Thursday 30 November 2023

Exclusive Song Premiere of Doom/Stoner Rockers NEBULA DRAG New Song KNEECAP From Upcoming New Album WESTERN DEATH

WESTERN DEATH is the third album release from San Diego-based psychedelic hard rock band, Nebula Drag.

You’re invited to lose yourself in a 7-song explosion of sound and vision. Whether it’s the first track—“Crosses”—or the weight of the 7th track—“Western Death,” Nebula Drag’s unity and hard work have made this album very special.

The massive drums, blazing guitar, and fuzzy bass deliver a powerful interpretation of where this band is going with their signature sound and approach to all that is Psychedelic-Hard Rock.

Sharing the stage with bands such as YOB, Church of Misery, The Skull, Mars Red Sky, Sasquatch, SubRosa, Monolord, and many others has inspired Nebula Drag in a way that they hope is moving the band into new musical territory.

The best part is that in regards to the vinyl record, you can choose either the “Western” side or the “Death” side for your listening pleasure.

You can hear the stunning new song Kneecap from the forthcoming album Western Death. 

"Kneecap is one of our favorite songs to play and we’re looking forward to sharing it with everyone. The song was the last song we wrote for this album and is really just a mid tempo crusher.

Inspired by shitty friends and powered by weed, this tune is best played at maximum volume." - Corey Quintana / Nebula Drag


Releases December 8, 2023 on Desert Records
Recorded at Rarefied Recording Studios, San Diego Ca.
Engineered by Ethan Transmissions
Mixing by Nebula Drag, Ethan Transmissions
Mastering and Editing by Christopher Haynes/Demeter Studios (Ca,).
Album cover Artwork by Jordan Lentz
Additional album artwork, layout, design and development by Stephen Varns
All songs written and performed by Nebula Drag
Words and lyrics Corey Quintana

Pre-orders for limited edition LP’s and CD’s are available on Bandcamp now!

Acid Magus Shares Mesmerizing Lyric Video for "A Planet, A Deathstar" from Critically Acclaimed Album "Hope Is Heavy"

Photo Credit – Christelle Duvenage

In a sonic voyage that transcends the boundaries of conventional music, Acid Magus, the South African progressive psychedelic doom quintet, is thrilled to announce the release of a captivating lyric video for "A Planet, A Deathstar," the fourth track from their highly praised sophomore album, "Hope Is Heavy." For fans of All Them Witches and those who revel in the atmospheric realms of psychedelic doom, Acid Magus promises an immersive journey through hauntingly beautiful soundscapes.

"A Planet, A Deathstar" opens with hauntingly delicate acoustic guitars, creating an atmospheric and desolate ambiance that draws the listener into a sonic abyss. The track then unfolds into an expansive cascade of stoner/grunge rock-inspired riffs, showcasing Acid Magus' masterful ability to blend contrasting elements seamlessly. The lyrics, delivered with evocative intensity, invite fans to join the band on a quest for meaning hidden between the lines.

The lyric video, a visual masterpiece crafted by the talented Marthinus Kirsten, complements the song's ethereal nature. Kirsten's artistic interpretation adds a layer of visual depth, enhancing the overall experience and allowing fans to further immerse themselves in the profound narrative woven by Acid Magus.

The members of Acid Magus include Keenan Kinnear, Roelof Van Tonder, Anrico Jeske, Brendon Bezuidenhout, and Jethro Vlag. Their collective synergy has given rise to "Hope Is Heavy," an album that has garnered critical acclaim for its innovative approach to the progressive psychedelic doom genre.

"A Planet, A Deathstar" is a testament to the band's ability to weave together diverse musical elements into a cohesive and mesmerizing tapestry.

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Psych Stoner Rockers We Kill Cowboys Unleashes Psychedelic Grunge Fury with Earth Demon Live Performance Video

Cape Town's dynamic 4-piece rock 'n roll ensemble, We Kill Cowboys, is set to captivate audiences with the release of their live performance video for the latest single, Earth Demon. This electrifying visual spectacle, directed by Owen Wilson, unfolds at LuvBuzz Studios the band's rehearsal space, transforming it into a psychedelic haven where music and mayhem collide.

Fronted by tattoo artist, and singer-songwriter, Alex Muller, We Kill Cowboys is a force to be reckoned with. Their genre-defying sound melds psychedelic rock, punk rock, grunge, and stoner blues into a potent auditory cocktail that has left audiences clamouring for more.

The video is a raw and unfiltered glimpse into the heart of the band’s sonic onslaught. Shot amidst the pulsating energy of their rehearsal studio, the video captures the essence of a We Kill Cowboys party, where friends join the chaos for a night of unbridled celebration.

Watch the video for Earth Demon below

Jono Tait’s, the mastermind behind the searing guitar riffs that slice through the air, takes centre stage, while Andrew Middelkoop’s thunderous metal drum fills inject an undeniable pulse into the music. The foundation of their musical onslaught is laid by Danie Otto, whose fuzzy bass grooves resonate deep within, providing the backbone for We Kill Cowboys' aural explosion.

Known for their immersive live performances, We Kill Cowboys is ready to shake the very core of the music scene. Their shows are a relentless surge of energy, cranking the amplifiers to the max and leaving audiences' ears ringing and minds reeling. The "Earth Demon" live performance video promises to be a visual and auditory feast, showcasing the band's commitment to pushing boundaries and expanding horizons.

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Wednesday 29 November 2023

The Company Corvette - Little Blue Guy (Album Review)

Release Date: December 01st 2023. Record Label: Strange Mono Records. Formats: Cassette/DD/Vinyl

Little Blue Guy - Tracklisting

Little Blue Guy


Out Of Control

Brain Cells...But Who's Buying



Ted Tedder

Lit The Wrong End


Alexei Korolev - Guitars

Ross Prtichett - Bass/Vocals

Zach Price - Drums


Sludge/Stoner Metallers The Corvette Company return with their new album Little Blue Guy and it's an album with the lowest of low end sounding Fuzzed Out Doom and the heaviest of Distorted Sludge/Stoner melodies with the band drawing upon sounds from bands such as Black Sabbath, The Melvins, BORIS and even grungier aspects appearing. The album captures the seedier elements of the 70's Heavy Rock and Proto-Doom grooves which is transported to a minimalistic style of 1990's Sludge/Stoner Metal with the LOW & SLOW performance of the instrumental sounds that deliver the majority of the tracks to the creative finish line.

The Corvette Company delves into areas of pure good old fashioned RAWK & ROLL where sound of the album builds into classic sounding guitar shredding but with a delicate Sludge Rock and Fuzzed Up balance. Little Blue Guy moves along at its own pace which you can feel within the punishing opening tracks of Little Blue Guy, Marshmallow and Out Of Control. These three tracks alone prove that The Corvette Company offer music that's both STYLISH and full of violent distorted SUBSTANCE with some excellent vocals from Ross Ptrichett who also provides a kick-ass and threatening low-end presence on Bass Duties. Ross's vocals are modelled after both Ozzy Osbourne and King Buzzo where they move from a melodic classic Doom Metal style to the more volatile Sludge Metal style. This is a good flow to have with the album moving into unexpected creative territories within the overall WEEDIAN realm.

The Corvette Company operate at multiple speeds but the entire tone of the album is consistently "LOW & SLOW" or "AMPLIFIER DISTORTED" and that is perhaps the best way for the band to deliver their music to. As it's murky, sinister and brilliantly seedy throughout every aspect of the entire record. With powerful drumming by Zach Price and sublime aggressive Psychedelic guitars from Alexei Korolev, Little Blue Guy even captures the similar spirit that Church Of Misery deliver with their music with The Corvette Company having more focus on extended instrumental jams with a frantic Classic Hard Rock vibe appearing within the classic guitar shredding which brings a much needed 1980's Hard Rock and Heavy Metal excess energy to the album.

Other standout tracks include: Brain Cells...But Who's Buying, Drag, Ten Tedder and Lit The Wrong End. 

The later stages of the album may not be as progressive as the earlier songs but The Corvette Company offer the most riffiest and weedian mind inducing moments on perhaps the tracks mentioned above with Brain Cells..But Who's Buying and Lit The Wrong End being my favourite moments of the entire album. 

There's a deep wonderful sense of irony and awareness to The Corvette Company's lyrics but the music remains serious business with Little Blue Guy wholly becoming the band's most confident album to date. The whole record is brilliantly fun which offers listeners a damn good time within it's 41 minute running time. 

With a multitude of different styles of Doom, Sludge and Stoner Metal being played on the record where ANARCHY reigns supreme with The Corvette Company providing one of the best undiscovered gems of the underground scene this late in the day.

Little Blue Guy is one hell of a release and if you want an album with enough power to kick the living shit out of you just through their wonderfully intense grooves alone, then this is the album for you.

Words by Steve Howe 

Thanks to Discipline PR for the promo.

Little Blue Guy will be available to buy on Cassette/DD/Vinyl via Strange Mono Records from December 01st 2023.


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Exclusive Album Premiere Of MAGNETIC From Desert/Stoner Rockers DUNE PILOT

Desert/Stoner Rockers Dune Pilot return from a five year absence with their thrilling new album Magnetic which will be released by Argonauta Records on Digital Download/Vinyl.

The kind folks over at Grand Sounds Promotion and Argonauta Records have allowed me to premiere the album in full with this cool album premiere which you listen/watch below.


Tuesday 28 November 2023

Doom/Stoner Metallers APTERA Release New Video For Unbearable Stain

Doom/Stoner Metallers APTERA released their acclaimed debut album You Can't Bury What Still Burns via Ripple Music in June 2022.

APTERA incorporate Doom, Thrash, Punk, Blues and Stoner grooves within their style of Heavy Rock/Heavy Metal.

APTERA are releasing their first video for their new song Unbearable Stain which you can watch below.

APTERA say this about the song:

The song 'Unbearable Stain' was written in the dark times of 2020. It's rage imploded after a traumatic experience, having no outlet but the walls of one's own room in a state of imposed isolation. Your usual shelter has become the mirror of your pain and of your deepest fears, challenging pieces of your soul you didn't know existed before - we learn they do through ache and we let this ache flow and push through all seals, like a torrent rushing wildly down to the valley. 

Feeling powerless stuck in the tormenting thought that life is just one heartbeat away to death. Forced to face it all, because you have no access to what is "ordinary life". The strength you realized you eventually have gained because you had to show up for yourself".

Thanks to Todd at Ripple Music for all of the details.


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Monday 27 November 2023

Clouds Taste Satanic - All I Want For Christmas Is Your Soul (EP Review)

Release Date: 24th November 2023. Record Label: Kinda Like Music. Formats: DD

All I Want For Christmas Is Your Soul - Tracklisting

1.All I Want for Christmas Is You 05:04

2.You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch 03:21

3.Christmas With The Devil 05:17

4.Little Drummer Boy 04:54


Whoever thought that famed Instrumental Doom/Stoner Metallers Clouds Taste Satanic would release an EP full of Christmas Covers but all done with a sinister and wicked Doomedelic twist. Well, here we are with All I Want For Christmas Is Your Soul with Clouds Taste Satanic performing their own twisted versions of festive classic hits such as All I Want For Christmas Is You, You’re A Mean One, Mr Grinch and Little Drummer Boy. Though the main surprise is playing a cover of the Spinal Tap classic Christmas With The Devil, well it wouldn’t be a festive Heavy Metal release without a true HEAVY METAL FESTIVE song.

Clouds Taste Satanic bring their instrumental magic with their fantastic demented style of Doom/Stoner Metal Riff wizardry which works amazingly well on All I Want For Christmas Is You and Little Drummer Boy. You’re A Mean One, Mr Grinch is a cool Post-Doom/Stoner Metal offering with a subtle Sludge Rock groove appearing within the more memorable heavier moments of the track. Jeez, Clouds Taste Satanic even add a Thrash Metal sound to certain parts of the track with a classic 80’s Heavy Metal appetite which makes up for some of the most interesting parts of the whole EP.

Christmas With The Devil is where Clouds Taste Satanic can be their most outlandish and sinister best with a classic Proto-Metal, Psych Rock and Proto-Doom sound appearing with moments of pure RAWK & ROLL excess which exhibits proper 1970’s outlandish guitar riffs that showcases once again why Clouds Taste Satanic are one of the most definitive Instrumental Doom/Stoner Metal bands currently playing within the underground scene.

All I Want For Christmas Is Your Soul is the one and only true Christmas release you need this year. This is an EP that does something wholly original with the actual source material and makes you want to hear more from Clouds Taste Satanic playing festive classics. And I’m a fully paid up member of the “BAH HUMBUG” crew. 

Fantastic stuff….

Words by Steve “Ebenezer Scrooge” Howe 


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Mars Red Sky - Dawn Of The Dusk (Album Review)

Release Date: 08th December 2023. Record Label: MRS Red Sound / Vicious Circle. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

Dawn Of The Dusk - Tracklisting

1. Break Even

2. Maps of Inferno

3. The Final Round

4. A Choir of Ghosts

5. Carnival Man

6. Trap Door

7. Slow Attack

8. Heavenly Bodies


Julien Pras: vocals, guitar

Jimmy Kinast: bass

Matgaz: drums


Psych/Stoner Rock visionaries Mars Red Sky return with their new album Dawn Of The Dusk and sees the band breakdown their music into a more conceptual style of Art Rock with elements of their trademark Psych, Doom, Space and Stoner based sounds being added of that classic style of MRS based heaviness. Mars Red Sky even taps into creative influences such as Russian Circles and David Bowie for this release.

Dawn Of The Dusk may not be your standard MRS album and may actually confuse their established fanbase at first. However, there’s a magical style of Psychedelic Doom being played throughout the whole album. The Post-Rock leaning atmospherics of the later stages of the album does have moments of heavy tripped out Cosmic/Space Rock flavours with Julian’s sweet-natured vocals being the main conduit for the band to establish that emotional rapport and connection with the listener as what happened with all MRS releases.

The opening two tracks of the album Break Even and Maps Of Inferno sees Mars Red Sky sticking to their tried and tested winning formula with heavy fuzz rock sounds and melodic strands of Cosmic Doom which allows the listener to fully come on board with the albums main artistic message and vision. Multi-layered effects and fuzzy guitars combine for a dramatic and more gloomier sound. Julian’s vocals become slightly fractured and operatic within Maps Of Inferno which starts to show small instances of the creative left-turn MRS will take next.

Third song The Final Round sees bassist Jimmy Kinast take over vocal duties and offer a more cerebral 1980’s Alt-Rock vision and delivers a stunning vocal rendition inspired by David Bowie in places. The song flirts between Post-Punk and Gothic melodies with a more twisted and nuanced style of Doom/Stoner Rock that can be quite romantic in places even with the more AMPLIFIER WORSHIP driven guitars.

Fourth song A Choir Of Ghosts allows MRS to return to the Post Apocalyptic style of Fuzzed Up Cosmic Doom with Post-Metal flourishes appearing between the cracks of the Sludge/Stoner Rock jams that remain some of the heaviest on the whole album. This is purely an instrumental song which allows MRS to revisit heavy progressive sounds not heard since their earlier albums.

Fifth song Carnival Man is classic MRS through and through. The instrumental moments convey a deep mysterious sense of Post-Rock/Post-Metal heaviness with slow-paced Fuzz leaning Doom/Stoner grooves. Julien is back performing vocal duties and this is MRS doing what they do best. Highly confident Cosmic/Space/Fuzz Rock sounds with that Stoner Rock swagger that allows Mars Red Sky to play their delicate, heavy and aggressive style of delicious sounding music. The song retains a sense of Post-Rock urgency within the mellower and slow-paced moments of the track.

The final three tracks of the album Trap Door, Slow Attack and Heavenly Bodies opens the world of Mars Red Sky to a more bombastic and progressive style with lush orchestral and instrumental moments being quite ethereal in places especially on tracks such as Slow Attack and Heavenly Bodies.

The final track Heavenly Bodies sees the welcome return of Queen Of The Damned (Helen Ferguson) who both collaborated previously earlier this year on their acclaimed EP.  This song is a brave and bold choice to close the album with. As it’s a semi-acoustic track with Helen’s soothing vocals and folk-rock instrumental moments. So don’t go expecting an all out HEAVY STONER ROCK track, as this allows the album to end naturally and peacefully.

Dawn Of The Dusk shows a different side to the band but one that is still a highly original album that allowws Mars Red Sky to still be considered as one of the most inventive bands within the Psychedelic Doom/Cosmic/Stoner Rock scenes. With first class production values throughout, Dawn Of The Dusk is another AOTY contender from Mars Red Sky. 

Words by Steve Howe 

Thanks to Shake Promotion PR for the promo.

Dawn Of The Dusk will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via MRS Red Sound and Vicious Circle from Friday December 08th 2023.


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Sunday 26 November 2023

King Cruel - Creeper (EP Review)

Release Date: November 2023. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Creeper - Tracklisting

1.Creeper 04:54

2.Resurrection 03:02

3.Shotgun Sally 05:07


Luke Oram - Vocals

Evan Cooper - Drums

Josh Hodgson - Guitars


Creeper is the debut EP from Psych/Doom/Stoner Metallers King Cruel who are another cool band to check out from the burgeoning New Zealand underground scene. Taking cues from bands such as Black Sabbath, Uncle Acid and The Obsessed. King Cruel brings a seedy and sinister 1970’s Doom Metal attitude to their modern day based Fuzzed Up Stoner Metal sound which is beefed up by Sludgy Psychedelics and trippy guitars. The vocals are quite melodic which I didn’t expect with the dark lyrics the band have written for the three tracks for the EP.

Switching between different styles and creative themes from the Doom/Stoner Rock world, King Cruel play a muscular and aggressive style of music with the stunning guitar work of Josh Hodgson being my favourite part of the whole EP. Josh brings a punishing sound to the EP with stellar work from lead vocalist Luke Oram and intense drums from Evan Cooper. 

All the tracks on Creeper are absolute bangers and all equally good as each other with King Cruel playing stylish FUZZY and SLUDGY guitars against a backdrop of Psychedelic Doom/Stoner Metal which moves further into SONIC DISTORTION and freaky atmospheric sounds that gives the band a more modern based vibe to the whole EP.

Creeper is a great way for King Cruel to introduce themselves to the Doom/Stoner Metal scene. As this EP is bloody first rate entertainment which benefits from sublime production values which Evan Cooper and Josh Hodgson are mostly responsible for. Luke Oram deserves praise for the stunning artwork for Creeper. As this allows the listener what to expect from Creeper.

King Cruel have the potential to be future breakout stars from the New Zealand Doom/Stoner Metal scene. I await future releases from King Cruel with great anticipation. Check this great band out now.

Words by Steve Howe 


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ZQKMGDZ - 10.000 km² gegen die Zeit - ZEITMACHINE PEOPLE (Album Review)

Release Date: October 12th 2023. Record Label: Pink Tank Records. Formats: DD/Vinyl








7.UFOrb 04:13




Don Alfredo - Warp Guitar & Vox

Don Francesco - Interstellar Bass & Vox

Don Fernando - Space Drums & Vox


ZEITMACHINE PEOPLE is the new album from Krautrock/Doom/Stoner/Psych Rock specialists ZQKMGDZ - 10.000 km² gegen die Zeit (aka ZQKMGDZ) and it sees the band keep up their highly experimental sound captured on their earlier album releases. The album has a manic Space Rock approach and is perhaps what HAWKWIND would have sounded if LEMMY lasted the course with the band. 

As this record has a manic trippy Space Rock creative theme with outbursts of primal Speed Rock which overflows into Black Sabbath heavy amplifier sounds and rebellious PUNK ROCK attitude which you can hear on the outlandish opening track ZEITMACHINE PEOPLE.

ZEITMACHINE PEOPLE has frenzied Psychedelic guitars, overlapping 70’s trippy vocals and glaring Doomed Out sounds which lays down the groundwork that ZQKMGDZ mostly follows for this album but showing a surreal KrautRock vision for the heavier parts of the album. The record is built upon out-of-this-world Psychedelic/Space Rock jams which the band inject with a fun rebellious Punk Rock attitude which still allows ZQKMDGZ to play certain WEEDIAN themes. The instrumental sound varies from different levels of heaviness which may surprise you along the way. 

There’s a sense of 1970’s Space Rock and 1990’s classic Stoner Rock appearing on tracks such as STONED AMBROSIAN and SVEMIR MAGARAC which has sounds compared to bands such as QOTSA, FU MANCHU and Monster Magnet with the record turning into darker gloomier areas on mostly SVEMIR MAGARAC when compared to the almost upbeat sounding STONED AMBROSIAN.

Screeching guitars appear within the most unexpected places on this album with a sludgy Krautrock driven sound being quite vicious whilst maintaining ZQKMDGZ’s highly likeable attitude and nature. Though, the band are not afraid to play a more seedier style of Doom/Stoner Rock on the later stages of the album.

ZQKMDGZ perhaps at their creative best when exploring the Instrumental Post-Rock or Post-Doom side of their music which brings a sense of world-building Progressive grooves.

Another unexpected delight was the band’s wicked cover of the classic LOW ORBIT track UFOrb which sticks closely to the original but ZQKMDGZ add their own cosmic sludgy flavour to the track. However, ZQKMDGZ offer some heavy demonic tracks before you experience that track with songs such as PLASMA WORSHIP and COSMIC HORIZON. 

ZEITMACHINE PEOPLE is a gloriously hip, quirky and surreal psychedelic journey into the Spaced Out Doom Metal vortex with flashes of intense Stoner Metal grooves that leaves you wanting to hear more from this highly talented unit. ZQKMDGZ prove once again they’re one of the most insane and inventive Space Rock/Doom/Stoner Rock bands currently out there.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe 


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