Wednesday 30 August 2023

ARGONAUTA FESTIVAL 2023 / Belgium | Germany Has Been Announced.

After two years of anticipation, planning, and overcoming multiple postponements due to the global pandemic, the highly awaited Argonauta Festival is set to captivate audiences with an extraordinary showcase of musical prowess. Presented by Argonauta Records, the festival brings together a harmonious union of three exceptional bands for an unforgettable experience.

In a triumphant testament to the power of perseverance, the Argonauta Festival promises to deliver a riveting musical journey featuring three bands, each hailing from diverse corners of the metal spectrum. The festival's concept revolves around the convergence of these bands, all signed with Argonauta Records, performing two exclusive shows together.

Argonauta Fest Belgium is slated to transpire on Friday, November 17th, at the Asgaard in Ghent. The event is brought to life through the collaborative efforts of No Name Collective, Grimm Gent, Artifacts From The Tangent Universe, and Go To Eleven.

Argonauta Fest Germany will follow on the subsequent day, Saturday, November 18th, at the Gesellschaftshaus Schleicher in Eisenhüttenstadt, organized by local promoter RockHütte.

Attendees can expect an immersive auditory expedition as the festival showcases a diverse range of sonic landscapes, brought to life by three extraordinary bands:

SPLENDIDULA (Atmospheric Doom Metal, BE)
UNVERKALT (Post Doom Metal, DE/GR)
WIZARDS OF WIZNAN (Blackened Sludge Metal, CH)

A unique aspect of the festival is the co-headlining arrangement between SPLENDIDULA and UNVERKALT. While SPLENDIDULA will headline in Belgium, UNVERKALT will take the helm in Germany.

As a tribute to the shared passion for music and the unwavering spirit of the global community, the Argonauta Festival is committed to providing a safe and memorable experience for all attendees. By adhering to the highest safety standards and regulations, the festival endeavors to create an environment where fans can come together to celebrate their love for music without compromise.

Facebook events and tickets info are as follows:

November 17th (Belgium):
Pre-sale: 12 EUR (
At the door: 15 EUR

November 18th (Germany):
Pre-sale: 25 EUR + 1 EUR shipping (mail to:
At the door: 30 EUR

Ticket stores:
• Getränke Reschke, Gubener Str.42, 15890 Eisenhüttenstadt
• Tourismusinformation, Lindenallee 25, 15890 Eisenhüttenstadt
• Besucherinformation, Bahnhofstrasse 22, 15898 Neuzelle

CARDINALS FOLLY - Deal with Soulseller Records - New Album 'Live By The Sword' coming on October 27th 2023

The Last Bastion of Doom. Those Finnish witchfinders. The ones that won't let go. The truest of the true. The stubbornest of the stubborn. CARDINALS FOLLY. A groovy trio of which name has been echoing distantly in the metal underground for more than a decade. A wild uncontrollable force moving onwards to another record or another adventure. With relentless riffs, heavy metal hails, ride-or-die attitude and true love for the old school doom and metal.

Hailing from Helsinki, Finland and formed in 2007 by Mikko "Count Karnstein" Kääriäinen (Bass, Vocals) and his back-then compatriots, CARDINALS FOLLY has been captained by Mikko ever since then towards new conquests. After several albums, line-up changes, dramas, label disappointments and tours around the world, the current stellar constellation of "Deranged Pagan Sons" with Juho Kilpelä (Guitar) and Joni Takkunen (Drums) has been ongoing since 2014.

On the upcoming new album "Live By The Sword", the band takes almost all that it finds good in metal and molds it into a tighter mass of unholy riffs, blasphemous pagan chants & choruses, luciferian & lovecraftian depravity and all in all a fearless ride to where the witching cauldrons boil hot and the brews are cool. Ranging from slow epic doom to galloping heavy metal and apocalyptic rock 'n' roll, the band loves to murder the listener with all their might. These past few years of plague and uncertainty have only made them angrier and more determined, resulting in this 42-minute onslaught of doomed heavy metal.

Band leader Mikko comments: "After these past few slightly chaotic years, it's nice to sign with a professional powerhouse like Soulseller Records. We're ready to go, ready to put this powerful bastard of an album out and show the world what we can do. We've done now six albums, and not many bands do six albums. Recently we toured in Norway, USA, Finland, Germany and Italy. It's true love towards this deranged craft and evolving it that keeps us going. I honestly believe we're also one of the few bands to steadily improve from day 1 onwards so far. That's not common either. And right now it seems we're in good hands. In a world under turmoil, I'm proud of what me, Juho and Joni have now created. This is our best album. There's no more to tell, and real action beats all words anyway. Crank it up and blast it as loud as you can. The doomed ones ride out again! Our Cult Continues!"


Thanks to Sure Shot Worx for all of the details

Slomatics - Strontium Fields (Album Review)

Release Date: September 08th 2023. Record Label: Black Bow Records. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

Strontium Fields: Tracklisting

Wooden Satellites

I, Neanderthal

Time Capture

Like A Kind Of Minotaur


Zodiac Arts Lab


With Dark Futures


Marty - Drums/Vocals/Synths

Chris - Guitars

David - Guitars


Doom Metal Titans Slomatics return with their eighth album Strontium Fields. Following the celebrated split release with DOMKRAFT last year, this album sees Slomatics in full COSMIC/SPACED OUT creative flow with an album that honours their classic legacy whilst forging new creative ground for the band. As this album sees Slomatics offer a more subdued style of Doom/Stoner Metal that we're used to hearing. Using more Post-Doom and Post-Roc theatrics which you would associate with bands such as ELDER and King Buffalo but still having that classic SLOMATICS sound.

Opening song Wooden Satellites is a stunning mix of Old School Slomatics based Cosmic Doom/Stoner grooves but with their new found Progressive maturity which appeared mostly on their last full length album. The swirling Psychedelics and down-tuned FUZZY guitars are instantly recognisable but it's the Post-Rock inspired melodic tones of the song that really make this song and show you a brief glimpse where the album is heading on the later stages of the record. Marty's vocals are confident as ever with perhaps a Classic Rock persona dominating the way he delivers his vocals.

Second song I, Neanderthal continues the album with a more world-weary and seen it all attitude but still remaining constantly fresh with those heavy Progressive Space Rock sounds moving into Slomatics "WORLD BUILDING" levels of pure storytelling. Marty's vocals have a sense of bleak nihilism to them especially within the more vocal/storytelling aspects of his vocal delivery. Added with the intense cosmic fuzz based guitars and 1980's inspired synths which become more aligned to the classic Slomatics sound we know the band for. However, there are elements of this track that sound remarkably fresh and that we haven't heard from the band before with the later stages of the song impressing the most.

Third song Time Capture is where Slomatics venture into the Psychedelic Rock or Post-Stoner sound that bands such as ELDER and King Buffalo are known for. However, don't despair. As Slomatics play a more gloomier and destructive offering whilst surrounding themselves with a more Apocalyptic style of melodic based psychedelic Cosmic flavoured Doom/Stoner Rock style. The Synths and Ambient beats allows Slomatics to play a more reflective style with Marty's vocals matching the solemn mood of the track. The music is beautifully slow paced and allows the listener to soak up every spellbinding moment of this track. The lyrics are top-tier songwriting and perhaps one of their best efforts lyrically speaking yet.

Fourth song Like A Kind Of Minotaur is another classic sounding Slomatics track with the band laying down the COSMIC FUZZ that moves along with mighty WEEDIAN aggression with those fantastic Ambient/Psychedelic driven instrumental scores working superbly well with the sludgy guitars from David and Chris who lead the creative heavy charge with destructive grooves being some of the best instrumental sounds of the album. With that new found Post-Stoner sound being left behind, this song is for perhaps the more longtime fan of the band but still offers a great insight for new listeners to get into the overall creative Psyche of Slomatics. Another one of the standout tracks on the album. There's more a free-flowing and cavalier style of music which Slomatics haven't played since their early days but still shows a new sense of maturity from the band.

The second half of the album allows Slomatics to experiment more with Prog Rock theatrics with Marty showcasing his admiration for 1970's Hard Rock vocalists. As Marty delivers a more experimental style within Voidians for example. As there are eerie traces of Freddie Mercury, well that's what I've taken away from the album. The music is always constantly fresh and brilliantly heavy with Slomatics merging that apocalyptic FUZZ and COSMIC style that is slowed right down on tracks such as Voidians and ARCS.

The song Zodiac Arts Lab deserves a special mention. As it's a beautifully sung track that is the most Post-Rock based track that shows Slomatics in a new light. The song is quite low-key and emotionally charged and more in-line with being a "MOBILE/LIGHTER IN THE AIR" style of song. I don't know how the band will take to that comment but I mean this with deepest respect and admiration for the band. Slomatics continue with that style of music for the last couple songs. So be prepared for a wonderfully exciting and different style of music from Slomatics.

These tracks are my favourite parts and aspects of the whole album. This offers the best of both worlds that Slomatics achieve within this record. A record that honours their legacy and reputation but also forging an exciting new future where the Psychedelic/Post-Whatever attitude of the music is the most outstanding creative aspect of the album. With first rate production values yet again, Strontium Fields delivers the most exciting forty minutes of music you'll experience this year and deliver one of the Top 3 albums of 2023 without question.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to C Squared Music for the promo.

Strontium Fields will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Black Bow Records from September 08th 2023


Official | Facebook | BandCamp | Instagram

Tuesday 29 August 2023

Heavy Doomsters COLUMBARIUM Reveal Full Album details; New Single “Redemption” Now Streaming

After their signing with Italian imprint ARGONAUTA Records, Belgian Heavy Doomsters COLUMBARIUM are pleased to reveal the full details of their highly anticipated debut album, now teased by the brand new single “Redemption”, a doomy journey with bluesy like soloing and slow riffage that will make your ears bleed!

Give ear below:

Says the band: "We are incredibly pleased to reveal all information about our full album together with Argonauta Records and Grand Sounds Promotion. It is a great pleasure to work with them! This announcement can not go without mentioning our cooperation with two guest vocalists with which we were incredibly happy to work with. The first one was Tabasco Esmee from Tyrant’s Kall, who is a dear friend of ours. We adore her and her ‘witch voice’, she has been exceptionally kind to us and we are very happy with the result of her singing on the already released single ‘Eyes Bleed Black’.

The second cooperation is with Michelle Nocon (Of Blood And Mercury, formerly from Bathsheba, Death Penalty and Serpent Cult). We’ve been fans of her for many years and asked her if she wanted to contribute a vocal line on the instrumental intermezzo ‘Barefoot On The Moon’ and let her totally free to give it her interpretation. She came up with a sixfold vocal harmony which just totally blew us away! We are incredibly grateful for her effort and contribution.

The cover of the album was done by Vladimir Chebakov (who also worked with Sodom and Hideous Divinity amongst others) and is his interpretation of ‘The Morbidious One’ which represents ‘Death’ as a common thread through some of the lyrics on the album, without it being a concept album. We are stoked to reveal all information about our album and are greatly looking forward to the reactions of fans and press. The album will be available as CD and vinyl physical formats and will digitally be available on all platforms through Argonauta Records. Cheers, everyone!!!”

‘The Morbidious One’ will be released on the 29th of September 2023 through Argonauta Records. Preorders are up:


Eyes Bleed Black
The Morbidious One
Rivers Of Blood
Barefoot On The Moon
Our Glorious Ways
A Cure For Everything/Get Back Alive?

Columbarium is:

Koen Biesbrouck: Guitars & keys
Marc ‘Markie’ Vangheluwe: Guitars
Vincent ‘Mille’ Millecam: Drums
Pete Jules V.: Bass & Vox


Introduce Yourselves: Graveseer

Hi there. Thanks for doing the interview. How are things with you today?

Doing well, thank you for interviewing us! We’re writing new songs and working on tightening up and expanding our current set! Our EP just released on all streaming platforms so you can check it out on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

For folks not in the know, can you give a brief history of how the band came together and where it is today.

We found each other through social media; our first guitarist Josh, and our drummer Justin, were jamming together and then our bassist Erin came on in August 2022. First three songs were put together pretty quickly and we released our demo tracks on bandcamp. Theo, our guitarist, came on in January 2023. Josh ended up leaving shortly after, due to time constraints. Wrote two more songs, tightened up, recorded, and here we are!

How would you describe your own sound.

We pull from various influences, from punk, metal, doom, stoner, blues, sludge, and blend it into our own unique variant. A few influences include Melvins, DRI, Mastodon, Bell Witch, Holy Serpent, Monolord, King Buffalo, All Them Witches

Why did you call yourselves Graveseer.

Just a fun name we came up with, seer being a prophet or someone who sees into the future. Graveseer is just kind of a dark, interesting band name.

You recently released your new EP Infernal. What can people expect to hear from this record?

The Infernal EP was recorded with our friend Chris, over the period of a few days. Since we all were pretty tight when we recorded, it was easy to just get in and get it done. I think people can expect to hear a raw, doom-ey, sludgy record with heavy drum lines, some sick guitar solos, and just a general fun vibe. We put a lot of effort into this album but had fun doing it. Yeah, it’s definitely a DIY project but it was a great learning process for us all!

What is the creative process or setup within the band? Do you all write the music together or do certain people within the band do that?

Everyone contributes in different ways, for this album we’d jam and record, and figure out song structure together. Erin would go put the structure to a demo track and write some words, come back and try it out and the band would make adjustments from there. Our songs are all collaborative and we just enjoy writing together.

Are you involved with different musical project or bands that folks can check out.

We’re all primarily focused on Graveseer, but there’s definitely a few local projects people can look at. Old Gods, Ride the Sun, Formula 400 and Discount Cadavers are all local San Diego projects with great people and fun music.

Will you be performing any gigs to promote the EP locally or further afield!

We’re just playing shows as they come! We mostly play locally but are definitely willing to travel within a couple hours, since we all have normal 9-5’s. Graveseer is a hobby for us.

Before you go, do you have any words of wisdom for your new and potential fans out there?

If you enjoy the music, let us know! It helps us know if we’re on the right track or not. And thank you for the support!

Words by Graveseer



Monday 28 August 2023

Rexxar - Crimson Throne (Album Review)

Release Date: August 22nd 2023. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Crimson Throne: Tracklisting

1.Neutransmiter of Dark Shepherd into Humanoid 23:29

2.Tarrasque 06:26

3.St.renate (guardian) ft.nekrobonbon of deathgang 07:49


Guitar : Geras

Bass : Patub

Drums : Sandy

Synth : Nekrobonbon


Crimson Throne is the debut album from Indonesian outfit Rexxar who play a longer and droned out style of Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal. The album remains firmly in the Distorted and Down-Tempo style of Doom/Stoner Metal with Rexxar having a bleak creative outlook as well. Taking cues from bands such as BONGRIPPER, SUNN O))) and BONG with the focus for Rexxar of playing the heaviest sounds and playing these for the longest time possible. Though, the band show a fine style of playing intense instrumental Psychedelic grooves that have a lot of AMPLIFIER DISTORTION and GUITAR REVERB throughout the album.

Opening song Neutransmiter of Dark Shepherd into Humanoid lasts an eye-watering twenty three minutes plus with Rexxar playing a slow-to-mid pace delivery with their sound. The song is highly atmospheric with subtle OCCULT overtones and heavy pounding sludgy instruments that will soon become part of the listener’s psyche for its mammoth length. The production values can be quite flawed in places but for the most part this album sounds superbly well put together. Rexxar keep moving along into multiple different areas of LOW & SLOW brutality with the music being quite melodic in places. 

The other two tracks on the album Tarrasque and St.renate (guardian) are both on the shorter side lasting between seven and eight minutes each in length. The music is faster and has a heavier creative approach which could even be considered more Thrash based within the track Tarrasque. Traces of Space Rock make their way into the mix with Rexxar playing areas of Psychedelic Cosmic Doom which brings a whole different level of heaviness to the album. The music becomes more daring with Rexxar showing a great eye for tone and melody on these two tracks alone. 

St. renate (guardian) features a guest appearance from nekrobonbon of ace Indonesian Doom/Stoner Metallers DEATHGANG (who released a sublime album back in 2020 who I’m hoping will release new music soon), this is my favourite track on the album. As the band play with a “LESS IS MORE” delivery for this track and this allows them to play the most interesting grooves on the album. Maybe, not the heaviest but one that ultimately held my interest more especially with Rexxar showing a fine creative eye for Psychedelic and Sonic manipulation for the early stages of the song.

Crimson Throne is a fantastic and wonderfully surreal Doom/Stoner Metal experience and showcases another great band to check out from the Indonesian Doom/Stoner Metal underground scene.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


BandCamp | Instagram

Weird Tales - Second Coming, Second Crucifixion (Album Review)

Release Date: September 01st 2023. Record Label: Interstellar Smoke Records. Formats: DD

Second Coming, Second Crucifixion: Tracklisting

 01 - Disgusting & Mean - 3:42

02 - Dead People's Shit - 6:40

03 - Undertaker - 6:26

04 - Krokodil Blues - 3:11

05 - Damned Lovers of the Swampire - 9:17

06 - Acid Lobotomy -9:34


Dima - Guitar/Vocals

Kriss - Bass/Backup Vocals

Smoku - Drums/Backup Vocals


Polish Doom/Stoner Metallers Weird Tales release their seedy and gloomy new offering Second Coming, Second Crucifixion. An album that takes a more rebellious and edgier approach with their classic blend of Doom/Stoner Metal. The lyrics are quite full-on in places and feel like they’ve been doused in Psychedelic Acid overtones. The sludgy guitars move between classic grooves of Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard and KYUSS but with Weird Tales being perhaps playing a more surreal Acid Rock style.

Opening song Disgusting & Mean has the harsh sounds of the Doom/Stoner Metal underground but with a vastly understated Garage Rock attitude which soon morphs into heavier areas of Psychedelic debauchery and seedy guitars working superbly well with Dima’s Proto-Doom or Proto-Punk based vocals. A strong start to this effortlessly and superbly entertaining album.

Second song Dead People’s Shit carries on with the down-tuned Sabbathian sound with perhaps a unique sounding Noise Rock element appearing. The vocals seem more accustomed to a Post-Punk track than a Doom Metal song. However, the lyrics and warped cinematic grooves allows Weird Tales to remain part of the Doom Metal fraternity with a song that oozes chaotic menace when the more Psychedelic parts of the album appear. The song does allow Weird Tales the opportunity to play a non-stop style of sludgy extended guitar jams which have a classic Stoner theme towards the later stages of the track.

Third song Undertaker opens with a gloomy Speed Punk riff that allows Weird Tales to play a more stripped back style of music. The lyrics have a gloomy, rebellious and menacing creative style which draws the band closer into the Noise Rock and Post-Punk circles yet again but still remain essential Doom Metal quality to their music. Weird Tales are natural born storytellers on this album and this track ultimately proves this with sublime lyrics allowing this track to be one of the bleakest tracks on the album. The instrumental work becomes more daring with its violent and bombastic sound allowing the rhythm section to really stand out. 

Fourth song Krokodil Blues is a straight forward Doom/Stoner Metal number with that classic Punk-Rock attitude allowing the band to draw upon artists such as Alice Cooper and Church Of Misery. The song has echoes of Classic Hard Rock and screeching guitars which still sees Weird Tales still retain a small sense of Punk Rock and Noise Rock realism despite the DOOM & GLOOM theatrics of the whole album.

The final two tracks Damned Lovers Of The Swampfire and Acid Lobotomy is where Weird Tales venture into Prog Rock debauchery with the band playing a warped style of Acid Rock, Stoner Metal and what is perhaps is best described as LUCID FREE FLOWING DOOM Metal. The guitars have a more satanic quality to them especially on Damned Lovers Of The Swampfire. This is the bleakest, intense, heaviest, aggressive and most OUT THERE part of the album with Weird Tales becoming more comfortable with the demented and maddening style of first rate music they play here. 

Second Coming, Second Crucifixion is quite a surreal and nightmarish album where Weird Tales also offer an album where the “RIFF IS KING” and this album has a high amount of sublime riffs, grooves and extended jams which prove why the Polish Doom/Stoner Metal underground scene is so highly thought of. The album may have a raw sounding Garage Rock and Punk Rock attitude but the production values are exquisite that allows this album to be beautifully violent and loud throughout. 

Weird Tales have done themselves proud with this release. As Second Coming, Second Crucifixion deserves all the major praise and plaudits hopefully coming their way. This is an absolute joy to listen to.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Infecting Cells PR for the promo.

Second Coming, Second Crucifixion will be available to buy via Interstellar Smoke Records from Friday September 1st 2023.



Saturday 26 August 2023

An Interview With Alexandros Anesiadis Author Of The Book - Heroes Of The Metal Underground

There's a book called Heroes Of The Metal Underground being released on August 29th 2023. which focuses upon the 1980's American Heavy Metal scene and Independent Metal Bands from the USA Underground scene.

The book is fairly extensive with over 620 pages dedicated to that legendary era of Heavy Metal and has been written by author Alexandros Anesiadis who has written two other books called Crossover the Edge and We Can Be the New Wind, which document punk and hybrid punk-metal bands.

I was given the chance to interview Alexandros about the writing of the book and his own personal tastes within Heavy Metal and other genres of music.

Here's what went down....

Hi Alexandros. Thanks for doing the interview. How are things with you all today.

Hello Steve! I'm doing very well, thank you. So happy for our interview-just allow me to blast a record while we do it (and this will be The Chisel- Retaliation).

We're here to talk about your new book Heroes Of The Metal Underground, For people not in the know, can you provide a brief description on what the book is about.

It's on the US bands of 1980-1989, that released at least one more record (LP, 7'', 10'' and even a cassette LP as long its not a demo) on their own. Private, small pressings, and bands that went on to become much more famous later (such as Virgin Steele, Cirith Ungol, Brocas Helm, Manilla Road) alongside totally unknown ones (such as Resless, Axxe, Gunner etc etc).

Why did you decide to write about the 1980's American Underground Heavy Metal scene and not let's say the European 1980's Metal Scene or even the UK.

Well, regarding the UK, there's a good number of books on NWOBHM and post-NWOBHM bands, that already cover somehow this issue (of course there are post-1985 bands that released their records on their own), while the European scene of this kind is literally huge-it can't be covered in just one book. Alongside, I love American music, firstly and foremost: even though I have no limitations in my preferences (regarding countries), I have to admit that the USA, alongside UK, Canada and Australia, are my favorite scenes.

When did you get the idea to write this book and how long did it take you to write the book.

When I found out that there was no book of this kind! Actually, there was a book, that collected the private US 7'' named as " North America Private 45's" by John Haupt (who, alongside Jim Cranford had O.P.M. Records). However, this book is almost 30 years old, out of stock, and with (obviously) many stuff missing. It took me about 3 years to write it, and it was a 7/7 job.

Was it a challenging book to research and write from start to finish.

It was, even though my most challenging book, that tested all my personal limits was "We Can Be The New Wind". Just imagine that though, I was lost in a sea of Word files, and even though I managed to include 1100 bands (all reviewed), I lost one Word file with an extra of 350 bands, later to be found in a subfolder, when though the final draft was already submitted...oh well! Second edition!

How many interviews did you carry out for this book alone. As this book is fairly extensive at over 620 pages.

I did carry around 155 interviews, used around 125, because it could really go off the rails!

Did you interview bands or artists that you were heroes of yours and even bands you never even heard of.

Well, I can't say that those bands were heroes of mine, since I'm into punk, hardcore and garage. I had though many records by those bands beforehand. What was really intriguing though was the whole DIY attitude of punk that those bands had-it was my driving force. And I managed to discover great bands like Spectral Incursion, Childhood's End, Halloween, Tantrum, Street Child and the funnier is that those bands had also connections with the hardcore punk scene!

What was your favourite band that you featured within this book

Ah man, this is way too tough! Except for the aforementioned bands, I would add Ruffians, Decoy Paris, Leather Nunn, Villain. All great stuff, with great lyrics too, not the dumb macho lyrics of the (then) mainstream metal that dominated the charts.

You have a good perspective of how things were different and difficult for upcoming bands back in the 1980's without the global industry of social media that can help or make a bands career before it's even started. Do you see any similarities between today's Heavy Metal Scene compared to being a band in the 1980's.

There's no similarities whatsoever. Even if today the terms of recording and releasing your music are easier and more DIY than ever, you can see that there are very few bands that could write actual songs. Nowadays, you hear a new metal band having a crystal clear production, where everything sounds perfect, minus the actual songs themselves! And I don't mean to sound as a boomer, but truth is that rock n' roll (overall), has reached its limits-how long can you rehash the original sounds of 1960's to 00's, and sound original? I mean, the last sub-genre/movement that offered a piece of originality was the late 90's/early 00's neo-crust, with bands like Tragedy and From Ashes Rise. Don't get me wrong, there are still good bands out there, but there is also an unbelievable amount of bands that are not crap, but are forgettable.

Yannis Skarpelos contributed with you to write this book. How did Yannis get involved and what does he bring to Heroes Of The Metal Underground.

Ah! Yannis is the real metalhead of the book! He loves all things metal, and he did carry out many reviews. He was also the driving force when I was too tired.

Photo by Nikoletta Pakalidou

You've written two other books Crossover The Edge and We Can Be The New Wind which both focus upon the 1980's Punk/Rock/Metal scenes. What fascinates you greatly about the 1980's Music scene and would you consider writing other decades of music such as the 90's.

Well, my next book is gonna be on 1990's music, but I won't reveal its theme yet! I was born in the early 1980's, and as long as I can remember myself, I love 1980's music. I was lucky enough to be into a full musical family, with an older sister and brother, and I can still remember myself being a pain towards them, asking them to play again King Kurt, A Flock of Seagulls, The Stranglers, The Clash, Stray Cats records. They use to leave me watch musical videos all day long in my summer vacation, and of course, checking out their LP's. They were musicians too, was inevitable.

What is your favourite genre of music overall and is there a genre of heavy music that you can't really stand listening to.

My favorite genre is US hardcore punk, both pre-1984 and post-1984. My favorite bands are Wipers, D.R.I., Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags, Replacements, Jerry's Kids, Adrenalin O.D., Soul Asylum, Husker Du, Toxic many actually. My favorite metal bands on the other hand, are the ones that either are political (Sacred Reich, Nuclear Assault) or have this ultra-tiny sound, with personal or serious lyrics (Blitzkrieg, Praying Mantis, Liege Lord, Vicious Rumors, Mystic Force, Angelwitch), bands that have something to say.

Ha hah! This reply will freak you out, there are so many! I can't stand death, black metal and metalcore. The cookie monster vocals are a huge turn-off, plus black metal bands are dodgy as F, and there's so much little time to figure out "who's Nazi and who's not", so I prefer to stay away. I also can't stand stoner and sludge, boring stuff. And obviously, generic classic metal bands.

Where people can buy Heroes Of The Metal Underground. (I've already pre-ordered my copy and a review will be happening within the next month or so).

Directly from Feral House Publications and Amazon

Here you are:

I see you're an avid vinyl collector. How long have you been collecting vinyl and what are your most prized records in your collection.

Ha! I didn't expect that question, and have to say that I love it!

Well, I collect records for the last 30 years (I'm 43, since 13 years old), and my most prized records are:

1) The Misfits - Beware 12'' OG
2) The Worst- The Worst 7'' OG
3) Nabat- Scenderemo Nelle Strade 7'' OG
4) Wipers - Better Off Dead 7'' OG
5) Warzone - Don't Forget The Struggle Don't Forget The Streets OG

Do you have any words of wisdom for budding writers trying to write a book such as yours. What traps should they avoid and how to get over that dreaded writers block.

Stay focused. Keep it up, every day, no matter what. Don't lose touch because if you do, it would be a 100 times harder to come back. Read, note down every idea you have, and every finding, anytime. When you feel that you are stuck, go outside for a walk, do some workout. And don't start doing it in the first place, if you are not interested in the theme you have chosen 100%!

Thanks for your time Alexandros. I wish you every success with your new book. Cheers.

Thank you so much Steve-it was a fantastic interview. Cheers mate!

Words by Steve Howe and Alexandros Anesiadis

Thanks to Dan at Discipline PR for arranging this interview and thanks to Alexandros for doing this interview and for his brilliantly honest replies.

You can buy Heroes Of The Metal Underground from Feral House Publications and Amazon

SISTERS - Leecheater (Album Review)

Release Date: August 25th 2023. Record Label: Spartan Records. Formats: DD/Vinyl

Leecheater: Tracklisting

1.Born Again 02:39

2.Dead to the World 03:28

3.Black Stars 01:42

4.Through the Cracks 04:28

5.The Wick Effect 05:28

6.Windows 07:23

7.Feet on the Ground 05:15

8.Leecheater 08:44


Jason Blackmore (guitar, bass, vox)

Mario Quintero (drums, guitar, vox)


Leecheater is the debut album from Noise Rock/Grunge/Post-Punk/Post-Rock/Stoner Rock outfit SISTERS. A band that features Jason Blackmore (Molly McGuire) and Mario Quintero (Spotlights) and it’s an absolute delight with SISTERS fusing so many different styles of music into a distorted and heavenly sound which should appeal to fans of bands such as QOTSA, HUM, Failure, Torche and the own members respective bands. 

There is a subtle “DARK POP” energy within the album which shines through on the excellent opening track Born Again with its highly energetic style of Atmospheric Rock which has a subtle Stadium Rock quality to it. The mood does become more DISTORTED and DRONE based which shows that SISTERS aren’t afraid to get down and dirty when the sludgy grooves finally appear.

Second song Dead To The World opens with a breakneck classic sounding QOTSA groove with that AMPLIFIER DISTORTED swagger allowing SISTERS to keep moving forward with their highly original hybrid sound. The vocals have a real Alternative Rock quality and feeling to them with the lyrics having a STONER edge to them. The droned out guitars are just the icing on the cake for me when the sounds become more glitch based with a thrilling Post-Punk sound leading the way. 

Third song Black Stars is a blistering Noise Rock/Punk Rock number with Psychedelic guitars and slightly aggressive vocals that feels like the best track that QOTSA has never written whilst still being a truly breathtaking and highly original composition in its own right. The song feels twice as long despite the song clocking under one minute and forty seconds.

Fourth song Through The Cracks is a track that could have easily come from Spotlights and Molly McGuire themselves. With a gloomy Noise Rock creative core, SISTERS bring a slight Industrial feel to the album. The vocals are easily the best part of the track as they showcase a more daring presence to SISTERS though the melodic sounds aren’t too far behind. SISTERS employ that grungy Alt Rock attitude that allows the band to become more Psychedelic with heavy Post-Rock flourishes.

The second half of the album sees SISTERS continue with their Atmospheric blend of different musical styles but with perhaps a Progressive Rock and Experimental style on this part of the album. This is perhaps where SISTERS offer the most interesting styles of music with thick Noise Rock/Sludgy guitars and outstanding drumming being heard on tracks such as: The Wick Effect, Windows and the brilliantly cinematic final title track of Leecheater.

Leecheater is a gloriously hip and richly satisfying album to listen to. Backed up by first rate production values, the album is wholly original with SISTERS creating an album that defies the rules of the multiple genres they play on this album. The album is at it’s best when SISTERS play  that intense style of Atmospheric Rock where the grooves change creative directions and when the distorted elements appear then Leecheater becomes one of the best debut albums you’ll hear this year.

Words by Steve Howe

Leecheater is available to buy on DD/Vinyl now via Spartan Records.


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Thursday 24 August 2023

Psychedelic Doom Act Weird Tales Unleash New Single - "Krokodil Blues" From Upcoming New Album "Second Coming, Second Crucifixion"

The final single is about drugs, and specifically - opiates. As Lemmy once said: "Heroin must be wonderful, cause lots of my friends died for it". Can you imagine having your arm and leg rotting and falling off, and the only thing you can think of is another dose of the poison that's responsible for it? 

Listen to Lemmy kids - don't touch that shit! Do speed instead!


We are the ones who use
Dazed and confused
Purgatory of living fast
All the things you know are already past
And it's hard to explain
And you have to obey
When the drug talks to you
It leaves no choice I’m warning you


Flesh rotten down to the bone
Cut it off or you’ll be gone
Vein is running away
Another shot - another day
And it's hard to explain
And you have to obey
When the drug talks to you
It leaves no choice I’m warning you


Lyrics by Dima
Mixed by Smoku
Produced by WEIRD TALES
Mastered by Nebula Studio

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