Truth be told, the album sounds like those great bands but they also sound so FUCKING DIFFERENT as well. The socially aware lyrics offer a more “true-to-life” feel to the album and the music feels like you’re being punched into submission from a band truly pissed off at the world.

The funny thing is there is album is quite catchy in places with some great classic Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs to lighten up the mood. Lead vocalist Tom is primarily influenced the Hardcore Punk/Sludge Metal scene here with his vocals taking different elements from both worlds and offering a complex style of vocals. Nate, Tim and Adam lay down superb grooves for Tom to match his pissed-off vocals against.

Curse may put some folks off with it’s bleak and uncompromising style of different sounds. The album does take a few listens to fully understand the many different levels of music that ILS employ on Curse. The atmosphere can be quite progressive in places especially when the band play the faster style of music on the 2nd half of the album.

Most of the songs only last for 2 to 3 minutes each but ILS cover a lot of ground with each song that you’ll be surprised at how each song plays out.

The standout songs on the album are: Bad Parts, Curse, No Luck, Noose, Casket Race and It’s Not Lard But It’s A Cyst. With these songs having the catchiest riffs and heaviest sounds on the entire album. It’s a shame the album is quite short but ILS have still managed to release an album full of great songs and leave you wanting more.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Curse will be available to buy on DD from Friday 4th July. Vinyl for USA Customers is directly available from the band and POGO Records for European Customers.


Sunday 28 June 2020

Lares - Towards Nothingness (Album Review)

Release date: June 26th 2020. Label: Argonauta Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Towards Nothingness – Tracklisting

1.It Burns 04:20
2.Theiaphobic Ansia 01:49
3.Cursed With Embodiment 04:59
4. SN1987A Space Alteration Machine 09:21
5.Grey Haze 05:25
6.ʻOumuamua 01:37
7.Catacomb Eyes 06:36
8.Towards Nothingness 02:06


Flavio: guitar/voice
Jörn: bass
Mike: drums
Lambo: synth/samples/guitar


Towards Nothingness is the debut full length album from Psychedelic Sludge Metallers – Lares – and it’s an interesting mix of different styles such as Sludge, Doom, Stoner, Post-Metal with almost Apocalyptic Psychedelic themes. The band remind myself of ISIS (The Band) with their style of LOUD vs QUIET dynamics with their overall themes and ideas with a distorted Post-Metal groove being heard within literally the first few moments of the album.

The album opens with It Burns and it’s a ferocious number with Lares playing a demented style of Sludge/Post-Metal with a lot of sonic experimentation being added for a more trippy effect. The vocals are quite harsh and take some time to fully get used to. Though, it’s the music that’s the real winner here with Lares showing a real flair and talent at creating highly realistic sci-fi based sounds and grooves to keep the listener fully involved with the music.

Second song – Theiaphobic Ansia – is a distorted Post-Rock number that only lasts under two minutes and is full of different glitch based sounds with a slight electronic feel.

Third song – Cursed With Embodiment – is full-on Sludge/Doom/Post-Metal song with Lares applying a more realistic and harsh sounding vibe to the song. The song is slightly distorted and feels claustrophobic in places but the music is excellent with Lares applying a more gloomier feel. The vocals remain in the Death based growl arena but still feel oddly satisfying as a result. The music isn’t as fast-paced compared to the opening song but it does allow Lares to play a more soulful style of music than you would initially expect.

Fourth song – SN1987A Space Alteration Machine – is where the band start to fully deliver their own hypnotic blend of Sludge/Post-Metal with perhaps the standout song on the album. This song is about the “SN 1987A was a type II supernova in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a dwarf galaxy satellite of the Milky Way” (Thank You Wikipedia). This song is perhaps the most COSMIC and SPACED-OUT offering on the album with Lares adding even more Progressive themes to the record and the gloomy atmosphere allows Lares to play some epic Post-Doom based riffs.

Lares carry on their “Space Metal” grooves and ideas for the remainder of the album with the band playing even more hard-hitting Psychedelic riffs on songs such as Grey Haze and Catacomb Eyes with that song being another one of the standout songs held on the album.

Towards Nothingness does have some moments of Blackened Doom/Sludge Metal but it’s the lighter Post-Rock/Post-Metal parts of the album that allows this album to truly standout from the crowd. Lares have released an outstanding debut album and if you’re in the mood for a more cosmic version of ISIS (The Band) and NEUROSIS then Lares is the place to be.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Mona at All Noir PR. Towards Nothingness is available to buy now on CD/DD from Argonauta Records


Hammada - Atmos (Album Review)

Release date: June 26th 2020. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

ATMOS – Tracklisting

1.Occasus 09:40
2.Nox 05:29
3.Heliokratia 09:09
4.Ether 06:10
5.Helios 09:32
6.Azimut 05:36
7.Domizil 15:22


Kristian Schulze: Vocals, Organ
Christian Döring: Guitars, Synthesizers
Lenz Fiedler: Bass Guitar
Sönke Tautorus: Drums


Psychedelic Desert/Stoner Rockers Hammada spare no expense with their debut album Atmos. As the album is loud, bold and brash from start to finish. The band offer almost 60 minutes of highly progressive sounds that you wouldn’t expect from a Desert/Stoner Rock album such as this. The album is quite theatrical especially with the vocals and heavier riffs that appear on the album. So expect the unexpected with Atmos.

The Psychedelic themes can be too powerful places but it’s hard to deny what great ideas Hammada have written for this album with Kristian’s dramatic and over-the-top vocals holding everything together superbly well. The band are influenced by the legendary Desert/Stoner Rock scenes with bands such as KYUSS, Fu Manchu and Yawning Man being the main starting point for Hammada to add a more cinematic Psychedelic sound.

The majority of the songs run between 6 to 9 minutes in length with the final song running past the 15 minutes mark. So expect the band to go in slightly off-beat direction on certain parts of the album. The Psychedelic and Spaced Out themes of the album is what makes Atmos work so well. As this allows the band to write outlandish lyrics to match with the Progressive Desert/Stoner Rock grooves never feeling out of place.

The standout songs for myself are: Occasus, Nox, Helios, Aizmut and the final song Domizil which runs for 15 minutes or so. These are the songs which have the best ideas, vocals and most importantly where the loudest and most interesting riffs appear. Though the offer songs are good as well. I felt the songs listed above held my attention the most on the album.

Maybe the album does run out of steam towards the end but it’s the overall journey that Hammada take you upon with Atmos. You’re never bored for a single second and that’s another wonderful part of the album. Hammada are never afraid to try something new with their music and it allows Atmos to have a more adventurous feel compared to other Desert/Stoner Rock albums.

Overall, Atmos is superbly entertaining debut album which will no doubt attract a huge wave of admirers within the Desert/Stoner Rock community.

Words by Steve Howe


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Thursday 25 June 2020

OHHMS - Close (Album Review)

Release date: June 26th 2020. Label: Holy Roar Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Close – Tracklisting
2.((Flaming Youth))
4.((Strange Ways))


Close is the new record from UK Sludge/Post-Metal/Doom Metallers – OHHMS – and this release is a sequel of sorts to their acclaimed EP’s – Bloom and Cold – both released in 2014 and 2015 respectively. Close does feel slightly different to OHHMS two previous full length albums – The Fool and Exist. The band never seem to take any time off as they just released their last album back in November 2018.

I don’t know whether this record is an EP, Album or Mini- Album but whatever this is, OHHMS are on dynamic form playing some of their most deeply emotional sounds yet. The socially conscience aware lyrics have always played a big part of OHHMS identity and it’s good to see the band touch on topical sensitive issues with this record whilst creating a powerful style of Sludge/Doom Metal with their earlier sounds of Ambient Rock, Psych Rock and Prog Rock driving that message home.

The 7 songs on Close are what you expect from the band. They have a cool a truly original sound of their own which they’ve been perfecting since their acclaimed debut releases. The Post-Rock/Post-Metal flows at an eerie and emotional level that allows OHHMS to maintain the perfect balance of quietly played Cinematic Post-Rock and the more aggressive Sludge/Post-Metal riffs that is perhaps the most exciting parts of the record.

OHHMS maybe in a more reflective mood on this record especially on songs such as: Alive!, ((Flaming Youth)), Revenge and Unplugged. It’s good to see OHHMS writing shorter songs this time round. There is only one song (Revenge) that is of substantial length running past the 9 minute mark and that is perhaps the standout song on the record with OHHMS paying homage to their earlier sound whilst breaking new creative ground for themselves as well.

The instrumental work is more fast-paced and perhaps the most aggressive I’ve heard yet from OHHMS. The vocals from Paul are outstanding yet again and the powerful lyrics allow Close to be a more challenging and diverse record that you wouldn’t expect.

I will admit that I still prefer BLOOM and The Fool as my favourite albums from OHHMS. However, this is still a wonderfully challenging and deeply emotional record that only OHHMS could deliver.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Justine at Holy Roar Records for the promo. Close will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Holy Roar Records Records from June 26th 2020


VOLCANOVA Premiere New Song - I'M OFF - From Their Forthcoming New Album - RADICAL WAVES

In an alternate reality where Kyuss was born in the barren, volcanic landscape of Iceland, emerges the unholy trio Volcanova. With members hailing from three corners of this unique island of lava fields, glaciers, and hot springs, Volcanova comes together to erupt a fresh take on desert rock.

Building on this style, the band pays homage to the crushing doom of Black Sabbath as well as progressive sludge in the vein of modern bands like Mastodon and Gojira. But wait, there's more! Volcanova can turn seamlessly to thunderous fuzzy riffs in the style of Fu Manchu or somber moments akin to YOB -- all coupled with an irreverent live show that's straight out of a Red Fang video. There is never a dull moment with Volcanova.

Volcanova was founded in the summer of 2014 with principle song writer Samúel Ásgeirsson on guitar and vocals. After a few lineup changes, the band finally settled on a winning formula with Þorsteinn Árnason of (Rock Paper Sisters) on bass and vocals and Dagur Atlason (Churchhouse Creepers) on drums and vocals.

The trio has an infectious groove and togetherness that's bolstered by an ability to pull off three-part vocal harmonies, keeping audiences rocking and rolling. Uplifting moments with epic guitar solos are underpinned by headbanging bass grooves and complemented with a tasteful use of cowbell -- because who doesn't have that fever?

Having extensively toured their own country, playing Eistnaflug Festival and high profile support slots with Elder, Brain Police, Sólstafir, and the Vintage Caravan, the band has now set sights on trips abroad. Recently, they've converted the people of Scotland to their rock n roll cause on two different outings. Whether they're in packed Glasgow venues, remote highlands pubs, or on the barren volcanic island they call home, Volcanova wins over audiences wherever they play.

Due out August 21st, 2020 via The Sign Records, Volcanova's debut album Radical Waves will surely propel the band to new heights.

"I'm Off" is the second single leading up to our album "Radical Waves". A song full of uplifting moments with epic guitar solos, underpinned by head banging bass grooves! I'm Off is all about the fun and tells the story of how to keep the party going because for obvious reasons, life shouldn't be boring, it's a party.

- Þorsteinn Árnason

Social Links:


Album Tracklist:

1. Welcome
2. Where’s the Time?
3. Super Duper Van
4. I'm Off
5. Stoneman Snowman
6. Sushi Sam
7. Mountain
8. M.O.O.D.
9. Got Game
10. Lights

Tuesday 23 June 2020

Volcanova - Radical Waves (Album Review)

Release date: August 21st 2020. Label: The Sign Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Radical Waves – Tracklisting

Where’s the Time?
Super Duper Van
I’m Off
Stoneman Snowman
Sushi Sam
Got Game


Samúel Ásgeirsson- guitar, lead vocals
Dagur Atlason- drums
Þorsteinn Árnason- bass


Radical Waves is the debut album Desert/Stoner Rockers Volcanova who hail from Iceland. These cool Icelandic Rockers formed in 2014 and it’s quite hard to believe they’re just releasing their debut album now. As their debut album is packed full of many different sounds with Volcanova playing genres such as Prog Rock, Psych Rock, Sludge Rock and even Space Rock within their normal style of Desert Rock/Stoner Metal.

As debut albums go, this will be one of the best debut records of 2020. As the band take many different creative risks and choices on this record which ultimately pay-off for a more well rounded experience which is top-heavy with spectacular riffs. The band seem to take influence from bands such as Kyuss, QOTSA, Truckfighters and even Mastodon on this album.

The opening two songs Welcome and Where’s The Time showcase the band playing a fast-paced and addictive style of Desert Rock/Stoner Metal with the band adding a subtle Psychedelic groove to keep things that slightly different. The vocals from Samúel are your standard style of Desert/Stoner Rock vocals with that allow him to add a lot more variety on the later stages of the album.

Things go into overdrive with the stunning 3rd track – Super Duper Van – with Volcanova moving slightly towards a more classier style of Prog Rock with some fantastic lyrics and vocals allowing Super Duper Van showing at first hand the band’s true talent at writing action packed songs with thrilling lyrics and melodies to match.

Fourth Song – I’m Off – is where the band start adding a more heavier Sludge Rock sound that works superbly well against the Desert Rock textures featured in the opening songs. This song has a more “Post-Doom” or “Post-Rock” approach that settles down to a more heavier vibe. The band are seasoned road-warriors with the band constantly touring over the last few years and you can tell they’ve picked up a few tricks along the way touring with The Vintage Caravan and ELDER. This song does have those band’s DNA on this song but this still remains Volcanova’s show and you can’t help be instantly drawn into their hazy Psychedelic world.

Fifth song – Stoneman Snowman – is my favourite song on the entire album with Volcanova playing a brilliantly clever style of Grunge, Psych, Desert Rock, Sludge Rock and Stoner Metal with a haunting Progressive mood holding everything together. The vocals are great but it’s the music and lyrics that are the best part of the song. There is killer riffs and a blistering sing-along chorus that you can’t help not but SHOUT along to.

Volcanova are in fine confident form leading into the 2nd half of the album and dare I say that the 2nd part is even better than the first half. The band do play some of the heaviest and most expressive riffs on the album especially on the final two songs of Got Game and Lights.

I didn’t know what expect with Radical Waves before I listened to it but Volcanova have released a wonderful album that will no doubt make some actual waves within the Desert/Sludge/Stoner Rock scenes with it’s wide range of different ideas held on the album.

You would be absolutely insane to miss this album when it’s released in August 2020. This will be classed as one of the best Stoner Rock/Metal debut albums of 2020. Need I say more….

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Curtis at Dewar PR for the promo. Radical Waves will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via The Sign Records from August 21st 2020


Monday 22 June 2020

Elephantus - S/T (EP Review)

Release date: June 19th 2020. Label: Electric Funeral Records. Format: DD

Elephantus – S/T – Tracklisting

1.A Espinha Dorsal da Noite 07:50
2.No Rastro da Serpente 05:31
3.O Chamado da Floresta 06:11
4.Elefantíase Pineal 05:15


Marcelo Maus - Guitar/Vox
Andrei Mamede - Drums


South American Doom/Stoner Metal Duo – Elphantus – debut self-titled EP is a release that blends Brazilian and Oriental cultures with the powerful melodies of Doom/Stoner Metal for a heavy and far-out style of music with the band focusing upon building Progressive Cinematic Grooves to their overall sound. The EP may take a couple listens to become used to. As Elphantus music is quite fast-paced and includes a lot of different sounds that you wouldn’t expect for a Doom/Stoner Metal release.

The EP lasts 25 minutes and the band offer 4 tracks that are quite intense and very raw from the start with the opening song A Espinha Dorsal da Noite being the standout song on the EP. Elphantus explore many different themes on this song and perhaps show their wildest ideas on this track. The heavy psychedelic guitars have a raw violent energy to them with the drumming having a more progressive flair.

Second song - No Rastro da Serpente – has a more unsettling approach especially with the vocals and the overall sound of the EP. It’s raw and lacking in finesse but there is something addictive to Elphantus approach to this song that you wouldn’t expect. The Doom/Stoner Metal riffs are superbly played but the lo-fi production makes it harder to hear things at first. Though, multiple listens will allow the listener to become more accustomed to this style of music.

The final two songs - O Chamado da Floresta and Elefantíase Pineal – show Elephantus playing a more threatening style of music that becomes more Doom and Thrash based in places with Elefantíase Pineal being the other standout song on the EP.

Elphantus definitely show a lot of promise on this EP. I’m hoping their next release will be bolstered by better production as well. Elephantus aren’t the finished article yet but the signs are promising that the band will release something special in the near future.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


LáGoon - Father Of Death (Album Review)

Release date: June 19th 2020. Label: Interstellar Smoke Records & Forbidden Place Records. Format: DD

Father Of Death – Tracklisting

1.Father of Death 04:56
2.Resuscitation 06:53
3.Bloodied Mouth 03:38
4.Broken Oath 04:16
5.Stab & Cut 06:15


Guitar/Vocals - Anthony Gaglia
Bass - Ignacio De Tommaso (Luciferica)
Drums - Brady Maurer


LáGoon are not messing about with their new album – Father Of Death. The band recorded this album during the current COVID-19 Pandemic and recruited a new member to their ranks with Ignacio De Tommaso joining all the way over from Buenos Aires. Ignacio is part of the fantastic Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal Band Luciferica who are worth checking out in their own right.

Anyway, back to Father Of Death. This is also the 2nd album that LáGoon have released in 2020 and it’s another slice of raw-sounding Punk/Sludge/Stoner Metal with a Skate Rock attitude that’s been held on every album the band have released. This album is perhaps their most Doomiest offering to date and adding Ignacio allows the band to play a more focused and aggressive sound. The bass is quite prominent on this record and the band maybe much better proposition as 3 piece band. Though, I’m huge admirer of LáGoon’s back catalogue.

This record only lasts 25 minutes but it’s LáGoon doing what they do best and that’s playing aggressive fuelled Punk/Sludge/Stoner Metal grooves with a social conscience hidden with their lyrics. The music is more stripped back and that’s perhaps down to the album being recorded separately by the band members and that’s no bad thing. This is still a quality sounding album with LáGoon impressing on all fronts.

The standout songs are: Resuscitation, Broken Oath and Stab & Cut. With LáGoon playing some epic guitar riffs that lean on the more Progressive side especially on Resuscitation. The band have fully embraced their more creative side on this record and adding some really intense dark moments to the album as well. Despite the short running time, LáGoon cover a lot of ground here which will have long-time fans and potential new fans coming back for more.

Father Of Death is LáGoon’s best offering to date but I’ve said that for each record they’ve released and that’s a good sign. As the band are constantly changing their ideas and becoming better musicians as well. The album is aided along by fantastic production which brings a true PUNK ROCK feel to LáGoon’s overall sound.

LáGoon are proving once again why they’re one of the best upcoming bands within the Stoner Rock/Metal scene and even the Skate Rock community. I wouldn’t be surprised if these guys already have plans to release another album later this year. Though, if not Father Of Death is another excellent record from LáGoon.

Words by Steve Howe


Saturday 20 June 2020

Circle Of Sighs - SALO (Album Review)

Release date: June 19th 2020. Label: Pillars of Creation Rkds. Format: Cassette/CD/DD

SALO – Tracklisting

1.Burden of the Flesh 05:37
2.Segue-01 01:18
3.Hold Me, Lucifer 06:08
4.Kukeri 09:08
5.Desolate 06:17
6.Segue-02 02:19
7.The Man Machine [Kraftwerk cover] 06:03
8.Unicorn Magic/Segue-03 10:11
9.Salo 05:10


Salo is the debut album by ultra-mysterious collective Circle Of Sighs. The Press Release didn’t advise who makes up this great band and I couldn’t find any information of any kind. That maybe a good thing as this album works in it’s own heavy and mysterious way.

Circle Of Sighs are a Psychedelic Doom Metal Band that makes for quite an unsettling experience in places. The album can be interpreted in many different ways with the band playing a vast array of different styles of music influenced by works of David Bowie, Kraftwerk, Uformammut, YOB and Neurosis. So expect a more emotional style of Doom Metal with the band thriving on experimenting with many different themes and sounds especially when they add an Electronic Synth to their overall sound.

Salo is quite a dark and experimental album which each song telling a different story but all bound together by a highly experimental style of Emotional based Doom Metal.Circle Of Sighs show a deep love and respect for David Bowie and Kraftwerk on this album that it becomes part of the albums DNA.

The instrumental work is wonderfully eerie and offbeat which makes it such a more interesting album to listen with Circle Of Sighs being one of the most weirdest bands I’ve came across this year. The vocals are surreal with the lyrics adding a more nightmarish feel to them. The album even channels some 60s/70s Psychedelia on certain parts of the album and I wasn’t even expecting that.

I would love to do a song-by-song review for this album but I struggled to even do that. So I’m taking this album as one epic song split into 9 individual chapters which may test the patience of some listeners. This is more of an Avant-Garde Doom Metal Album compared to what other Doom Metal albums. Though, there is still some great sounding progressive riffs held on the album.

Standout songs include – “Burden Of The Flesh”, “Hold Me, Lucifer”, “Kukeri” and “Unicorn Magic/Segue-03” though one of my favourite songs has to be the band’s cover of Kraftwerk classic – The Man Machine. This version is quite different and remarkably similar to the original and it’s good to see Circle Of Sighs putting their own spin on such an iconic song.

Psychedelic Occult/Doom Rockers - High Priestess – are involved with this album in a way. As Katie Gilchrest mixed and mastered the album. Katie does a fantastic job making Circle Of Sigh’s music quite real and deeply fantastical in places. Mariana Fiel (bassist of High Priestess) provided photography for this album. Maybe I could ask Katie or Mariana who are the musicians behind this mysterious entity. Though, I won’t. As that will detract from the mystery behind this great album.

Salo is a wonderfully creative and emotionally thrilling album that has many cool surprises if you’re willing to invest your time with the album.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


Formula 400 - Heathens (Album Review)

Release date: June 15th 2020. Label: Glory Or Death Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

HEATHENS  – Tracklisting

1.Light My Way 05:09
2.Messenger 04:30
3.Ridin' Easy 04:26
4.Spector 03:49
5.Illusion 04:05
6.Sun Destroyer 05:59
7.The Long Road Home 03:03


Ian Holloway
Dan Frick
Kip Page
Ted Karol


Heathens is the debut album by Fuzz/Stoner Rockers – Formula 400 – and it’s an album packed full of streetwise attitude with the band focusing on old-school exciting Stoner Rock sounds with a heavy FUZZ based atmosphere. I can detect a heavy Corrosion Of Conformity influence within the heart of this album especially with the vocals and more heavier grooves.

The opening song – Light My Way – pulls no punches with it’s hard edge lyrics and it’s dirty Desert/Fuzz/Stoner Rock riffs with an almost aggressive edge to it all. Though, the song is still a proper groove-orientated number which allows the band plenty of opportunity to play some epic guitar riffs with the FUZZ rock vibe leading the way.

Second song – Messenger – carries on the harsh FUZZ vibe with a distorted voice setting the scene before Formula 400 come bursting in with a heavy and meaty riffs that is full of instant hooks and carries on the Outlaw Way Of Life depicted on the album cover. The song has a 90s Stoner Rock/Metal influence and Formula 400 run away with this style of music for one of the most straight-forward and standout songs on the album.

Formula 400 continue this style of music for the rest of the album. It’s not the most original sound but Formula 400 still manage to create a rich and varied album that’s full of spirit and adventure. This is notably down to the cool lyrics and heavy pounding riffs held on the album. The albums lasts around 30 minutes but there is enough great riffs to last longer with standout songs such as: Ridin’ Easy, Spector and Sun Destroyer leading the way.

Sun Destroyer is perhaps the standout song on the album and where Formula 400 impressed the most. As that feels where everything comes together and the band start to believe in themselves more and play some of the best riffs on the entire album.

There are some excellent classic Dual/Twin Guitar parts held on this album that reminded me of Thin Lizzy in places. So if you’re partial to a bit of Twin Guitar action then best to get on board with this great album.

If you’re looking for an album that offers a quick and mightily heavy fix of Stoner Rock/Metal tunes with an unapologetic attitude then Heathens is the place to be. This is a superbly made album that all Stoner Rock/Metal fans should check out.

Great stuff….

You can buy the album on Glory Or Death Records now. 

Words by Steve Howe


Friday 19 June 2020

Huanastone - Third Stone From The Sun (Album Review)

Release date: June 19th 2020. Label: Argonauta Records. Format: CD/DD

Third Stone From The Sun – Tracklisting

1.Viva Los Muertos 05:24
2.Bad Blood 05:24
3.Oliver Pt. 1 01:33
4.Oliver Pt. 2 04:18
5.Third Stone from the Sun 06:06
6.Carnivore 05:35
7.She's Always 05:57
8.Neverending 05:56
9.La Petite Mort 05:23


Tobias Gonzalez
Victor Hansson
Carl Lambertus Olofsson
Filip Larsson


Swedish Stoner Rockers Huanastone return with their new album Third Stone From The Sun and the guys have aligned themselves to one of the best “Indie” Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal labels in the business with Argonauta Records. This album offers a more grown-up and mature sound from the Swedish collective. As the album is more melodic and bursting with Progressive Stoner Metal themes, riffs and ideas that feels like Huanastone are a different band compared to their last record.

Third Stone From The Sun is primarily a Stoner Rock/Metal album but the band still add highly melodic movements of Grunge, Desert Rock and Hard Rock for a more well-rounded experience. Taking influences from KYUSS, early-era QOTSA and other Desert Rock style bands, Huanastone add a more adult tone with their lyrics and vocal delivery which is held on the album.

The 9 songs on offer sees a band more at ease with themselves and let their music do the talking with the superb opening song – Viva Las Muertos – having a classic Desert Rock/Stoner Rock swagger with a world-weary Psych Rock and Grunge based approach. The dark aspect of Huanastone really hits home when the band fully get into the groove on the later stages of the song.

Second song – Bad Blood – opens with a Psychedelic Riff before a moody QOTSA-esque atmosphere dictates the action for an aggressive style of music that allows Huanastone to have a know-it-all attitude which allows the record to become an even better experience. Even the riffs are the most dominant force here, the vocals are perhaps the best part of the song.

Up next is the two-part attack of Oliver Part 1 and Oliver Part 2 with Huanastone offering almost 6 minutes of finely played Stoner Rock/Metal which is both mellow and aggressive with each subsequent part.

The rest of the album continues the excellent work and style of different sounds heard in the first part of the album. Huanastone maybe offer a more Grungier style of music on the second half of the album but it’s still an inventive and wildly impressive listen with songs such as: Third Stone From The Sun, Carnivore and Neverending being the main standouts on the entire album.

Third Stone From The Sun is without a doubt Huanastone’s best album to date and it’s aided by quality production behind the scenes. If you haven’t heard of Huanastone before then this is the best place to start and check out their already impressive back catalogue.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Mona at All Noir PR. Third Stone From The Sun is available to buy now on CD/DD from Argonauta Records.