Friday 17 May 2024

French Post-Metal quartet HOMECOMING on tour now! New album 'Those We Knew' available on Copper Feast Records.

Photo credit Fab William Alexander.

Progressive metal/post-metal foursome HOMECOMING's tour across France, the UK and Belgium kicks off today in Lille. They will defend their recently released album 'Those We Knew' - out on British imprint Copper Feast Records.

HOMECOMING's well-honed personality brilliantly fuses grunge, 90s rock and progressive metal. New album Those We Knew highlights remarkable vocal work that guides the listener through various musical tableaux. The vocals adapt to the moods and unite the tracks, tying together the influences. Discovering ‘Those We Knew’, we can easily imagine Alice In Chains featuring Tool or Cult Of Luna. The gloomy, heavy, sometimes hushed 90s tones collide with endless imagination, peppered by ethereal atmospheres, enticing introspection.

TOUR DATES - info & tickets

17.05 FR LILLE, La Bulle Café
18.05 FR PARIS, Le Klub
30.05 UK BOURNEMOUTH, Bears Cave
31.05 UK BRISTOL, The Gryphon
01.06 UK ROTHERHAM,The Hive
02.06 UK LONDON, Signature Brew
01.07 FR PARIS, Supersonic
12.07 BE BRUXELLES, Café Central
13.07 BE HASSELT, Cafe Nocturna

“Elements recognizable from the likes of Mastodon, Neurosis...” - The Obelisk

“Mind-Blowing. The skill of the musicians, the gift of the singer, the sound dynamics are of a high level” - Doom Charts

“A brilliant and technically minded band” - Outlaws Of The Sun

“It is an absolute stunner of an album,
each of the six songs tells a different story” - Metal Epidemic

“Aesthetic and enjoyable” - Ever Metal

“A stunning blend of so many different sounds that it’s amazing they can put it
all together in such a comprehensive manner” - Heavy Music HQ

"The guitars pour out devastating riffs when it's not a more progressive work" - Music In Belgium

Since 2017, Parisian post-metal quartet HOMECOMING experiment as much as they navigate between different styles, drawing inspiration from sludge, grunge, 90s alt-rock and progressive metal. The key to the success of this unlikely fusion? Unfailing coherence, underpinned by a miracle recipe: blistering riffs, melodious or ultra-violent vocals, out-of-control drums, and a whole arsenal of better-than-average ideas that help to create an outstanding soundscape.

HOMECOMING's ambitious debut album, aptly titled "LP01", was released in December 2019 on a self-production basis. Spotted by tour promoter Hello Euphoria, the quartet crossed the French borders, hitting the roads of Europe until arriving on the stages of leading heavy music festival Desertfest London (in May 2023). Shortly after, they sign to UK label Copper Feast Records for the release of their second studio effort, 'Those We Knew' on April 19th 2024. The whole thing is off to a flying start.


Théo Alves Guiter: vocals, guitar
Renaud Fumey-Seguy: guitar,  backing vocals
Basile Chevalier: bass
Theo Giotti "Atc De Giotto": drums


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MOULD - Pull & Repulsion (Album Review)

Release Date: May 17th 2024. Record Label: PolderRecords. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

Pull & Repulsion: Tracklisting

1.Dust and Venom 06:48

2.Face the North 07:06

3.Age of Obsidian 06:47

4.To Control the Sky 07:36

5.Verticality 08:11

6.Abort 04:44

Band Members

Jeska Buhmann – Vocals & Guitar

Mark de Smit – Guitar

Juriën Quaars – Guitar

Koen van Soelen – Bass & Vocals

Rob Dekker – Drums


MOULD is a Sludge/Doom Metal band from The Netherlands who play a delightfully hip, down-tuned and droned out style of Sludge with gloomy atmospherics that can be quite Grunge obsessed in places. The band are influenced by the likes of YOB, Pallbearer, Neurosis and Windhand with the lyrics having quite an emotional depth to them. MOULD adds levels of Psychedelic and Sonic based melodies within the heavier Sludgy grooves. 

The vocals are expertly handled by Jeska and Koen who also play Guitar and Bass respectively. They’re clean based and work superbly well together bringing a first rate LIGHT vs DARK aspect to the whole creative narrative of the album. The majority of the tracks run between seven to eight minutes in length with MOULD showing a charismatic style of Prog Metal and Post-Rock interludes which the band put to great use on the superb opening tracks: Dust And Venom and Face The North.

There’s an ice-cold nature to the early parts of the album but MOULD soon employ a more robust and uplifting style of SONIC based Doom Metal within the closing stages of Dust And Venom. Second track Face The North has that classic Post-Metal sound that Neurosis perfected anf opened the floodgates for countless other bands to become aligned with. MOULD delve into that area of music with the majority of the album as the pummelling rhythm section and heavy guitars conspire to build an avalanche of subtle Post-Metal textures and Psychedelic Sludge movements with Jeska’s vocals being quite dominant and commanding at the same time. 

The first two opening tracks allow MOULD to lay down the foundations and rules for the record to move into heavier Psychedelic waters with the LOUDEST and AGGRESSIVE moments yet to come especially on the outstanding tracks of Age Of Obsidian, To Control The Sky and Vertically. Koen’s vocals sets off the album into a more despairing DOOMED and DISTORTED direction with the music taking a similar lead. However, MOULD always find a way to bring an upbeat energy to their music even if it acts as the perfect soundtrack to the end of the world.

My favourite part of the album is where MOULD strip back the heavy sound and replace it with a more cool sounding Ambient Post-Rock or Post-Doom element which gives the record a certain reflective mood. The instrumental melodies allows Jeska’s vocals to become more warm natured but the heavy Sludge Metal aesthetic isn’t too far behind with MOULD devouring everything in their sight.

Pull & Repulsion is a stunning album that allows MOULD to surprise you with the different directions the album ultimately takes you upon and leaves you wanting to hear more from this sublime band. This is an emotionally charged album built upon wonderful ideas and intense grooves that allow this record to become an unmissable experience.

Words by Steve Howe

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Pull & Repulsion is available to buy now on CD/DD/Vinyl via PolderRecords.


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Prog Stoner Rockers Vitskär Süden Premiere New Video For R’lyeh From New Album VESSEL

Progressive Stoner Rockers Vitskär Süden have just released their excellent new album Vessel today on esteemed Hard Rock Label RIPPLE MUSIC and we're excited to premiere the new video for one of the standout tracks "R’lyeh" which you can watch below:

The works of H.P. Lovecraft have always bubbled beneath the surface of Vitskär Süden’s music, the band considering themselves to be purveyors of weird fiction and cosmic horror in musical form. Storytelling has been present on all three V.S. albums, whether in a literal or figurative sense, so it seemed only natural to nod to the sunken city where great Cthulhu dwells in one of the band’s tracks.

“I believe I began singing the city’s name, R’lyeh, as temp vocals when we were working this song out and it just seemed to stick,” says vocalist/bassist Martin Garner. “We’d been building around the track’s main guitar riff for a few years and always been planning to do something with it – we Easter-egged it on our previous record The Faceless King within the spacey section of the song “The Way – Part 1” – and I suppose Lovecraft just chose this moment to make his appearance.”

In that spirit, the music video for “R’lyeh” features footage from a 2005 silent film version of The Call of Cthluhu directed by Andrew Leman, who co-runs the HP Lovecraft Historical Society based out of Los Angeles. Garner had contacted Leman early in the writing process to ask about the correct pronunciation of the fabled mythical city, but Leman assured him that the city’s name was in the alien tongue of the Great Old Ones and impossible to pronounce via the human vocal apparatus. So there was really no wrong way to pronounce it. That being the case, Garner pronounced it the way it sang best.

As for the music itself – three members of the band found themselves stranded from longtime drummer Christopher Martin for part of the recording process, and guitarist Julian Goldberger crafted an ARP and drum sequencer part so the rest of the band could begin tracking the elements of “R’lyeh”. The band fell in love with it and it became the heartbeat and foundation of the track.

“I’d been listening to a ton of Depeche Mode at the time and those sounds were creeping into my periphery,” says Garner. “I’m also a huge fan of John Carpenter’s film music, so I was fully ready to hear what the ARP might sound like turned loose in the dark soundscape of our Vitskär Süden world. Having the ARP in play also allowed me to get up into the midrange with the bassline a bit, since it was holding down the low end. So it really influenced and redefined what was happening sonically in the track.”

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Vessel is available to buy now on CD/DD/Vinyl via Ripple Music

Urzah - The Scorching Gaze (Album Review)

Release Date: May 03rd 2024. Record Label: APF Records. Formats: CD/DD/Cassette

The Scorching Gaze: Tracklisting

1.I, Empyrean 04:21

2.Lacrimare (Misery's Shadow) 05:08

3.Immateria Noir 07:05

4.(Interlude) 00:51

5.A Storm Is Ever Approaching 03:40

6.The Aesthetic 01:45

7.Of Decay 03:52

8.Thera I: Sea Of Flames 09:08

9.Thera II: Embers Of Descent 05:58

Band Members

James Brown - Drums

Ed Fairman - Vocals and guitar

Les Grodek - Bass

Tom McElveen - Guitar


Sludge/Stoner Metallers Urzah bring a Progressive Metal energy to their blistering debut album The Scorching Gaze which sees the band tread the path dominated by the likes of Mastodon, Baroness and High On Fire. However, Urzah proves they can hold their own with their wicked style of music that combines Groove, Thrash, Psych and Post-Metal soundscapes. The record has some sublime thrash beats and breakdowns that are heard very early on within the album on the excellent opening tracks of Empyrean and Lacrimare (Misery's Shadow).

There’s a slight Hardcore sound that almost verges into metalcore territory which perhaps comes mostly through Ed’s aggressive vocals which he performs like a seasoned veteran throughout the album. You can hear echoes of bands such as Cave In, Old Man Gloom and even Elder when the band ventures into Psychedelic waters. The soundscapes are vast and quite distant when they appear but they also give The Scorching Gaze a more cinematic sound.

Urzah have a great way of combining the harsher and violent instrumental sounds with the more charismatic Psychedelic Stoner Metal grooves which meet on the battlefield of intense Groove Metal/Post-Metal dynamics on the sublime tracks of Immateria Noir, A Storm Is Approaching and the brilliantly monolithic two part tracks of Thera I: Sea Of Flames and Thera II: Embers Of Descent.

You can see why the band has supported and played with the likes of BONGZILLA, OHHMS, Dopelord, Tuskar and Grave Lines. The record oozes class from every level with Urzah proving to be quite a true force of nature with the creative ideas and sounds contained on this album. The Scorching Gaze is one wild and unpredictable ride which will impress you with the multiple different styles of Sludge/Stoner Metal that Urzah have at their disposal.

This is an album you simply cannot ignore and with the record having superb production values throughout, Urzah have delivered the goods with this release. 

Outstanding. End Of.

Words by Steve Howe

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Hidden will be available to buy now on CD/DD/Cassette via APF Records.


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Thursday 16 May 2024

Yellowknife's GNARWHAL Get Ready For A Stoner Sludge "War / Nothing More" With Latest Single Off Upcoming EP “Altered States” Out May 2024

From the far reaches of the Canadian North in the Northwest Territories, Yellowknife's award-winning (Best New Single at the 2022 Music NWT Awards) Gnarwhal are bringing forth their doomy stoner sludge rock sound to the masses with their forthcoming EP "Altered States" due out on May 24th, 2024.

Unveiling singles "Tides" and the EP's title tracks over the last few weeks, the quartet is getting ready with their latest peek at the release with "The War/Nothing More", which is actually two songs that the band wrote at completely different times and thought they would work well stitched together.

Guitarist Benji Straker comments:

"I wrote The War shortly after we finished recording our first album. At that same time, I was writing music for my Hughes project EP so lyrically and thematically it fit right in line with that. Once I finished it, I actually released it as an acoustic solo version on the EP, Here I Am. The Nothing More demo was written shortly after and musically it was inspired by my classic post-hardcore/punk influences. I think Refused would be the main driver of the rhythm on this track."

Vocalist Mark Kilbride adds:

"In Nothing More, I am fond of the lyric: “Shed your skin to make it”. This part relates to putting in the work day in and day out, wanting something so bad you are willing to do anything just to grasp it. Pushing your own boundaries, knowing you put the time and effort into your vision. “Whole again you can’t fake it”: Being authentic. To be whole this character has to believe in this process and be present in his delivery of the songs."

Listen to "The War / Nothing More" at

The band's sophomore record, “Altered States” promises to deliver a diverse and introspective musical journey in which the band artfully navigates the realms of heavy alternative fuzz rock and progressive metal, creating a sound that is uniquely their own.

"We hope our progression as a band and as songwriters appeals to our fans and listeners. The Altered States EP is a bit darker and maybe heavier than our first one. Conceptually and thematically, the songs on the EP fit together better as a package and we hope this is conducive to a front-to-back experience for listeners." says Srtaker.

Recommended for fans of Kyuss, Mastodon, and Elder, “Altered States” is due out on May 24, 2024, and available for pre-order at

Previous singles

Lyric Video - “Altered States”

Lyric Video - “Tides”

Track Listing:
1. Tides (3:37)
2. The War / Nothing More (6:36)
3. From Her Hands (3:46)
4. Altered States (3:19)

More info: | |

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Swedish Sludge/Doom/Hardcore outfit Circle of Nerves' second single "Funeral Mind" out May 24

Forged in the cauldron of rage and hate, Circle of Nerves is a beast like no other. The new Swedish group draw from the trappings of sludge, doom, and hardcore, but strangle the sounds into something truly evil, and white-hot in its fury. Touches of industrial and death metal lurk in the jarring low end and throat-shredding vocals, and it all combines into a seething, lumbering mass of bad intentions. Only annihilation awaits.

Following their debut single and music video "Pain is my drug", mixed and mastered by Esben Willems, Circle of Nerves flip the groove switch with second single "Funeral Mind". Blast beats are traded for thick and murky low end nod, as the bass throbs through the band's descent into the doomier corners of sludge metal.

Still caustic and unrelenting in their extremity, the four-piece slow the pace and dig into righteous grooves on their second slab of sonic madness. Bringing to mind the likes of Buzzoven and Weedeater, Circle of Nerves prove on "Funeral Mind" that theirs is a deep arsenal of cruel and bloodied tools, wielded with murderous intent in their siege on the heavy underground.


Circle of Nerves is a metal band hailing from Stockholm and Gothenburg and has been active since 2023. Our music blends elements of doom, sludge, and hardcore, with lyrics delving into spirituality, death, and serial killers.

Our second single is titled 'Funeral Mind,' and is slated for release on May 24, 2024. We will continue to record new music and collaborate with Esben Willems again in August 2024.

When you hear our music for the first time, you'll understand that rage and hate is a dark art".

Single out May 24, 2024 (Digital) - Self-released - Stockholm, Sweden

Circle of Nerves is:

Gc - Vocals
Marko Broström - Guitar
Anton Melin - Drums
Erick Torres - Bass


Funeral Mind (5:27)

Mixed and Mastered by Esben Willems



Pre-save "Funeral Mind": Distrokid

Live: - Debut at Klubb Fredagsmangel

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UFOMAMMUT - Hidden (Album Review)

Release Date: May 17th 2024. Record Label: Neurot Recordings / Supernatural Cat Records. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

Hidden: Tracklisting







Band Members

Poia – Guitars

Urlo – Bass, Vocals, Fxs and Synths

Levre – Drums


Cosmic Doom Overlords UFOMAMMUT return with their tenth album Hidden which sees the band return to the heavier and harsher sounds heard from their 2010 classic album EVE. This album has a more sinister and psychedelic energy coming from the depths of the Psychedelic Stoner groove which is also quite melodic, downtuned and distorted at the same time.

Opening track Crookhead was first released last October within the EP of the same name. The track is still fresh and original since its initial release. The multi-layered and Progressive Doom sounds have moments of Drone, Post-Metal and Space Rock energy with Urlo’s dense vocals leading the creative charge. 

The album has more Sonic Experimentation with freaky noises and aggressive FX that allows UFOMAMMUT to become quite obsessive with their FUZZED UP atmospherics compared to their last few albums. Hidden has a world-building or perhaps WORLD DESTROYING aspect which brilliantly comes into focus on the tracks Kismet, and Spidher. UFOMAMMUT can be downright mean and nasty with some of their music and it’s perhaps the bleakest we’ve heard from the band over their legendary twenty five year career. 

There’s a lot of instrumental overlap with each member providing a backdrop of monolithic grooves with subtle flashes of Sludge/Stoner Metal imagery being quite trippy within the heaviest parts of the album. Amplifier Heaviness is one of the major tools that UFOMAMMUT have at their disposal to keep everything wholly original with a fresh perspective coming into play within the more subdued and quieter parts of the album.

The second half of the album sees UFOMAMMUT pull no punches with their aggressive synths and fuzzed up TEMPO of Progressive instrumental melodies. Urlo’s vocals become slightly crazed and shamanic in places but the overall journey is one of psychedelic destruction with the music becoming more SONIC induced that harks back to some of their earlier sounds whilst giving their music a modern makeover on tracks such as: Mausoleum, Leeched and Soulost.

Hidden is perhaps UFOMAMMUT’s best record since the departure of original drummer Vita and Levre puts in a commanding performance throughout. UFOMAMMUT have earned their reputation as one of the true greats and HEAVYWEIGHTS of the European Doom, Sludge and Stoner Metal scene. Hidden just solidifies that fact, and allows this to become one of the standout albums to own this year. 

Here’s to the next 25 years of this amazing band…

Words by Steve Howe

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LP and CD physical copies available for purchase here:

Limited edition vinyl available here:


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Tuesday 14 May 2024

US Doom Metallers THUNDER HORSE to release "Dead Alive in Texas" live album on Ripple Music this July 5th; watch new "Monolith" video now!

US Doom Metallers THUNDER HORSE to release "Dead Alive in Texas" live album on Ripple Music this July 5th; watch new "Monolith" video now!

Texas heavy and doom metal juggernauts THUNDER HORSE announce the release of the "Dead Alive in Texas" live album this July 5th, with preorders available now via Ripple Music. Stream the first track with the thunderous video for "Monolith"!

San Antonio, TX's Thunder Horse, the powerhouse rock band renowned for their electrifying performances, is set to reignite a cherished tradition with the release of their latest album, "Dead Alive in Texas". Evoking the spirit of rock's golden era, Thunder Horse channels the energy and raw power of live performances into a captivating 9-track record.

In homage to the revered practices of the 1970s, where legendary bands would unleash three studio albums before delivering a monumental live experience, Thunder Horse follows suit with "Dead Alive in Texas". Recorded live in Cibolo, TX, the album captures the essence of Thunder Horse's exhilarating live shows, bringing fans closer to the heart of the music than ever before.

Watch Thunder Horse's "Monolith" video at this location or below:

With tracks delivered in their purest form, "Dead Alive in Texas" offers a visceral, in-your-face experience that harkens back to the glory days of rock 'n' roll. "Thunder Horse is proud to keep the flame of live rock music burning bright," says lead guitarist Todd “The Bird” Connally. "With 'Dead Alive in Texas', we invite our listeners to join us on a journey back to the roots of rock, where every riff and every beat pulses with the raw energy of the stage."

Embrace tradition and turn up the volume on Thunder Horse's latest triumph "Dead Alive in Texas". Available July 5th on CD and digital through Ripple Music, this album is a testament to the enduring power of live music and the unyielding spirit of rock 'n' roll!

Upcoming shows:

June 20 - Maryland Doom Fest (USA) Frederick, MD
June 28 - Namass Pamouss (France) Manigod
July 27 - WSF 2024 Music Festival (USA) Kane, PA
Sept 21-24 - RippleFest Texas (USA) Austin, TX

THUNDER HORSE "Dead Alive in Texas" - Out July 5th on Ripple Music (CD/digital) - PRE-ORDER


1. Let Them Bleed
2. New Normal
3. Rememberance Demon
4. Demons Speak
5. Song For The Ferryman
6. Monolith
7. Liber Ad Christ Milites Temple
8. Chosen One
9. Ace Of Spades

In the blistering crucible of San Antonio, Texas, Thunder Horse was forged in 2018 by the founding duo, Stephen Bishop (vocals and rhythm guitar) and Todd "The Bird" Connally (lead guitar). The addition of Dave Crow's seismic bass lines and Johnny Lightning's thunderous drumming further solidified the foursome's sonic foundation, creating an unstoppable force within the genre. From their inception, the band aimed to channel the spirit of classic doom metal while injecting their sonic signatures into the genre.

Their self-titled debut album "Thunder Horse" served as an inaugural testament to the band's prowess. Ripple Music, recognizing the seismic potential within the quartet, welcomed them into their fold, amplifying their presence in the doom metal realm.

Building upon the success of their debut, Thunder Horse returned to the studio to craft their sophomore effort. In 2021, they unveiled "Chosen One," an album that showcased the band's evolution and cemented their standing as a force within the doom metal scene. With soulful vocals, crushing riffs, and haunting melodies, their sonic journey reached new heights, resonating with fans and critics alike.

As the band continued to traverse the realms of doom, 2023 marked a pinnacle moment in Thunder Horse's history. Their third album, "After The Fall," unleashed a torrent of doom-laden mastery, debuting at an emphatic #1 on the July 2023 Doom Charts. Not only this achievement affirmed their ascendancy in the genre while underscoring their commitment to crafting monumental, genre-defining music. The Orange Amplifiers endorsement added a layer of sonic weight to the band's arsenal, ensuring that their live performances were as electrifying as their recorded material.

With their roots deeply embedded in the Texan soil and their eyes fixed on the future, Thunder Horse beckons listeners to embark on a sonic pilgrimage through the vast landscapes of doom metal and beyond. From their self-titled inception to the prophetic "Chosen One" and the triumphant "After The Fall," Thunder Horse stands as a beacon, inviting all who dare to revel in the darkened beauty of their musical odyssey.


Stephen Bishop — guitar & vocals
T.C. Connally — lead guitar
Dave Crow — bass
Johnny Lightning — drums


Website ⎪ Facebook ⎪ Bandcamp ⎪ Instagram ⎪ Spotify


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Ape Vermin - Andormedas Colossus (Album Review)

Release Date: May 17th 2024. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Andromedas Colossus: Tracklisting

1. Obliteration Imminent - 5:12

2. Colony - 7:00

3. Solaruss - 5:30

4. Pulse Driver - 3:47

5. Mining The Colossus - 8:06

6. Signal Transmissions - 2:45

7. Motherlode - 8:32

8. Awakened - 3:17

9. Unearthing the Artifact - 7:43

10. Return to Andromeda - 7:57

Band Members

Guitarist/Vocalist - Brett Lee

Drummer - Seth Lynn

Bassist - Jared Edge


Adromodes Colossus sees Ape Vermin return in a big way from their acclaimed 2021 EP release Arctic Noise and six years since their debut album. This time round Ape Vermin aim solely for the Progressive Sludge Metal sound with major Cosmic Overflows with the band blending harsh vocals and fantastical storytelling which perhaps uses Mastodon and High On Fire are creative influences here and there. With an expanding backline of sublime drumming and ferocious drumming from Seth Lynn on Drums and Jared Edge on Bass.

The opening two tracks of Obliteration Imminent and Colony has that Mastodon (Crack The Skye) heaviness with the distorted and Doom heaviness of CONAN and BEASTWARS but still being purely original with Ape Vermin’s primal and psychedelic grooves having a more muscular tone. Both tracks show different sides to Ape Vermin with a mixture of harsh and clean vocals working in perfect unison with the sludgy instrumental parts that can be quite Progressive with a deft raw-sounding Stoner Metal sound that has echoes of CROWBAR running AMOK within the excellent second track Colony. 

Ape Vermin do employ a more thrash laden supply of never ending aggressive melodies and non-stop Psychedelic beats which does offer something different compared to their previous releases and allows the band to employ that classic style of Progressive Sludge Metal that seen most bands of their day align themselves to Relapse Records back in the day. 

I mean that as a huge compliment as Ape Vermin at least weave Psychedelic and Cosmic patterns into their music which can be a more hard-hitting style of Cosmic Doom that make the next three tracks of Solaruss, Pulse Drive and Mining Colossus being some of the most mind expanding, heaviest and catchiest parts of the album. There’s still a sense of bleak nihilism and darkness hidden within the bands lyrics and overall storytelling aspect of the album which becomes quite outlandish and Thrash Metal based on this part of the album.

Screeching guitars have a slow down and stripped back sound that reminds me of Motorhead but without the Speed Metal aspect but the whole tone is there. Ape Vermin decided to switch things around within the experimental sixth track Signal Transmissions which is a long drawn out Drone based Doom/Sludge Metal offering with a hellish and nightmarish induced sound that becomes more unsettling when the song reaches its natural conclusion.

The next part of the album sees Ape Vermin return to a world of Progressive Sludge, Thrash Metal, Groove Metal and Psychedelic Metal that all collide for a collection of tracks that move across the multiple areas of distorted gloomy pastures and melodic instrumental grooves. The vocals from Brett Lee are impressive throughout and he employs a variety of different styles that feels like Ape Vermin have multiple vocalists on the whole album.

Out of the final batch of tracks - Motherlode, Unearthing The Artifact and Returning To Andromeda is where Ape Vermin really coming into their own creative vision with complex musical structures and progressive melodies woven in with a first rate narrative which leads to mighty impressive results for the band to become more known for within the scene.

Andromedas Colossus is an intense and bleak Progressive journey into the darker depths of Doom, Sludge and Thrash Metal which has an a wholly original Cosmic sound which should hopefully allow Ape Vermin to build up a fearsome and bigger reputation within the underground Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal scene.

Ape Vermin have delivered a bone-crunching album that pulls no punches with it’s fearless attitude and exploration into SONIC and PSYCHEDELIC manipulation of the highest order.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Asher Media PR for the promo.

Andromedas Colossus will be available to buy on Digital Download from Friday 17th May 2024.


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