Friday 15 July 2022

Into The Valley Of Death - Ruthless (EP Review)

Release Date: June 24th 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Ruthless - Tracklisting

1.Reject 03:41

2.Freight Train 03:17

3.Ghost 03:08

4.Hollow Soul 03:20

5.Utah 03:44

6.Spacemen 04:06

7.Rigged 02:58


Spencer Robinson - Everything


Into The Valley Of Death return with their new EP Ruthless that features a gloomy style of Garage and Punk based slice of Stoner Rock. A more measured, confident and assured performance from Spencer compared to the previous release from the band. The EP has an eighties style Gothic/Alt Rock vibe with a “druggy” afterthought which you can hear throughout the whole release.

The EP runs around twenty five minutes in length and Spencer brings a seedy attitude on the opening song Reject. A song that is filled with classic Stoner grooves with the more Garage based atmospherics that lurk between Doom based darkness and noisy Grunge attitude. The guitars have a certain “Seattle” feel to them but are still operating in the Doom/Stoner based world.

Second song Freight Train is more Garage/Punk orientated with that “Streetwise” attitude allowing the music to be played at a volatile slow pace. Slow outbursts of Psych Stoner Rock appear within this track and this has almost stripped back Monster Magnet sound and influence. Spencer perhaps draws upon this time and experience with The Lords Of Altamont on this track and for the remainder of the EP.

Into The Valley Of Death play a more distorted sludgy style of Doomed Out WEEDIAN sound with Spencer’s vocals allowing the release to drift further into the GOTHIC based vortex. Especially on songs such as Ghost, Hollow Soul and Spaceman.

The production values are surprisingly loud, crisp and straight to the point. I was expecting a more DIY based sound but this is excellent with Spencer being given every opportunity to play his tortured and seedy style of music to the Stoner Rock underground masses. 

Overall, Ruthless is a spellbinding release full of different styles of Doom Metal and Stoner Rock that builds up to an exciting and action packed finish. 

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe