Saturday 30 July 2022

Cobra Whip - ...Must Die (EP Review)


Release Date: July 06th 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD

…Must Die  - Tracklisting

1.Pleasin' of The Witch 02:59

2.Outlaw Thunder Cult 04:01

3.Cobra Whip 04:14

4.Bring Out The Gimp 03:25

5.Hot For Preacher 02:27

6.Speedball Billy 04:23


Andrew Petkovic - Vocals, Guitars

Austin LoBiondo - Guitars

Corey Pettingill - Bass

Brendan Burns - Drums


…Must Die is the debut EP from Southern Metal/Stoner Rockers Cobra Whip. Playing a fast-paced and rebellious slice of Southern Metal with that modern day Hard Rock sound. Their debut EP is quite intense from the start with aggressive grooves and catchy vocals with the band keeping that “Southern” flavour with a Hardcore Punk Rock edge.

Cobra Whip features three members of sadly defunct Southern/Stoner Metal outfit Wasted Theory who released some acclaimed albums within the underground scene a few yeas back. So it's good seeing Andrew, Brendan and Corey making new music under a new creative outlet with Austin joining them on this new journey.

This isn’t the most groundbreaking of releases but Cobra Whip are a great band in playing a familiar and easy-going style of Southern Metal/Stoner Metal that has a fantastic sense of “bravado” within the core members of the band have such a fun time on this release. Coming across like a more accessible version of Every Time I Die with Black Label Society style guitars.

Throw in some classic ZZ-Top and Thin Lizzy classic rock sounds and Cobra Whip are a highly energetic bunch that know how to write a great riff that crackles with Stoner Rock/Metal excitement. Songs such as: Pleasin' Of The Witch, Outlaw Thunder Cult, Cobra Whip and Speeball Billy will show the listener a damn good time with the Southern Rock Outlaw sensibility that almost veers into NOLA Rock territory.

…Must Die is a deliriously entertaining ride full of great riffs and showing a terrific Punk Rock attitude that makes Cobra Whip definitely worth your time.

Words by Steve Howe


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Friday 29 July 2022

DRÖÖG Sign To Majestic Mountain Records To Release Debut Album And Release Video For New Single Blodörn

Majestic folk! It is Friday and today we bring you an announcement of the newest signing to the MMR roster. We bring you DRÖÖG, Mythical Lumberjack jazz from northern Dalarna.

We not only announce their signing today with great pride but we also present for your enjoyment the premiere of the first single ‘Blodörn’ from their self-titled debut album courtesy of the mighty Outlaws Of The Sun. This is a very special release for us as it is our first release completely in Swedish. It’s an astounding offering with expansive braun and immersive beauty.

The band tells us that “Becoming part of the majestic family feels almost too good to be true. We had our eyes on MMR right from the start and sincerely hoped that we, DRÖOG, would be able to become a part of and contribute to Majestic’s already fantastic spectrum of music. We stamp the premiere of DRÖÖG, both for the band and the upcoming album, with the Majestic logo with pride.

We at Majestic are equally proud to welcome DRÖÖG to the MMR crew as their unique brilliance is undeniable and intensely gripping and as a label, it’s a true pleasure to bring our fans a release solely in our mother tongue.

Their first single, Blodörn’ (translated to English as ‘Blood Eagle’) explores the notion that through revenge you will be set free, but at what cost?

Turn it up and get lost in the deep Swedish forests with ‘Blodörn’ today, thanks to Steve Howe and Outlaws Of The Sun!

Through a dynamically orchestrated amalgamation of melodically mysterious and cinematically framed composition, DRÖÖG tells a soulfully gripping, hook rich and riff driven, bluesy, stoner doom adjacent yet exploratorily progressive story from the darkest parts of history taking you on a journey where magic, revenge and the lusts of the flesh go hand in hand. While exploring truths and tales that have been told for generations, some just as relevant today as they were eons ago, Dröög roams languidly through the eras and ages like chapters in history- sometimes in the light yet equally celebratory in their profound shadow.

Lore and truth intertwine, and fairy tales emerge- ancient allegory both in the man made and the natural that touched every living soul, rich and poor from every walk of life. One thing these stories have common is that they want to be retold and DRÖÖG are the vehicle through which these tales come to life.

As a foundation DRÖÖG started with Magnus as a one-man band. A band to be able to perform chord progressions, rhythms, and lyrics without necessarily following the flow but without becoming progressive. "Write music, completely without reservation". But needs must and DRÖÖG quickly expanded into a duo, now with a singer, just to be able to justify the vocal melodies as an additional and soulful instrument in of itself. The album was then recorded as a duo but today they have a full crew to be able to deliver the music live as well. 

DRÖÖG’s self-titled debut album will be available soon on CD Digipak via Majestic Mountain Records with Artwork by Arvid Hällagård.

DRÖÖG are:

Daniel - Vocals
Anders - Guitar
Christian – Guitar
Jon – Bass
Magnus – Drums

Mixed and mastered by Fredrik Forell

Photo by Emil Österlund

Thanks to Majestic Mountain Records for all of the details.


Thursday 28 July 2022

Stoner/Sludge trio Somnuri sign to MNRK Heavy & release video for new single 'Coils'

Brooklyn, New York Stoner/Sludge trio Somnuri have announced their signing to MNRK Heavy. To celebrate the band have released a video for their standalone single 'Coils', which is released ahead of their upcoming third full-length.

'Coils' seamlessly fuses rugged heaviness with epic and melodic instrumentals. Somnuri's groove-forward, bludgeoning riffs, and psychedelic atmosphere is in spirit with the likes of High On Fire, Mastodon, and Torche.

Check out the video for 'Coils' here:

Stream/purchase 'Coils' here:

The band comment on the single:

“The song ‘Coils’ is about getting stuck in loops. It’s about repeating the same mistakes and searching deep within to overcome them.”

They add on their signing to MNRK Heavy:

“Somnuri are beyond stoked to be a part of the MNRK Heavy family. Joining the ranks of this roster is an absolute honor and we look forward to bringing our flavor of heavy to the mix.”

Among other hustles, hitting the pavement and providing a cannabis delivery service was one of the main catalysts in Somnuri's infant stages, adopting a DIY ethos early on. The grind it takes to survive in New York City seeps into their music and it’s hard not to hear elements of the city throughout: sludge, atmosphere, and at times brutal dissonance, layered with pounding and entrancing rhythms and low-end frequencies that make your guts rattle. Somnuri's sound weaves in and out of hauntingly infectious melodies, bludgeoning riffs and grooves that shift time and tempo often.

Photo Credit: Susan Hunt 

Somnuri started when two multi-instrumentalists joined forces after sharing the stage and practice spaces in previous Brooklyn-based bands. Justin Sherrell (guitar/vocals) had guitar ideas he wanted to develop further and soon linked up with drummer Phil SanGiacomo. The ability of both founding members to explore ideas on guitar, bass, drums and vocals continues to be the band’s lifeblood.

Somnuri's first and second LPs were very well-received, with BrooklynVegan championing, “a familiar, nostalgic sound,” that, “Somnuri genuinely breathe new life into.” With a willingness to venture into new sonic spaces of heavy music, Somnuri’s upcoming full-length is in the works and due for release in 2023 via MNRK Heavy. Further info will be revealed in the coming months.

Somnuri live:

8/09/2022 Saint Vitus Bar - Brooklyn, NY w/ Crowbar, Spirit Adrift, Stabbed
8/26/2022 Tattoo The Earth Festival Pre-Party @ The Palladium - Worcester, MA w/ Unearth, Sworn Enemy, Boundaries, Hazing Over

Somnuri live line-up:

Justin Sherrell - guitar, vocals
Phil SanGiacomo - drums
Mike G - bass

Somnuri Links

SUMA ANNOUNCE 20 YEARS OF NOISE Tour in October 2022

Hailing from Malmö, Sweden and formed in 2001. SUMA has been spreading the plague of their sonic weight, noise-ridden hallucinatory metal on the world for the past two decades. Through these years they've lured hordes of humans into the lair with their devastatingly heavy, one way trip into the vortex live performances and crushing delivery on their recorded matters. Their fourth album - THE ORDER OF THINGS - with legendary engine-ear BILLY ANDERSON (Neurosis, Black Cobra, Tragedy, High on fire,..) once again at the helm of the recording. This is the imminent evolution from the past's behemoths of albums, LET THE CHURCHES BURN and ASHES. New album in the works.

Init Records(US) / Throne Records(EU) / Argonauta Records(EU)

04/10  HAMBURG (de) - Hafenklang
05/10  DRESDEN (de) - Chemiefabrik
06/10  WIEN (aut) - Arena
07/10  ZAGREB (hr) - Mocvara
08/10  LJUBLJANA (si) - Channel Zero
09/10  LINZ (aut) - Kapu
10/10  BERLIN (de) - Schokoladen
11/10  LIEGE (be) - La Zone
12/10  PARIS (fr) - Le Klub
13/10  BRUXELLES (be) - Magasin 4
14/10  BREMEN (de) - Zollkantine
15/10  ANTWERP (be) - Desertfest

Man In The Woods - Badlands (Album Review)

Release Date: July 29th 2022. Record Label: Argonauta Records. Format: CD/DD

Badlands - S/T - Tracklisting

Icarus Landing


The Abduction Of Barney Hill


Iron Strider



Angel Of Gasoline

Signals, Saucers, Satellites


Marc Vincent (Bass/Vocals)

James Oxtoby (Guitar)

David Murray (Guitar)

Christian Hardman (Drums)


Badlands is the debut full length album from Man In The Woods and is a mixture of songs from previously released EP Badlands Part One and featuring new songs from the unreleased Badlands Part Two. The saga is now complete with the new "full length" version that sees the band play a dynamically powerful style of music that bridges the gap between the elements of Stoner, Sludge, Doom, Psych Rock and Grunge that ultimately make-up this new album.

The album has abrasive and heavy vocals throughout with the band perhaps being a more apocalyptic style of Sludge/Stoner Metal. The sound of the album is raw and unpolished in places but allows the band to get more bang for their buck within the heavy volumes department. Maybe a sense of realism was added to bring a more true feeling to the SCI-FI based themes of the lyrics contained on the album.

Man In The Woods play a style of distorted FUZZ Rock on the album which is one of the strongest aspects of their music that you can instantly warm up on the excellent opening tracks of: Icarus Landing, Speedeater and The Abduction Of Barney Hill. Full-throttled Psychedelic Stoner Rock sounds spliced with Sludgy Atmospherics and a kick-ass grungy vocal attitude allowing Man In The Moods to be more than just your average WEEDIAN inspired band. The album is quite easy to follow and sing along to with Speedeater and The Abduction Of Barney Hill having great lyrics to remember and interact with. 

The music does become heavier, distorted and even progressive on the later stages of the album. Heavy guitars fuse with Desert/Stoner Rock melodies with Grungy attitudes that allows the music to be hard to categorise at first. 

Badlands is a jam packed album running near the fifty five minutes mark. It's good to see Man In The Woods covering many different sounds from the Stoner/Sludge Metal underground whilst leaving themselves the creative opportunity to explore other areas of music. 

Other standout songs include: Philoscapture, Iron Strider, Toxicology and "Signals, Saucers, Satellites" which are the most daring, heaviest and boldest songs on the album that ultimately prove what a great band Man In The Woods actually are.

With the right mix of fast-paced grooves and sonic exploration, Badlands is an exciting and action packed  slice of underground rock that will appeal to fans of Valient Thorr, BEASTWARS and The Brothers Keg.

Excellent and Highly Recommended. 

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Man In The Woods for the promo.

Badlands will be available to buy on CD/DD via Argonauta Records from July 29th 2022.


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Wednesday 27 July 2022

DEVIL’S WITCHES: Enigmatic Cult Rockers Return with Spellbinding New Album And Stream First Offering from IN ALL HER FORMS

DEVIL’S WITCHES: Enigmatic Cult Rockers Return with Spellbinding New Album | Stream First Offering from IN ALL HER FORMS

In All Her Forms by Devil’s Witches is released 28th October on Majestic Mountain Records | Pre-order here

Weird underground heavy metal psych lounge... kinda undefinable. It’s definitely heavy but veers into bubble gummy pop and ’70s lounge music at the drop of a hat. Inspired by drugs, retro filth, and the Vietnam war. It’s like an alternative soundtrack to Apocalypse Now.


Over five years on from the release of their debut album, Velvet Magic, Devil's Witches will make a spectacular return this October with the release of In All Her Forms; a twelve-track exploration over four sides of vinyl that will see each entry focusing on themes of ‘Maiden, Mistress, Mother, and Matriarch.’

Teaming up once again with Majestic Mountain Records, who the band worked closely with in 2020 on the release of their limited edition 10" Record Store Day collectable, Guns, Drugs and Filthy Pictures; In All Her Forms promises to be an expansive and electric offering.

With each theme providing an ongoing narrative that eventually loops back to the beginning ad infinitum, a story will unravel and resolve itself time and time again, before your very eyes and ears. Crafting a self-contained story within the record’s very grooves, as you press deeper into the music, the lyrics, poetry, and thunderous doom on play, don’t be surprised if other less obvious narrative mysteries start to uncover themselves.

From big riffs to haunting ballads and expressive piano instrumentals, Devil’s Witches rarely (if ever) play by the rules. The band was originally founded by the mysterious multi-instrumentalist, Witchdoctor General, but has since gone on to welcome several honorary members into the fold creating one of cult rock’s most enigmatic superpowers in the process.

Available in four vinyl editions/colours – Maiden – Red, Mistress – Black, Mother – Green, and Matriarch – Gold – with stunning artwork, illustrations and photographs shot on location at Holy Island in Northumberland by music and fashion photographer Ian West, In All Her Forms by Devil’s Witches will be released 28th October on Majestic Mountain Records.

Take a listen to the first two tracks from In All Her Forms by Devil’s Witches, via the sublime and spellbinding ‘L’image’ / ‘Successive Slidings of Pleasure,’ here!


1. L’image
2. Successive Slidings of Pleasure
3. Blood of the Witch


4. Pussycat in a Woman’s Skin
5. Space Age Sorceress
6. Hunting Dracul


7. Shadows in the Mirror
8. Magic Mama
9. Smoke & Sorcery


10. Queen of Wands
11. Tides upon Jupiter
12. Hymn for the Supervixen


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Devil’s Witches on Facebook –
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Austria's Heavy Psych Band LIQUID EARTH Releases Alcoholic Video for “Katerfrühstück” Off Upcoming Album “Teufelskreis”!

The Austrian instrumental heavy psych trio LIQUID EARTH is thrilled to release the first single from the new album “Teufelskreis” - whose release has been set for October 22 via Electric Fire Records. The track is called “Katerfrühstück” and you can watch the official video on the label’s YouTube channel! or below

You can also stream/download the track on:

Apple Music

In 2015 LIQUID EARTH was born in a shipping container on the outskirts of Vienna. The instrumental trio takes you on a journey through psychedelic soundscapes and heavy riffs. So grab a beer and prepare for take off! The album “Teufelskreis” is written by Liquid Earth. Recording, mixing by Thomas Ranosz at Pure Sound Recordings. Mastering by Melon FM Productions. Production by Thomas Ranosz.

Attached you can see the artwork, designed by Valk.

Be sure of following LIQUID EARTH on :


Follow Electric Fire Records on:

Official Website

Early Moods - Early Moods (Album Review)

Release Date: August 05th 2022. Record Label: RidingEasy Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Early Moods - S/T - Tracklisting

1.Return To Salem's Gate 2.Live To Suffer 04:24 3.Early Moods 4.Defy Thy Name 5.Memento Mori 6.Last Rites 7.Curse The Light 8.Damnation 9.Funeral Macabre


Eddie Andrade - Guitar

Elix Feliciano - Bass

Oscar Hernandez - Guitar

Alberto Alcaraz - Vocals

Chris Flores - Drums


Early Moods debut self-titled album shows a band fully aware of the sounds and influences that can easily be heard on this album. Combining 70's Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk Rock and Doom Metal with a streetwise attitude. The vocals and lyrical content are inspired by the 80s Heavy Metal scene with the band breaking into HEAVY DOOM vocal passages with a frantic fast-paced Punk Rock environment.

Early Moods is a band operating in the classic sounds of Doom Metal/Heavy Metal and whose debut album is downright brilliantly entertaining and the killer guitar solos feel inspired by the guitar virtuoso legends of the 1980's leave you wanting to hear more. The album does feel like a classic Black Sabbath or Saint Vitus record being released for the first time today though with a few nods to the heavy hitters of the 70's/80's Hard Rock/Heavy Metal scene.

The whole tone of the album is one of REBELLION and Early Moods kick up a whole range of trouble on tracks such as: Return To Salem's Gate, Live To Suffer, Early Moods and Broken. As the band moves from classic sounding Doom Punk and Heavy Metal. Each member gets the chance to impress with the multitude of different genres being quite catchy and aggressive at the same time. The whole tone of the first four opening songs is pitch perfect with Early Moods adding bleak gloom based atmospherics to the album with whatever style of music they decide to play for that particular  song. 

Early Moods captured my attention the most with the changing of 80's Heavy Metal Guitars to a faster change of style that reminds of Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, Budgie and Metallica in places. The vocals are impressive when they stay clean based or for a more dominant aggressive growl on certain stages of the song.

The band continue with their threatening and "in-yer-face" style of music slowly moving further into the Doom Rock/Metal arena. The band play heavier grooves and become bolder with their creative choices on the later stages of the album. More wicked and despairing vocals with a heavy metal attitude that you don't normally hear or associate with the underground "DOOM" scene. 

Other standout songs include: Memento Mori, Funeral Rites, Curse Of The Light and Funeral Macabre.

Even though we hear many familiar sounds, influences and themes on this album. Early Moods have managed a truly captivating and original Doom Metal sound of their own. They have taken a "Sandbox" approach with the record and blend the best elements of Doom Metal and Heavy Metal for a gloomy and riff-tastic adventure. This album is jam-packed with epic guitar solos and ballsy vocals to match.

This record has more than enough blasts of DOOM METAL FIREPOWER for Early Moods to make themselves more known with. This is dynamite entertainment. If you grew up on a steady diet of 70's Doom Metal and the thrilling spectacle of 80's Heavy Metal then these guys are the real deal. 

Early Moods debut self titled release is a must have album.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to RidingEasy Records for the promo.

Early Moods self titled album will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via RidingEasy Records from August 5th 2022.


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Monday 25 July 2022

Les Nadie - Destierro y Siembra (Album Review)

Release Date: July 10th 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Destierro y Siembra - Tracklisting

1.Grito el indio 05:35

2.Zhonda 03:59

3.Siembra / Destierro 04:52

4.Helledén 05:38

5.Babas D´allah 03:57

6.Del Pombero 05:08

7.Venenauta 01:34


Juan Conde (guitar, voices)

Rodri Deladerova (drums)


Destierro y Siembra is the debut release from Argentinian Psych Stoner Metallers Les Nadie and I was initially expecting the band to play a mellower Post-Rock/Post-Stoner flavour. However, the band play full-on “DOOM” based Stoner Metal with lovely intricate sounds and ambient textures. Add a sludgy FUZZ ROCK groove and Les Nadie seriously means business on this release.

Clocking in at around thirty minutes in length. The album contains seven tracks that have that South American flavour to stand-out from the normal Psych Stoner Metal crowd. 

Opening song Grito el indio is a very surreal affair with the music between a more experimental style of Sludge, Doom and Stoner Metal. The vocals have been replaced with distinctive “voices” which come from lead guitarist Juan. The grooves have a sullen attitude before actually moving further into the “Post-Whatever” world. The track is primarily classed as Instrumental Psych Stoner Metal with a cool heavy sideline in Doom/Sludge based weirdness.

Second track Zhonda offers a more down-tuned and doomadelic take. The sludgy guitars have a heavy and ferocious sound to them before the band brings South American Tribal flavours to the album. WIth the “CHANT BASED” vocals, this song is quite mind inducing in places. Ambient and Synth sounds bring a Yawning Man influence to Les Nadie’s crazed “out there” world.

The next two tracks Siembra / Destierro and Helledén capture a certain “OM” and “SLEEP” psychedelic element within the quieter moments. The tribal elements are amped up considerably and the vocals have a more prominent role for the most interesting creative parts of the album.

The final three songs of Babas D´allah, Del Pombero and Venenauta allow Les Nadie play a more progressive and experimental style of Desert Rock/Stoner Metal that firmly move between the “QUIETER” and “HEAVIER” parts with apparent ease. The music matches the heavy DOOMEDELIC sounds of the early stages of the album with Babas D´allah and Del Pombero being the best tracks on the album.

The only downside for the album is that it ends on a whimper with final track Venenauta. As it's an experimental track that sadly doesn't offer anything new or exciting. I would have preferred a more substantial offering with longer instrumental grooves.

However, that doesn't stop Destierro y Siembra being a superbly entertaining and quirkly release that offers a refreshing change of pace from the South American Doom/Stoner Metal scene.

Words by Steve Howe


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Silent Monolith - Empty Kingdom (Album Review)

Release Date: July 18th 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Empty Kingdom - Tracklisting

Terrible Day Of The Dead


Empty Kingdom

The Sin Eater

A Million Miles Away

All The Same

Qui Decipitur

Lost Hope


Kenneth Johnson (KJ) - Guitar/Vocals

Logan Gresson - Bass Guitar

Zach Ranson  - Drums


Empty Kingdom is the second full length record from US Stoner Rockers Silent Monolith who made a great impression with their 2015 debut album. Coming back wiser and with more experience from the Stoner Rock/Metal underground under their belts allows the band to evolve their full creative potential. As this album is an electrifying style of different Stoner Rock movements with an gloomy Psych Rock backdrop allowing the album to bring an NWOBHM feel to the album.

Opening song Terrible Day Of The Lord is a semi-instrumental affair with Silent Monolith playing modern day Stoner Rock grooves with a more classic rock backdrop for extended guitar solos to appear. Though, the song fully comes into life when a gloomy religious spoken word sermon appears. The whole flow of the song even brings a slight "NOLA" influence into play. The music ventures into DOOM ROCK/METAL when the heavier forces appear.

Second song Burn explodes with NWOBHM guitar solos before the vocals bring a more Stoner Rock/Metal flow to the song. The band focuses on playing Psychedelic and Fuzzy guitars with claustrophobic vocals leading the way. The lyrics are a mixture of standard Classic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal themes that veer into Apocalyptic vibes. For a Stoner Rock band, these guys don't embrace the usual "WEEDIAN" style ideas that other bands do. They actually bring a more classical hard rock imagery with their lyrics whilst leaving their music to meet Stoner Rock genre obligations. 

Third track Empty Kingdom is a more turbo-charged and action packed affair that relies on CLUTCH inspired vocals and instrumental sounds. The song is still Silent Monolith through and through with thanks again to the superbly written lyrics. Though, the band do inject a more Heavy Metal based drive into this song where you can hear influences from bands such as Metallica and Motorhead. 

Fourth track Sin Eater opens with a cool solitary bass guitar with the song before expanding into the Blues Rock arena. Soulful vocals and haunting Psych Stoner Rock grooves are played at a cool slow pace. The song is quite foreboding with the intricate Psych Rock sounds appearing when they need to. The vocals are mellow for the first part of the song before exploding into gigantic WALL OF NOISE that sees the whole song become heavily inspired by Monster Magnet whilst still retaining it's own creative identity. This is one of the most uplifting and anthemic tracks on the album that ultimately becomes the standout track on the whole record.

Silent Monolith keeps playing this wonderful style of Hard Rock and Stoner based grooves on other standout tracks such as A Million Miles Away, Oui Decipitur and Lost Hope. The NWOBHM sound and influences are stripped back further with the band focusing more on Psych/Stoner Rock for a highly captivating finish.

Empty Kingdom is full of bleak lyrical content and themes that does allow the album to have a more GLOOMY appearance than originally expected. The production is excellent and one that offers Silent Monolith the platform to deliver a first rate musical adventure that ticks all the right boxes within the RIFFS department.

All in all, Silent Monolith have released a superbly entertaining album from start to finish.

Words by Steve Howe


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Sunday 24 July 2022

Red Sun Atacama - Darwin (Album Review)

Release Date: June 17th 2022. Record Label: MRS Red Sounds Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Darwin - Tracklisting

1.11-CH 00:54

2.Furies 08:38

3.Antares 09:40

4.Echoes 06:01

5.Revvelator 05:00

6.Ribbons 08:26


Clément Márquez: bass, vocals

Robin Caillon: drums, percussions

Vincent Hospital: guitar


Desert/Stoner Rockers Red Sun Atacama new album Darwin sees the band offer a more Desert Punk sound with a Streetwise attitude and with a frenzied Stoner Rock approach that can be quite “JAZZY” in places. Classically structured as a Stoner Rock album but with the band playing a Punk Rock approach that is fully realised throughout the album.

Opening song 11-CH is an instrumental offering that doesn’t really bring anything new or exciting to the table but it’s a cool sounding interlude to open the album with.

Red Sun Atacama get the album moving along on stunning second track Furies which approaches the Stoner Rock world with a flashy style Aggressive Punk Rock and FUZZED UP guitars. Imagine KYUSS and FU MANCHU jamming with The Ramones but with a heavy Psych Rock flavour and this is how this track sounds and feels. The song allows the band every creative opportunity to embrace a more freakier style of music with the epic extended jams that appear on the track.

Third song Antares sees Red Sun Atacama continue with that mighty progressive style of Desert/Stoner Rock on the later stages of the track with a true “AMPLIFIER WORSHIP” vibe to almost extreme levels of WEEDIAN based volume. Though, the band starts off with a “Post-Stoner” sonic groove that slowly builds up over time with many different strands of eerie Psych Rock for a more illuminating style of music. Parts 70’s Prog Rock and modern day Stoner theatrics combine for a track that offers perhaps the best instrumental sounds from the band. Red Sun Atacama earns their money on this track alone.

The final three songs Echoes, Revolver and Ribbons sees the band delve further into the trippy based weirdness of the earlier sounds of the album but with a “real life” feel with the excellent lyrics and vocals that accompany these tracks. The songs are violently quick and maybe the band could have slowed things right down on certain sections of the album. However, this allows the album to be a refreshing style of freaky Psych Stoner Rock with Red Sun Atacama perhaps getting the whole “Desert Punk” vibe a whole lot more than Brant Bjork recently.

Darwin is a refreshing change of pace for the Stoner Rock underground. As it’s a bold, vivid and adventurous offering that moves along at a cracking violently aggressive pace. 

This is perhaps one of the “quintessential” Desert/Stoner Rock albums to currently own right now. Red Sun Atacama have delivered the goods with this album and have released their best album to date. 

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Shake Promotion for the promo.

Darwin is available to buy now on CD/DD/VInyl via MRS Red Sounds Records


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