Thursday 30 July 2015

OXEN - The Vanishing (Album Release Details) & New Video

The Vanishing - Track Listing:

2.The Vanishing
3.This Cursed Sand
4.Colour Out Of Space
5.Permanent Residence
6.Blood Eagle
7.City In The Sea
8.Tomb Of The Ocean
9.See Me Scream
10.The Matchstick


Chris Daniele-guitar, vocals
Hans Dalhaus-drums, vocals
Ben Reigle-guitar, vocals
Eric Racicot - bass, vocals


Based out of Western Massachusetts, Oxen is a 4 piece rock band that uses heavy riffs and pummeling rhythm to create a foundation for vocals that range from soaring melodies to gruff intensity.

This summer marks the release of Oxen's debut Lp "The Vanishing", an 11 song record that showcases the band's strong points of a wide dynamic approach and varied influences.

The Lowdown

One of the final albums that I reviewed for The Sludgelord was OXEN's incredible debut album - The Vanishing. If you dig Baroness and Mastodon then these guys will blow your mind. I've been raving on about this album for the last couple of months. It's one of the best debut albums I've heard this year.

The band contacted me recently and have asked me to publish the following news about the forthcoming release of their stunning debut album.

We are self releasing "The Vanishing" on August 11th via cdBaby, iTunes all the normal modern outlets. We will be updating to reflect the release date.

We recently released a video for "This Cursed Sand" It's full 360. You have to watch it on the youtube app on iphone or android, or on google chrome on your computer.

We are going into production for a video for "Waxwing" with the amazing photographer that did the album cover of the vanishing Courtney Burke should be out late August. 

Don't let this album pass you buy when it's released on August 11th 2015. As it's a fucking incredible slice of Heavy Progressive Sludge/Stoner Metal that will have you singing from the rooftops!!!

Words by Steve Howe and OXEN



Doomed & Stoned's Second Anniversary Compilation - The Enchanter's Ball

Release date: July 14th 2015. Label: Self Released. Formats: DD (Compilation)

The Enchanter's Ball by Doomed & Stoned: Tracklisting

1.Bolivar Cola - The Beast Pt. 1 07:24
2.Bronco - Hazy Lies 04:57
3.Brume - Mother Earth 05:18
4.Cosmic Eve - The Ice Mistress 05:16
5.Cruces - Desperate People 06:30
6.Cruthu - S.O.S. 05:10
7.Dead Temple - Sisterhood of the Snake 04:11
8.Edge of Paradise - Children Of The Sea (Black Sabbath) 05:39
9.Inuka - Sacrifice 04:48
10.Kerouac's Sack - Evil Dirty Woman 03:50
11.Limb To Limb - Demon Waltz 03:57
12.Lumo Portanto - The Devil Inside 05:14
13.Mane of the Cur - Foolish Are Magic 03:56
14.Misty Grey - Woman In Black 06:10
15.Mother Mooch - Into The Water 04:33
16.Project Armageddon - Frigid Bitch 05:26
17.Psychedelic Witchcraft - Angela 04:57
18.Psychic Dose - The Clock Strikes Madness 06:48
19.Sisters Ov The Blackmoon - Haunt 03:59
20.Sky Valley Mistress - She Is So 06:00
21.Spiral Skies - The Wizard's Ball 05:24
22.Stars That Move - The Hidden Hand 03:29
23.Stereo Siberia - Open Your Mouth Babe 03:52
24.The Great Sadness - WORDS 03:38
25.The Mother Morphine - Black Rose 06:26
26.The Sabbathian - Ancient's Curse 06:45
27.Walruss - Pipa 04:59
28.White Coven - Sedative 06:46
29.Winter Moon - Black Heart 08:43
30.Wucan - Franis Vikarma 05:36
31.Stoned Wolf - Bad Trip (bonus track) 06:04
32.Whisky Fyre - Punishment (bonus track) 04:27


A lot of you will know the existence of one of my fave metal blogs – Doomed & Stoned. I consider these guys family and good friends of mine. Billy, Melissa and the rest of the Doomed & Stoned crew have been promoting the world of Doom, Sludge, Stoner, Post-Metal and everything in between for two years now. And to celebrate that anniversary, Billy Goate has put together this amazing compilation which focuses on female fronted Doom/Psych/Stoner Metal bands. As there's been too many great ones to mention. Kudos to Paul Rote (Doomed & Stoned team member) who researched and contacted the bands who appear on this compilation. It's heavy as hell from start to finish.

Billy's description from his BandCamp Page will give you more info on what to expect:

Doomed & Stoned's Second Anniversary Compilation stays faithful to our focus on bringing talented underground heavy bands in the Sabbath tradition to the attention of fans of doom metal and stoner/psychedelic rock. We've noticed a marked increase in the number of female fronted bands over the past several years. 'The Enchanter's Ball' features a global merry-go-round of these groups, each with their own unique and remarkable style. 30 bands, 30 unforgettable tracks. Thank you for being a part of our success over the past two years! (Billy Goate - Founder & Editor-in-Chief)”

The Enchanter's Ball is one tripped out and heavy as fuck extravaganza. It's got too many great bands to mention. Though my personal faves are BRUME, Sky Valley Mistress, Project Armageddon and the amazing Cruces.

I could do a more in-depth review. But I don't need to. Doomed & Stoned have put out some great compilations in the past couple of years but I have to say this is the best edition yet. Mainly because this edition features a wide range of bands across the Doom/Sludge/Stoner Rock spectrum never mind the globe.

So do yourself a favour check out this compilation now and be amazed by the calibre of bands currently out there. As you've probably never heard of a few them. I know I haven't....

When you've finished checking out the other download compilations on Doomed & Stoned BandCamp Page, head-over to their website and Facebook Page and say I sent you. They'll be happy to see you as these mofos are one of the best blogs around. Check it out.

Words by Steve Howe


WIHT - Edgar The Atheling (Review)

Release date: July 06th 2015. Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Edgar the Atheling: Tracklisting

1.Edgar the Atheling

Band Members:

Joe Hall - Bass
Chris Wayper - Guitar
Rick Contini - Drums


Seminal UK Doom/Psychedelic/Stoner Rock collective WIHT split up back in 2012. I've been a huge fan of these guys since they started. I've promoted them and interviewed these guys on the old blog in the past. If you haven't heard of WIHT then you're seriously missing out. As WIHT play epic progressive Doom, Stoner, Post-Rock, Post-Metal and Desert Rock kind of sound.

I was stunned in early July when I found out these guys were back together and they released this fantastic 17 minute plus epic called Edgar The Atheling. A tripped out musical odyssey where WIHT venture as many different musical realms as possible. Imagine Pelican jamming with Karma To Burn or Sons Of Alpha Centauri with a healthy sideline of Doom.

This song is EPIC as it comes as WIHT play through a whirlwind of psychedelic emotions that will have you wondering where will the song will take you next. It's possibly WIHT's heaviest material they've recorded to date and possibly their most experimental as the Post-Rock Ambient sounds add a sense of mystery especially around the 10 minute mark. WIHT go very quiet for a few minutes before Rick's heavy and intricate drumming add a real sense of purpose.

Edgar The Atheling is cinematic on a grand epic scale. It's heavy style of subtle post-rock/post-metal riffs against the heavier doom/stoner psyched out jams. Oh yeah, WIHT are certainly back and what a track to announce your comeback with. Edgar The Aethling is an intelligent and thought provoking slice of modern day Post-Metal/Stoner Metal riffs to lose yourself in. Damn good to have you back guys. Bring on the next record. Until then, this track is a must-have release.

You can download Edgar The Atheling from BandCamp now. Don't miss out.

Words by Steve Howe


Tuesday 28 July 2015

WHEELFALL - Glasrew Point (Review)

Release date: Sept 19th 2015. Label: SunRuin Records. Formats: CD/DD

Glasrew Point: Tracklisting

1.I Descend Into the Deep 01:46
2.Dead Eyes 07:53
3.Strangers 03:39
4.Vanishing Point 05:08
5.Now Wakes the Sea 03:47
6.The Drift 13:37
7.Pilgrimage 04:30
8.Shelter 02:16
9.Absence Of Doubt 07:25
10.Shape Shifter 09:10
11.A Night of Dark Trees 03:44
12.The Skeptic and His Shadows 06:41
13.Sound of Salvation 04:17
14.Return Trip 08:34

Band Members:

Niko El Moche : Bass
Florian Rambour : Guitar
Fabien W. Furter : Guitar/Vocals
Niko Elbow : Drums
Thibaut Thieblemont : keyboards, machines, back vox, guitar


The future looked so bright for Wheelfall. They released a stunning debut album – Interzone – back in Sept 2012 which was noted for its great blend of Kyuss influenced Stoner Metal riffs set against an exciting sci-fi story of Aliens taking over the world. It was one of my top albums of 2012 as it was packed full of great riffs and vocals to stand out from the crowd. Almost 3 years later, Wheelfall return with their double album – Glasrew Point.

If you’re expecting Interzone Part 2 then think again. As this isn’t the Wheelfall that I originally fell in love with. This version of Wheelfall is a cold-hearted, brutal and ferocious beast that has a cold Industrial Metal vibe running through its veins. The Kyuss influences are long gone as Wheelfall embrace Sludge/Post-Metal titans such as Godflesh and Neurosis. Wheelfall have moved from the Stoner Metal world and turned into Sludge/Industrial Doomsters.

Opening track – I Descend Into The Deep – is a short instrumental industrial based track to set up the mood and it’s a cold bleak start to the album. The album finally springs into life with second track – Dead Eyes – which is kind of a mash-up between Wheelfall’s old Stoner Metal sounds given a twisted Industrial/Sludge Metal makeover. The vocals range from clean based vocals to the harsher death based growls. If you’re expecting Interzone style riffs then you’re going to be disappointed as the album twists and turns that it can be very frustrating at times. Dead Eyes has an impressive amount of different styles of music – Industrial, Sludge Metal and Stoner Metal – to name but a few. This track gives you a good indication of what is in store for you. If you don’t like the sound of that then it’s best you look elsewhere.

The following tracks – Strangers and Vanishing Point – creates a more doom and gloom atmosphere with fast-paced frantic guitars with industrial based vocals. There is still a small element of Stoner Metal riffs trying to escape from the background but it’s buried under all this industrial/sludge based noise. I applaud Wheelfall in creating some different. They could’ve easily released Interzone Part 2 but they haven’t. Though they could lose a few fans in the process as it maybe too harsh for some people’s tastes. Wheelfall even venture into Ambient Post Rock territory on the 5th track – Now Wakes The Sea. It’s another instrumental track with different noises and effects that brings back memories of Nine Inch Nails.

The 6th track – The Drift – is my favourite track off the album as it’s an almost 14 minute epic. This is where Wheelfall combine the old sounds from Interzone though splicing it with there new style of Industrial based Sludge/Post-Metal carnage. This song is more reminiscent of Neurosis and Godflesh but there’s a still twinge of Stoner Metal riffs though it can be very hard to detect. Fabien’s vocals have a real nightmarish quality to them as you can feel his pain with each passing second. The instrumental work though brutal once more is pure poetry at times. It’s precise and straight to the point. The ambient sounds can be uncomfortable at times but I can see why the band included them on this song.

The last song on the 1st part of the album is – Pilgrimage – which sees Wheelfall return to their Stoner Metal roots whilst still including a dark industrial vibe. This is the first song that you feel that could be apart of Interzone. It’s a brief glimmer of hope for long-time fans before the 2nd half of the album starts. Wheelfall carry on with their Industrial/Sludge/Post-Metal re-invention with 7 more tales of disturbing and nightmarish riffs.

Tracks such as Absence of Doubt, Shape Shifter and the final epic – Return Trip are the main highlights from the 2nd part of the album as Wheefall create some thrilling and disturbing riffs that make you feel part of the environment. The ambient noises play a more integral part as the mood becomes slightly creepy.

I think it’s good that Wheelfall have released an album such as this. Glasrew Point is a disturbing, frustrating, gloomy and depressing ride into the darkness. It’s an album that has surprised me on so many levels. Yeah, I do miss the band that created Interzone but this album is still an excellent addition to Wheelfall’s catalogue. I don’t know how Wheelfall will sound in the future. Wheelfall could return to their earlier Fuzz/Stoner Metal sound but whatever they do it’s going to be an exciting ride. If you have the time and patience for Glasrew Point you’ll richly be rewarded with an album packed full of intense Sludge/Post-Metal nightmarish sounds that will haunt you for a very long time to come.

Fabien from the band has told me that there’s a 100 page book to explain the themes, stories and messages of the album. Unfortunately the book is written in French. It sill hasn’t stopped me buying the album on CD/Book Package. Maybe its’ time for myself to learn a second language as I would love to know what the book actually says.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Fabien from Wheelfall for the advanced promo. Glasrew Point will be available to buy on CD/DD via Sunruin Records on September 19th 2015.


Carousel - 2113 (Review)

Release date: Aug 28th 2015. Label: Tee Pee Records. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

2113: Tracklisting

1. Trouble
2. Photograph
3. Buried Alive in Your Arms
4. Jim’s Song
5. Highway Strut
6. Strange Revelation
7. Man Like Me
8. 2113
9. Turn To Stone (Joe Walsh Cover)

Band Members:

Dave Wheeler - Guitar & Vocals
Matt Goldsborough - Guitar
Jake Leger - Drums
Jim Wilson - Bass


I first heard Carousel back in late 2013 on Bandcamp. They had a 4 track EP "Tears of Stone" available and when I first heard that 12 and a half minute title track, it knocked me off my stilettos! Not only did I love their sound, the vocalist got my attention, I loved his voice. He belts it out with confidence and that perfect mix of 70's blues rock dude, screaming rock god of the 80's plus the grunge of the 90's, and a lot of laid back sexy stoner attitude. With just one listen I got a sense these guys were looking to create music that was reminiscent of the rockin' guitar bands of the 70's like Thin Lizzy, Van Halen, James Gang or Steve Miller Band to name a few. That kind of music is right down my alley, so I went to find out more about this band and found out they had a full length called "Jewelers Daughter" which was released August 20th 2013 which I quickly picked up on Amazon. No disappoint there either.....just down right sexy, with punk attitude. But the main focus was the heavy driving sweet ass guitar work and why not? It is superb.

So now it's two years later and here comes "2113" and they're even more polished and more creative than ever. You can feel and hear the musicianship in every song. This is a great album and I think it will still be on my mind at the end of the year when all of us music people put together year end lists to announce the biggest & best of 2015. What does this album have to give it one of those coveted spots we all hold so sacred you ask? Well there are a lot of things I love about this album, but mostly it's the guitars, yeah guitars (plural) two of them! and wow, do they harmonize so well together. The band is obviously using the experience Goldborough brings to the mix with stand out guitar harmonies and dynamic solos in tracks like "Trouble" and the killer title track "2113" which is a super cool anthem type track that has some very slick guitar licks closing it out.

The album "2113" has a irresistible sound that begs you to shake something, tap your foot, bang your head to. It's the perfect album for impressing your girlfriend. You guys out there can show us girls just how good you are with that air guitar....or how bad ass you are on that drum kit you just made up from pencils on your coffee table.

Speaking of drums....anytime I write about or tell someone about a new album I've heard, I always want to mention the rhythm section because I feel the bass & drums don't always get the credit where credit is due. These guys have it wrapped tightly together and show off just how good they are on the track titled "Photograph" - with it complex, impressive drum fills and thumping bass which makes it one of my favorites for sure. Another one I can't get enough of is "Strange Revelation" which is more of a ballad with its slow tempo and absolutely beautiful vocals by Wheeler on this one. They're raw with lots of emotion, and may be my favorite because of that, I'm always a sucker for them epic, ballad type tracks.

Some of the other tracks I want to mention are "Buried Alive In Your Arms" which is a upbeat number that I find myself singing the melody to once in a while, it definitely has some catchy lyrics. Another catchy track "Highway Strut" reminded me of a James Gang, or Steve Miller song and I even heard some cowbell in that one...yup...I heard cowbell in there. This song is fun, it made we want to be at a party, hanging out with friends, playing pool, or in a bar listening to Carousel play live! Bottom line, I love this album, its a must have that needs to be played over & over again. I can't fault it, not one bit. These guys have it going on and I think they have produced a super duper album that really shows us what they're capable of.

Words by Soshanna

Thanks to Carl at Action PR for the promo. 2113 will be available to buy from Tee Pee Records from August 28th 2015 on CD/DD/Vinyl.


Red Mountains - Down With The Sun (Review)

Release date: Sept 1st 2015. Label: Nasoni Records. Formats: DD/Vinyl

Down With The Sun: Tracklisting

Six Hands
Sleepy Desert Blues
Silver Grey Sky
Moral Panic

Band Members:

Simen Mathiassen – Drums
Sverre Dalen – Bass
Jostein Wigenstad – Guitar
Magnus Riise - Guitar / Vocal


I first became aware of Red Mountains earlier this year when they released – Sun – from their forthcoming debut album – Down With The Sun. Sun excited me quite a bit as it showed a band with a great vision with all things Desert Rock, Psych Rock and Stoner Metal. The song had me from the word go and I wanted to hear more. As it’s one of the best Stoner Metal songs I’ve heard this year.

So I was pretty excited to receive a promo for Red Mountains debut album. Sun still remains the standout track on the album but the other 5 tracks on the album are great in their own way. The thing I like most about the album is how different the songs are to each other. Red Mountains play through a maze of different genres, noises and sounds.

Down With The Sun is a very diverse album as you’re instantly drawn into Red Mountains almost barren desert fuelled world. Opening track – Six Hands – opens with a heavy guitar riff that oozes confidence before the haunting vocals of – Magnus – appear. The lead vocals have a slight 90s grunge vibe. This is primarily Stoner Metal territory as Red Mountains create huge riffs that have a distinctive psychedelic touch towards the end of the song. The atmosphere becomes slightly subdued which allows Red Mountains to play a few impressive guitar solos. The drumming is commanding through out as each member shows you what they’re capable of even this early on the album.

Second track – Sun – is a song I’ve been raving on about for the last 3 months or so when I first heard it. It’s a song that will send chills down your spine. An intriguing mix of early Monster Magnet style space rock riffs with the heavier desert/stoner metal vibes from Stoner Metal innovators – Kyuss. The vocals only appear for a couple of minutes before the song becomes an instrumental affair with the band experimenting with their sound. Psychedelic/Desert Rock sounds appear towards the end of the song as Red Mountains slow things right down as the mood of the album becomes reflective and more forgiving.

Third Track – Rodents – is a more hard rock affair with the band leaving the trippy psychedelics behind and creating a song that is very different compared to the first two. Well for the first few minutes the song is very different as Red Mountains become a 70s Classic Rock inspired unit and then they return to normal spaced out territory. The music becomes slightly psychedelic and the Stoner/Desert vibes return with a bang. You do get the feeling that Rodents is comprised of two different songs as the 2nd half is very different from to the 1st half. Red Mountains deserve credit for trying something different here by blending Classic Hard Rock with a more modern Psych Stoner Metal sound.

Fourth Track – Sleepy Desert Blues – is perhaps the trippiest and far out there moment on the album. As it’s a mind-expanding journey with Red Mountains channelling the sounds of The Doors. The trippy and almost ambient psychedelic noises will appeal to fans of OM, Kyuss and even Hawkwind. Red Mountains even find the time to play some experimental jam-based riffs. It can be very slow at times but that works to the bands advantage as there’s a lot going on with this song. The drumming is the main standout here as they slowly became the main focus with the guitars adding different layers of noise that has echoes of 70s Progressive Rock.

Fifth Track – Silver Grey Sky – is another epic from these trippy rockers as once again Red Mountains prove how creative they can be. As the band throw everything at you, Psych Rock, Space Rock, Desert Rock, Stoner Rock are now joined by an Ambient Post-Rock sound as Red Mountains will expand your mind into another dimension. The vocals only appear for a few minutes before the crazy jam-based experimental sounds transport you to the barren desert wastelands once again.

The final track – Moral Panic – sees Red Mountains become slightly possessed by the trippy vibes as they venture into more demonic waters. The album has now gone full circle as Red Mountains return to the realm of Stoner Metal with a more familiar sound created on the first song. That doesn’t stop Red Mountains branching out into as many different musical directions as they possibly can. Whatever mood Red Mountains venture into, the album builds upto an exciting finish and it’s a musical journey you want to experience as many times as you can.

Down With The Sun is an exceptional debut album from a band that has created something special here. Red Mountains are going to make a lasting impression within the Stoner Metal community with this album. Down With The Sun is going to end up on a few Album Of The Year lists. That’s how good it is. Ignore this album and miss out. Simple as that!!

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Red Mountains for the promo. Down With The Sun will be available to buy on DD/Vinyl from Nasoni Records from Sept 1st 2015.


Conjurer - Old World Ritual (Review)

Conjurer – “Old World Ritual”. Release date: June 06th 2015. Label: Self-Released. Formats: DD/CD

Old World Ritual - Tracklisting:

1.Never Enough 05:43
2.Trudge Down 03:48
3.Entheogen 03:42
4.Black Throne 03:23
5.Singularity 04:13
6.Flesh To Ash 05:28
7.Witch's Hale 02:51
8.Time Stands Still 04:50
9.Marauders 05:43
10.Gold Mask 05:45

Band Members:

Dillon Enright | Dustin Mendel | John Rau | Gabe Whitcomb | Brian Wyrick


Here’s my first review for the new blog and the first I’ve written in about 6 weeks, so I maybe a little rusty. Bear with me. Anyway, I’m reviewing Conjurer’s debut album – Old World Ritual. Conjurer’s sound can be described as Sludge/Stoner Metal though with Doom Metal and Space Rock influences holding everything together. The vocals have a slight hardcore edge as they’re more of the shouting variety than the normal style of clean harsh vocals and even death based growls. It’s a great choice as the vocals more than matches the heavy angry atmosphere Conjurer create with conviction.

Opening track – Never Enough – starts with a space-rock driven Sludge/Stoner Metal riff that becomes more powerful with each passing moment. Fans of TAINT and H A R K will get a kick out of this album as Conjurer play a similar style to those fantastic bands. Conjurer plays to their strengths through out this track by combining doom and gloom atmospherics with a Hardcore Punk sound especially where the vocals are concerned. The album is loud and angry from the word go and will have many of you headbanging in agreement. The final two minutes of the song sees Conjurer play a more stripped back approach of Post-Metal that will leave you in a peaceful mood. Trippy and endearing moments that I didn’t expect.

Second track – Trudge Down – is a more direct song compared to the opening track with different vocals to show you another side of Conjurer. The song has a true DIY feel as the music convinces you that these guys don’t rely on recording studio trickery at all. You get the impression this is what Conjurer actually sound like live in the flesh. The song is another Punk/Sludge Rock driven track with Conjurer creating more sublime moments of Doom/Stoner Metal madness. The riffs have a down-tempo feel though played at a fast pace.

Third track – Entheogen – is one the angriest tracks on the album as you can feel the intensity from lead vocalist – Insert Name Later – vocals. Conjurer’s mood and riffs become more distorted and direct with the band shifting from one musical spectrum to the next. Doom, Stoner, Sludge and Hardcore Punk combine to create an addictive sound with hard-hitting lyrics to match. Conjurer is in full confident mood and it’s impossible to resist the violent manic energy they’ve created here.

Fourth track – Black Throne – carries on the angry vibe and with 10 songs on the album Conjurer are going to make sure you pay with heavy bombastic riffs with enough power to cause permanent damage to you’re well being. Heavy slabs of Sludge/Stoner Rock are fused with a cosmic sound with the distorted guitars played at maximum volumes. It’s an interesting style of early Mastodon/Baroness crunching riffs with a more space rock sound. Though without any of the commercial rock/pop trappings that has hindered those bands albums recently.

Fifth track – Singularity – is perhaps my fave song of the album as Conjurer open with down-tempo riffs that slowly builds up the atmosphere for all hell to break loose. The mood slowly becomes more psychedelic with the vocals offering that sense of despair from the earlier songs. Though it’s the riffs that are the main attraction here with intense drumming to match.

The 2nd half of the album sees Conjurer venture into even heavier territory as the band continue on their gruelling and punishing journey. Expect even more heavier and intense sounds to blast your hearing with. Tracks such as Flesh To Ash, Time Stands Still and Marauders sees Conjurer offer a sense that the whole world is going to end. With the recent warnings from leading scientists and world scientific bodies saying that the end of the human race is nigh possibly in the next 100 years, Old World Ritual may not be the best album to lighten your mood with as Conjurer offer a more Doom and Gloom on the remaining tracks compared to the first half of the album.

Old World Ritual is a stunning debut album. It’s packed full of intriguing ideas and visions that will have you listening to the album over and over again. Old World Ritual is an exciting and action packed ride that will turn some heads within the Sludge/Stoner Metal scene. Conjurer is a band to look out for in the future.

Words by Steve Howe


Saturday 18 July 2015

Introduction to Outlaws Of The Sun

Greetings and Welcome to my new blog - Outlaws Of The Sun. So what do you need to know about this music blog. Well as the intro at the side says:

"Outlaws Of The Sun is a blog that features news, reviews, and interviews with bands from the Stoner Metal, Sludge Metal, Doom Metal, Post-Metal, Desert Rock, Hard Rock and Fuzz genres.

If you want your music reviewed and published on the blog then please contact Steve at

If you need to know more info - I created The Sludgelord Blog. Now I'm here...."

Yeah, I created The Sludgelord site but I'm now starting over again. And this is it.

What can you expect. News, reviews, interviews and other articles that I will try out. If it's popular I will keep it as a regular feature. 

I want to thank Michael Imhof for designing the awesome logo. Check out his page here for awesome designs. And he's part of this brilliant Sludge/Stoner/Doom-Pop band from Germany - WALL and on BandCamp.

So thanks for visiting. I hope you stay around. I have a great team who are ready to promote some awesome heavy music!!!!

Steve Howe - 01st August 2015.