Monday, 4 July 2022

Telekinetic Yeti - Primordial (Album Review)

Release Date: July 8th 2022. Record Label: TeePee Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Primordial - Tracklisting


2.Ancient Nug

3.Ghost Train 

4.Stoned Ape Theory 

5.Light In a Dying World 


7.Toke Wizard 

8.Rogue Planet 

9.Tides of Change 

10.Invention of Fire 

11.Cult of Yeti


Alex Baumann- Guitars, Vocals

Rockwel Heim - Drums


Doom/Stoner Metallers Telekinetic Yeti return after a five year absence with Primordial. There’s been a change of personnel in the ranks with former member Anthony Dreyer leaving in 2019 and who then formed Twin Wizard. I mention Twin Wizard as there’s a couple of songs that appear both on Primordial and Twin Wizard’s debut album. As Alex and Anthony were busy making the new album before they split-up. However, both bands are doing their own thing with these tracks (Ghost Train and Toke Wizard), though I prefer the versions that appear on Primordial.

Telekinetic Yeti are more outlandish and more progressive sounding compared to their acclaimed debut release Abominable. The album is pure WEEDIAN magic through and through with the band playing a lush melody of Psychedelic Doom/Stoner Metal grooves with a warm FUZZY attitude within the first excellent opening songs of Primordial, Ancient Nug and Ghost Train. The songwriting has improved big time since their last album with the band feeling more comfortable with their WEEDIAN surroundings. The music is perhaps slightly more distorted and FUZZIER than before especially on Ancient Nug and Ghost Train.

The album is brilliantly energetic and fast-paced with Telekinetic Yeti playing a modern sounding Psych Rock/Metal backdrop that allows the band to play SABBATH and SLEEP  levels of AMPLIFIER DISTORTION.

There are certain parts of the album where there is a bleak DOOM style atmosphere that blends seamlessly into the Stoner based background that Telekinetic Yeti bring a fresh Progressive perspective into the mix. Songs such as Stoned Ape Theory, Light In A Dying World, Toke Wizard and Cult Of Yeti are prime examples of why I admire this band in the first place. Heavy distorted sounds that have a Cosmic vibe to them. 

The instrumental work is near flawless with Alex and Rockwel making a formidable duo that allows Telekinetic Yeti to have a much bigger sound outside the two-man setup currently within their ranks. 

Primordial is one of the most exciting and action packed releases I’ve heard this year. Helped along by fabulous production values that allows Telekinetic Yeti to release another incredible album for the Stoner Metal Underground Scene to get their teeth stuck into.

If you’re a fan of Black Sabbath, SLEEP and Mastodon then Telekinetic Yeti have the potential to be your favourite new band. 

Words by Steve Howe

Primordial is available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via TeePee Records from July 8th 2022.


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Saturday, 2 July 2022

Lord Elephant - Cosmic Awakening (Album Review)

Release Date: July 08th 2022. Record Label: Heavy Psych Sounds. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Cosmic Awakening - Tracklisting

Cosmic Awakening Pt 1 - Forsaken Slumber

Cosmic Awakening Pt 2 - First Radiation

Hunters Of The Moon

Desert Collision


Covered In Earth's Blood

Stellar Cloud



Leandro Gaccione - Guitar

Edoardo De Nardi - Bass

Tommaso Urzino - Drums


Cosmic Awakening is the debut album from Psych/Doom/Stoner based Instrumentalists Lord Elephant and is a Spaced Out Adventure that focuses more on Extended Jams to get their Psychedelic message across the Stoner Rock underground. Taking an Earthless style narrative with a heavy sideline in the gloomier style of Psych Doom/Stoner Metal that will appeal to fans of Belzebong in places.

The album opens with the excellent two-part songs of Cosmic Awakening Pt 1 - Forsaken Slumber and Cosmic Awakening Pt 2 - First Radiation. With heavy instrumental psych jams that bring a certain Blues Rock vibe flavour before Lord Elephant start playing "AMPLIFIER" fast paced riff worship whilst a cool "LOW & SLOW" attitude appears before that. The songs are constantly changing Psychedelic Stoner Rock moods and allows the band to impress with their direct style of Instrumental Rock/Metal.

Perhaps playing with more "Aggressive Energy" on the later stages of both tracks, this is a good indication on where the album ends up becoming on the other songs of the album. However, this highly talented "Power Trio '' sure knows how to play sublime extended riffs that last an age. Quite progressive in places and even seeing the band merge the different sounds of Classic era Instrumental Stoner Rock with the modern day Psych Doom Metal grooves that allows the music become ever so heavier.

Third song Hunters Of The Moon is my favourite track on the album with Lord Elephant bringing a "Drone" quality to the album whilst still having a SOLID sounding Blues Rock flow switching between Doom Metal and  almost Ambient Stoner Rock. The Psychedelic Swirls can be "Jazzy" in places with the band keeping the music warm and engaging from start to finish. The song is fast paced with Lord Elephant playing through many different movements of the Doom/Stoner Rock underground with a few surprises along the way. The instrumental work is sublime yet again from Lord Elephant and creating highly original groove of their own making.

Other standout songs include: Desert Collision, Raktabija, Stellar Cloud and Secreternal. 

As Lord Elephant goes even wilder and crazier with their musical themes and ideas that sees the band become more gloomier on the later parts of the album. However, the music still retains that fantastic "WEEDIAN" energy with Lord Elephant impressing with their lush sounding melodies and superbly played music.

Perhaps multiple listens are required to get the full understanding of the album. As it's quite complex and multi-layered with the different styles of music they employ for their creative vision.  Backed by wonderful production values that isn't that surprising since this is a Heavy Psych Sounds release. 

Lord Elephant have released an outstanding debut release that will see the band make a name for themselves within the Doom/Stoner Metal underground.

Awesome stuff...

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Claire at Purple Sage PR for the promo and all of the details.

Cosmic Awakening will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Heavy Psych Sounds from July 08th 2022.


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Patriarchs In Black - Reach For The Scars (Album Review)

Release Date: July 1st 2022. Record Label: MDD Records. Format: CD/DD

Reach For The Scars - Tracklisting

1.I'm The Dog 03:15

2.Sing For The Devil? 02:33

3.The Submission Bell 04:39

4.Built of Misery 03:20

5.This Damn War 03:13

6.Mourning This Life 03:38

7.Hate Your Life 02:39

8.Demon of Regret 04:17

9.Kashmir 08:51


Johnny Kelly

Dan Lorenzo


Patriarchs In Black is a Doom/Stoner Metal group featuring the talents of Johnny Kelly (Type O Negative/Danzig) and Dan Lorenzo (HADES/Cassius King/Vessel Of Light) and these guys freely admit this album is inspired by the legendary Black Sabbath but still giving themselves enough creative room to play their own heavy Doomed Out Stoner based grooves.

The album does have a classic Heavy Metal feel which you can hear on the stunning opening song I’m The Dog. Frantic and heavy loud sounds from the good old days of 70's and 80's Heavy Metal with a twinge of Doom based Stoner Metal. The vocals and lyrics are rooted 80's Classic Hard Rock but never feels like a throwback style song or album. With wicked production values, there is a seedy rebelliousness to this song which does hark back to the days of Black Sabbath.

Second song Sing To The Devil is a Bluesy Heavy Metal number with Patriarchs In Black playing a more Southern Rock/Boogie Rock inspired number. Add a gloomy rock and roll sound to this song and the band’s cool sounding vocals have a fresh perspective in places. The instrumental work isn’t as strong as the opening song but Patriarchs Black make that up with Streetwise and Punk based attitude on the song.

Third song The Submission Bell is where the band go full on DOOM METAL with a creepy Occult feel with a sinister Stoner Metal edge. The guys start playing some mighty fine guitar solos and riffs on this song. The vocals are straight from the good old days of 70's Doom Metal and the grooves have a SAINT VITUS feel and quality to them. The song is a winning mixture of Blues Rock and Classic Hard Rock for certain stages of the song but it’s mainly a top-notch gloomy based Doom/Stoner Metal offering to the GODS OF HEAVY METAL.

Patriarchs In Black have ten of their friends sang or played bass on this release including Karl Agell (COC Blind/Lie Heavy), Dewey Bragg (Kill Devil Hill) and Jimmy Gnecco (Ours) which gives this album perhaps a “schizophrenic” feel with the vocals. However, this works as the songs have a distinctive feel and sound to each other. 

For an album that’s described as heavily inspired by Black Sabbath, it’s good to see Patriarchs In Black bringing other genres and influences into the mix especially on songs such as Built Of Misery, This Damn War, Mourning This Life and Demon Of Regret.

The band end the album with Led Zepp classic and it doesn’t stray too far from the original. This is simply a good old fashioned cover that the band plays to the best of their abilities. The vocals are sublime and end this album on a glorious high.

The production values are superb for the most part. There’s a few rough moments along the way but allows Patriarchs In Black to have a more PUNK based sound that gives their overall sound a more threatening presence. 

Reach For The Scars is a first rate album that will appeal to many factions of the Underground Scene. So if you dig Classic Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Doom Metal and Stoner Metal then Patriarchs In Black have all those areas covered and then some….

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to MDD Records for the promo.

Reach For The Scars is available to buy now on CD/DD via MDD Records.



Friday, 1 July 2022

Watchman - The End Of All Flesh (Album Review)

Release Date: June 11th 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Format: DD/Vinyl

The End Of All Flesh - Tracklisting

1.Pour Out The Vials 05:56

2.Fire and Brimstone 04:24

3.Death is Coming 05:37

4.Divided Kingdom 04:52

5.Righteous Indignation 05:07

6.The Smoke 05:39

7.The End of All Flesh 05:10


Roy Waterford - Everything


Cosmic Doomed Out Stoner Metal One Man Band Watchman is back for another round of dystopian set grooves that takes what came before it to gloomier pastures. Watchman’s 2021 debut release Doom Of Babylon showed a love and appreciation for bands such as YOB, Sleep and Black Sabbath. This time round Watchman brings a more distorted and sludgier sound that has an Electric Wizard groove within it's DNA.

Opening song Pour Out The Vials is a dark style of Cosmic Doom/Stoner Metal where the AMPLIFIER sound has been UPPED TO ELEVEN compared to Roy’s acclaimed debut album under the Watchman banner. Heavy distorted DIRTY FUZZY SOUNDS gives way to Psychedelic Levels of Seedy Noise based Doom/Drone Metal with a twisted atmosphere running amok. The song still remains wholly original and you can only drift into the Pitch-Black Desert Rock vibe towards the later stages of the song. Gloom And Doom fully takes over when the sludgy guitars appear at the end of the song.

Second song Fire And Brimstone carries on the gloomy psychedelic sounds with that seedy distorted atmosphere taking its time to fully form into heavier outbursts of aggression. The heavy down-tuned and DIY based guitars have a “Post-Whatever” modern style that echoes sounds from both the Doom Metal and Stoner Metal underground. The vocals have their own distinctive vibe and Roy has a twisted storyteller persona on this song and perhaps the whole album.

Watchman carry on their bleak vision on the next couple songs such as: Death Is Coming and Divided Kingdom. Perhaps the more experimental parts of the album with Watchman experimenting with distorted sounds and ambient textures seeing the guitars playing extended jams. This part of the album does have a bleak AMERICANA vibe dictating most of the action. 

The final three songs of the album carry on the far-out bleak mysticism of the earlier stages of the record with Righteous Indignation and The End Of All Flesh being the standout tracks of the album. The songs do have wonderfully modern distorted gloomy appeal especially when Watchman mixes both the standard guitar vibes and longer extended sludgy jams.

The End Of All Flesh is another wicked slice of Doom based entertainment from Watchman. Expect The Unexpected with Watchman as they delve even further into their WEEDIAN psyche with a bleak cosmic flavour that’s simply irresistible.


Words by Steve Howe


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Thursday, 30 June 2022

Exclusive Album Premiere Of MEXICOMA New Album KALPA From Majestic Mountain Records

Mexicoma's first release since 2014, the desert toned, riff based, Heavy stoner rockers from Umea and their return brings the searing power of new singer Aron Anderson. 

The vocals might have changed, but the riffs and songwriting are as stellar as you're used to. 

This is a righteously stomping, high energy, three guitar, burly shred-fest with more riffs than you can shake a clenched fist at.

You can hear the album fully below with this cool album premiere 

‘Kalpa’ comes in a killer turquoise with black splatter variant.

Limited to 300 copies worldwide.
-180-gram heavyweight vinyl
-Single sleeve with 3mm spine
-Black poly-lined inner sleeve
-Protective plastic sleeve
-33 rpm heaviness


Side A:

Heavy Hand
Zombie Barricade
Dead City Lights
Through the Halls of Sleep

Side B

Earth Mother
99 Eyes
Follow the Crow

Mexicoma is:

Aron Andersson : Vocals
Olle Sjölund : Guitar
Peter Norstedt : Guitar
Nicklas Viberg : Guitar
Beppe Starbrink : Bass
Oskar Melander : Drums + Backing Vocals

All songs by Mexicoma
Recorded and mixed by Stefan Johansson
Mastered by Esben Willems at Studio Berserk
Artwork by Marc UA (@marc.u.a)

Get your wax here:

For our CD fans, digipak is available over on the band’s Bandcamp page:

Thanks to Vesper at Majestic Mountain Records for all of the details L. 

Wednesday, 29 June 2022

Exclusive Premiere Of VEILCASTE / TUSK Split Album. Released via Wise Blood Records.

Wise Blood Records are releasing the outstanding heavy as hell split release from Doom/Post-Metallers TUSK and Doom/Sludge Metallers VEILCASTE.

Both bands offer two original tracks of their own with a cover of classic tracks from Cannibal Corpse and The Misfits. bands. TUSK cover Cannibal Corpse classic Festering In The Crypt and VEILCASTE cover The Misfits classic Return Of The Fly.

Jesse Curtis (vocalist/guitarist of Tusk) says this about the split release:

“It had been awhile since we had released any music, so when the opportunity came up to release a couple of tracks with our friends in Veilcaste the decision was a no-brainer! They told us they were doing a cover and wanted us to do one as well. After a long deliberation we decided on one of our favorite Cannibal Corpse songs, and took advantage of being friends with one of the best death metal vocalists in Brandon Howe (Mother of Graves) to lay down a guest spot on our half of the split.”

Jon Rau of Veilcaste says this about the split release:

“We are so excited to release this split with our friends in Tusk. It’s a fun way to release some new songs and give everyone a taste of our new full length coming out this fall. We chose to cover “Return of the Fly” by Misfits, because it’s one of the few Misfits songs that hasn’t been covered to death, it’s a little more obscure, and we felt we could really make it our own.”

Both bands offer DOOM based levels of PURE Heaviness and you can hear the full release with this premiere courtesy of Wise Blood Records.


1.VEILCASTE - Dust & Bone
2.VEILCASTE - Mirrors
3.VEILCASTE - Return Of The Fly
4.TUSK - Disquiet
5.TUSK - Entering The Flesh Again
6.TUSK - Festering In The Crypt

TUSK Links

Veilcaste Links

Veilcaste | Tusk split release will be released on CD/DD/Cassette via Wise Blood Records on July 1st 2022.

Thanks to Sean at Wise Blood Records for all of the info.

Doom Rockers MaMa Doom Premiere New Video INDIGO From Their Last Album Ash Bone Skin N Stone

Occult/Horror/Doomed Out Rockers MaMa Doom released their wonderfully entertaining current album Ash Bone Skin N Bone back in July 2021.

The band have just released a new video for one of the standout songs from the album Indigo which you can watch below.

The album is available to buy on CD/DD through BandCamp now. The Vinyl is long sold out which was released by ace record label Majestic Mountain Records.

Thanks to Vesper at Majestic Mountain Records for all of the info.