Wednesday 20 July 2022

CB3 - Exploration (Album Review)

Release Date: August 26th 2022. Record Label: Majestic Mountain Records. Format: DD/Vinyl

Exploration - Tracklisting

1.Daydreams 11:07

2.To Space and Away

3.Going to the Horizon

4.In a Rainbow with Friends

5.Through Space and Time


Charlotta Andersson, Electric guitar, vocals, composition

Pelle Lindsjö, Electric Bass

Natanael Solmonsson, Drums


Exploration is the start of a new journey for Psych Stoner Rockers CB3. This album is the first release to feature vocals from CB3 and their first album for Majestic Mountain Records. I'm new to CB3's world and this was the first album I heard from them. Their other albums were instrumental offerings and it's good to see not only CB3 being more creative here but also changing their overall sound as well.

Exploration is a Blissful and Spaced Out Adventure that allows CB3 to expand their sound to other areas of the Psych Stoner Rock universe. The Jazz and Middle Eastern influences heard on previous albums are fully here as well. With CB3 playing a more expansive sound that merges Psych Rock, Doom Rock, Stoner Rock, Post-Rock and Ambient visions.

The opening track Daydreams is eleven minutes of sublime Psychedelic Space Rock guitars and Ambient Stoner grooves being layered against the different areas of Prog Rock and Middle Eastern sounds that CB3 play on this track. Charlotta's vocals are excellent and veer on the right side of hopefulness before CB3 bring an unexpected slice of DOOM ROCK/METAL sounds when the distorted instrumental parts appear. This is the standout track of the album as CB3 are in full storytelling mode with the Sonic Experimentation amped up to a  LOUD LEVEL before ending the song for a long drawn out Alternative flow.

Second song To Space And Away is another lengthy track of epic Psychedelic/Spaced Out jams with a slightly claustrophobic approach. The music is a warm-hearted mixture of Psych Rock and Stoner Rock with a distorted and almost sludgy like atmosphere allowing CB3 the perfect opportunity to let their creative imaginations run wild. Lush sounding vocals and superbly written lyrics are on show here yet again but it's the  music that impresses the most. As CB3 offer a "stop/start" approach with quieter gloomier sounds on the later stages of the song. An eerie Doom Rock sound slowly creeps in before Charlotta's vocals appear again and the music becomes heavily rooted in Seventies Rock and Modern Day Atmospherics.

Third song Going To The Horizon sees CB3 play a style of Psych Rock/Space Rock and going for a more direct modern day Psych Stoner Rock feel. Add Ambient Sounds and Jazzy Guitars with CB3 changing their musical style yet again for another one of the standout tracks on the album. You'll be surprised to hear how very commercially radio-friendly this album can actually be whilst also being something you expect to hear from the underground Stoner scene. 

The final two songs In A Rainbow With Friends & Through Time And Space sees CB3 pull slightly back with the vocals and play an experimental style of slightly Progressive based Psychedelic Stoner Rock with a few uplifting Post-Rock passages for perhaps the most highly creative parts of the album. Eerie soundscapes venture into gloomier instances of Cosmic Doom that bring more DRONE based textures that allows the album to close on an exciting and action packed finish.

The evidence is clear on Exploration for CB3 as they're perhaps releasing one of the most exciting and essential Space Rock/Cosmic Rock albums of the year.

Simply Unmissable.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Richard at Sheltered Life PR for the promo.

Exploration will be available to buy on DD/Vinyl via Majestic Mountain Records from August 26th 2022.


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