Thursday 31 August 2017

All Psyched Up - An Interview With Frazer Jones From DESERT PSYCHLIST

I recently interviewed Steve Woodier who runs the awesome blog – The Shrieks From Below. That got me thinking into interviewing another good friend of mine who runs another excellent blog that you should all check out. Desert Psychlist.

The main person behind this is Frazer Jones. Frazer has been running his blog for the last couple of years now. Frazer focuses more on the Desert, Stoner and Doom Metal side of the rock collective. His reviews have won steady praise from bands and fans alike.

He's also a member of The Doom Charts like myself and Frazer knows his stuff. Frazer has kindly agreed to do this interview.

Hi Frazer. Thanks for doing this interview. How are things with you today.

Hi Steve, things are good sun is shining and Greenbeard are playing in the background so yeah feeling pretty happy.

How did you get started with the entire blogging scene. Can you give a brief overview how you started and where you're currently writing today.

I started writing mini-reviews on Bandcamp but like another of your interviewees, Steve Woodier, I was also a member of a little music forum called Hard Rock Revolution where members were encouraged to write album reviews and band profiles, I discovered I wasn’t too bad at it so when the site went tits up I decided I’d have a go at the old blogging game.

You're now running Desert Psychlist. How did the blog came about and why did you choose that name for your blog.

Like I said previously when HRR closed it left me wanting to carry on writing so I took the step of starting my own thing. The name came about due to my love of the Palm “Desert” scene and my love of the lysergic music we now call “psych”. As the blog was basically a “list” of albums I wanted others to hear I tagged that on the end, hence.. Desert-Psych-List.

Why did you decide to focus on the Desert/Doom/Psych/Stoner/Fuzz Rock scenes.

That happened because simply because those genres were and still are the music that moves me the most, I listen to a wide spectrum of different genres of music but the fuzz is part of my DNA I always come back to it.

Do you ever think about doing interviews on your site. Or would you rather just focus on the music.

I did think about it for about ten seconds but that old mantra of never meeting your heroes kept coming back to me. To be honest it’s the music that matters and Desert Psychlist is all about the grooves not the views and anyway I’m the sort of person that if I had to interview someone face to face and they were acting like a dick I’d have to tell ‘em they were a dick, lol

What has been the overall reaction to your reviews from fans, labels and bands in general.

On the whole the reaction from fans and bands alike has been pretty positive, you do get the odd one now and then who doesn’t like what you’ve written about them but my attitude to that is fuck you, they are my words and I’m sticking by them. The best reactions are from those who never asked for a review and you surprise them with one anyway, they are over the moon that someone digs what they are doing and is actually listening to them.

You have a wide range of musical tastes across different genres. What are your favourite genres of music and why do they appeal to you.

I’m a big jazz fan as well as having a soft spot for British folk-rock, I like the way those jazz musicians can go off on a tangent into the unknown but manage to bring it all back to earth without missing a beat and those folk-rock guys and girls can play a bit too. As for favourite genre its about 60-40 between rock and the blues, you can’t beat a fat distorted E-chord for giving you a boner.

Which band, artist, album or genre did you first become a fan of. How did your love-affair with music began.

Deep Purple’s Fireball was the first album I bought with my own money so I guess they were the first band I was truly a huge fan of. I remember the older boys at school walking around with albums tucked under their arms like they were in a secret club, I wanted in on this club so pestered a boy who I vaguely knew to lend me one of his albums, he lent me Hendrix’s Axis/Bold As Love and I was hooked. I then saw Deep Purple on TV and talked my mum into buying me Fireball, I walked everywhere with that album under my arm for about a month

We've both had a frustrating time earlier this year with a YouTube channel and a website copying our reviews and claiming as their own. Especially with Sunday Sludge (Who is still copying Riff Relevant Reviews). How did that make you feel and how did you get Sunday Sludge to stop printing your reviews. My own frustrations was I wasn't getting credit for my work and I want my work to stay on my own page.

The YouTube debacle was sorted out amicably and the person in question apologised and now gives due credit to those whose reviews he uses. The Sunday Sludge thing is a different animal however there is no one person you can confront, bludgeon to death or converse with the people at Sunday Sludge keep their cards close to their chests and are a faceless bunch of pirates getting credit for others hard work, they are still stealing my reviews!

Going back to musical matters - Which physical media do you prefer – Cassette, CD or Vinyl.

Got to be vinyl it’s just so organic and sexy!

Do you have particular favourite album you like to listen to all the time and on any particular format. Mine is DOPESMOKER. Can't get enough of that album on Vinyl.

Led Zeppelin I, I’ve still got my original copy, its battered and a bit dog-eared and I have to put a coin on the stylus to stop it skipping but I love it to death, I know the remasters sound fantastic but this is the ORIGINAL sound!

Like myself, you're heavily involved with The Doom Charts. Do you like doing the monthly doom charts or does it take it's toll on you.

It does at times Steve, what with the compiling lists and the writing the blurbs (reviews) but somehow it all seems worth it when they are finally published and getting such good reactions

Has is it surprised you how well liked the Doom Charts have become and well respected by the Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal community in general.

Not really we are all suckers for lists, charts and leagues and the scene had nothing to gauge its successes and disappointments on, Lucas provided a medium for that.

You're highly respected within the Doom/Stoner Metal community. What things do you like being involved with the community. Are there certain aspects you don't like when promoting bands across the entire scenes.

Despite the dramas that have arisen of late I still get a feeling of “we are all in this together,” I’ve met some truly great people through my involvement in this scene, musicians, fans, bloggers, podcasters, only rarely has a bad apple upset the cart. The down-side? Sunday fucking Sludge!

What have been your favourite albums of 2017 so far.

Three stand out for me so far The Necromancers “Servants of the Salem Girl”, Youngblood Supercult’s “The Great American Death Rattle” and Fall of an Empire’s “Croweater 2: The Last Wishes of Kings” Rock is most definitely not dead with bands making albums this damn good.

How do you relax away from the crazy world of blogging. As we all need time away to chill out.

I’m a wannabe guitarist and a wannabe gardener, I’m not much good at either but I’m a trier.

Well Frazer. Thanks for doing this interview. Do you have any final words of wisdom you would like to share with us all.

Walk away silently and quickly when your wife asks your opinion on what she’s wearing.

Words by Steve Howe and Frazer Jones

Desert Psychlist Links:

Vinyl News - Napalm Records Releasing Monster Magnet Classics - TAB and SPINE OF GOD

Napalm Records are about to release two of Monster Magnet’s early classic releases on vinyl. TAB and Spine Of God. Two records that helped to lay down the foundations of the early sound of this legendary Psychedelic Space Rock/Stoner Metal band.

TAB is their 1991 debut release. TAB is an epic droned out space rock odyssey with the band creating some of their early trademark psychedelic sounds.

Monster Magnet arrived in style and announced themselves to the Stoner Rock/Metal world with the release of their classic debut album – Spine Of God. 

Criminally overlooked when it was originally released, the album’s legacy has grown and is now considered one of Monster Magnet’s most defining releases. With tracks such as Pill Shovel, Medicine, Zodiac Lung and the classic title track – Spine Of God – all helping to make Monster Magnet as one of the most defining bands of the Stoner Metal genre.

You can now buy these classic records from Napalm Records. Tab here and Spine of God here. If you’re new to the crazy psychedelic world of Monster Magnet and their legendary frontman – Dave Wyndorf, then this is the best place to start.

Monster Magnet will be releasing a new album later this year via Napalm Records.

The Stone Eye - The Meadow (Album Review)

Release date: September 02nd 2017. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD

The Meadow – Tracklisting

1.Farewell Lady
2.A Voice in Two
3.Transmission 05:16
4.The Meadow 05:48
5.Yet I Feel so Fine 05:56
7.Colours in Vain
8.Wasted Year
9.Can You See?
10.Dog in the Manger
11.Death from Above
12.The Orchard


Jeremiah Bertin - Drums
Stephen Burdick - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard


The Stone Eye's second album - The Meadow - is an intriguing style of Grunge and Fuzz merged with heavy subtle Stoner Rock/Metal dynamics. It's quite a long album running around sixty five minutes in length. The Stone Eye has created a very cool and different kind of album. It's one that draws influences from many different bands across the Hard Rock/Metal scene. Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam and Truckfighters being the main bands that The Stone Eye sound like on different parts of the album.

Opening track - Farewell Lady - has a classic grunge Alice In Chains feel with a Desert/Fuzz Rock sound being the main driving force of the music. The vocals are very cool indeed.

Second track - Voice In Two - is another grunge/garage rock style offering with the drumming having a very lo-fi sound. The guitars add "meat to the bones" for a thick and heavy sound. The riffs have a classic nineties grunge feel with the lyrics having a similar vibe. The song changes direction towards the end as a dreamlike post-rock/desert rock dynamic appears. It's quite a different sound from the opening moments of the song.

The Stone Eye is a very hard band to describe as they play so many different styles of music on the album. The album is very bold and ambitious and that is a good thing. As The Stone Eye don't play it safe at all on this album. Songs such as Transmission, The Meadow, Henry, Wasted Year and Death From Above offer perhaps the heaviest and standout moments on the album.

The Stone Eye are a duo made up of members Jeremiah and Stephen on drums and guitars respectively, though listening to this album you feel there are more members. As the band creates a "huge" sound that you wouldn't associate with a band consisting of two members. The production of The Meadow is superb indeed with the album allowing the band playing heavy riffs with supreme confidence.

The Meadow is without doubt a damn good album indeed but it can be frustrating at times and that's possibly down to the epic run time. As the album runs out of steam on the last couple of songs. It would have been better if the band released this album as two separate EP's. Anyway, that's the minor complaints out of the way. Now let’s focus on the good stuff. If you miss the good old days of Grunge/Alt/Fuzz/Stoner Rock and want to reminisce how good music was back in the good old days then this is the album for you.

The Stone Eye have delivered an action packed album that is great value for money and one that will keep you entertained from start to finish.

Words by Steve Howe

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Tuesday 29 August 2017

Mastiff - BORK (EP Review)

Release date: August 31st 2017. Label: APF Records. Format: CD/DD

BORK – Tracklisting

2.Nil By Mouth 04:35
3.Everything Equals Death
6.Eternal Regret


Jim Hodge - growls
Michael Shepherd - drums
Phil Johnson - guitar
James Andrew Lee - guitar
Dan Dolby - bass


You expect something heavy and brutal from a band with a name like Mastiff. As the band merge Doom/Sludge Metal sounds that is built upon a frenzied hardcore and pissed off rage. I missed the band's debut album Wrank which was released in 2016. Their new EP – BORK – and their first for upcoming UK Hard Rock/Metal label – APF Records – is a quite a pummelling experience that showcases the bands angry and ferocious nature to superb effect.

Opening track – Agony – starts with a fast-paced hardcore riff with Mastiff playing quite a complex sound with elements of Sludge/Doom based moments appearing at different parts of the song. The growls from lead vocalist from Jim range from clean based to the more harsher death based growls. I don't have a clue what he's signing about but he's very good at what he does.

Second track – Nil By Mouth – is an even more angrier song with the band moving further into the Sludge Metal world with the drumming adding a confident hardcore sound. The vocals have an even more depressing feel as Mastiff aren't afraid of creating a depressing atmosphere that takes no prisoners. Mastiff do provide moments of sludgy grooves on this track that shows they can slow the mood right down and play a more restrained style of hard rock/metal.

Third track – Everything Equals Death – is perhaps the most scariest, angriest, heaviest and filthiest song on the EP. It's an exercise in pure doom/death/sludge metal destruction. There's nothing complex about this song. This is Mastiff showing the world how rightly pissed off they are. Harsh vocals and down-tempo riffs reign supreme.

The other songs on the EP – Threats, Tumour and Eternal Regret – carry on the torturous and sinister message that Mastiff expertly create. The music does have a stop-start approach on some of the songs but it's the sheer technical ability that Mastiff possess that will impress you the most. 

The production is fragile and very raw but that's the point of BORK. As Mastiff don't want to be that super and over-produced metal band. They want to be a rough and ready sludge metal powerhouse where the music counts for itself. They succeed on that level alone with pure talent and hard-hitting conviction.

Mastiff leave you brutally demoralised and shaking in the corner wondering what the FUCK did you just listen to. BORK is simply an outstanding slice of UK Sludge/Doom Metal brutality.

Words by Steve Howe
Thanks to APF Records for the promo. BORK will be released on CD/DD via APFRecords from August 31st 2017.

UK Tour News - Cybernetic Witch Cult and SAIL UK Tour

UK Sludge/Stoner Rockers - Cybernetic Witch Cult and SAIL - are going on a UK Tour during October 2017. The Tour Is Called - SCIENCE FICTION / DOUBLE FEATURE.

Poster below has all the dates listed.

There is also a cool looking YouTube Video showing what to expect from these two awesome bands.

Cybernetic Witch Cult:


Sunday 27 August 2017

Red Mountains - Slow Wonder (Album Review)

Release date: September 1st 2017. Label: All Good Clean Records. Format: DD/Vinyl

Blight – Tracklisting

Rat King
Endless Queen
Cellar Door
Acid Wedding


Simen Mathiassen - Drums
Sverre Dalen - Bass
Jostein Wigenstad - Guitar
Magnus Riise - Guitar / Vocal


You ever wondered what Pink Floyd would sound like if they decided to include Desert/Stoner Rock vibes into their legendary Progressive Rock sound. Well I think Red Mountain's excellent new album - Slow Wander - would be the wonderful result. As Red Mountains take a more Psychedelic/Prog Rock approach on their new album. Not a million miles away from Pink Floyd themselves.

Slow Wander sees the band play strands of classic sounding Prog Rock and merges it with elements of modern sounding Desert/Stoner Rock vibes.

Opening track - Home - opens the album with supreme confidence as Red Mountains play a loud bombastic style of Desert/Stoner Rock with a prog rock style influence being heard within the vocals. The one thing that stands out on this album compared to their debut album is the production. Whilst Red Mountain's debut album was a great album, its production was slightly muffled and let down in places.

They have no issues with Slow Wander, as the album sounds loud and fresh from the start. When the band start playing heavy psychedelic noises on the opening track - Home, you feel every note and vocal coming at you from all corners. Home sets the scene for the rest of the album. As heavy psychedelic desert/stoner riffs give way to the more adventurous progressive rock rhythms.

Second track - Rat King - is one of the best songs on the album with its ample delivery of Progressive Stoner based moments. The vocals and lyrics compliment the music superbly well. Rat King has a grunge feel to it as the song moves to its natural conclusion.
Third track - Oak - is where the Stoner sound is gone and replaced with a more direct seventies sounding psych/prog approach. A very cool and mellow tune to show how expertly Red Mountains can change the mood of the album for the better.

Fourth track - Endless Queen - is the longest song on the album running for around eleven minutes. Red Mountains strip the Desert/Stoner Rock sounds yet again and to focus more on the laidback prog rock vibe. The vocals are quite laid-back and the song has moments of dream-like post-rock appearing here and there.

The next song - Stone - sees Red Mountains return to their Desert/Stoner Rock roots. It's a heavier and upbeat song with a lot more groove compared to the other songs on the album. The final four songs on the album - Fog, Cellar Door, Acid Wedding and Returning - manage to merge both the main primary sounds of the album especially on Fog and Acid Wedding.

Slow Wander is an outstanding album from Red Mountains and it's one that has the potential to surprise a lot of people within the Stoner Rock and Progressive Rock communities.

Words by Steve Howe
Thanks to Red Mountains for the promo. Slow Wander will be released on DD/Vinyl via All Good Clean Records from September 1st 2017.

KAVRILA - Blight (Album Review)

Release date: August 04th 2017. Label: Backbite Records / Breathe Plastic Records / Medusa Crush Recordings. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Blight – Tracklisting

1.Each 02:11
2.Lungs 03:26
3.Abandon 03:13
4.Gold 04:04
5.Demolish 02:41
6.Golem 02:25
7.Apocalypse 01:24
8.Each (Part Two) 05:08


Sludge/Doom Punks Kavrila release their debut album Blight to an unsuspecting audience. Expect 25 minutes of pissed of Sludge/Doom/Punk brutality. It's such a shame the album is on too damn short as Kavrila create a highly volatile and brutally exciting atmosphere.

From the opening distorted sounds of the first track – Each – Kavrila grab you by the balls and play a fast-paced style of Sludge/Doom/Punk with almost indescribable vocals and fast-paced riffs that means you're on the edge of your seat throughout the album.

Second track Lungs sees Karvila play a more standard sludge based song. It has moments of thrash style riffs and a gloomy post-hardcore/post-metal feel. The album is perhaps best suited for the more extreme metal fan. As Karvila venture into some pretty dark places as the lyrics and vocals don't shy away from the dark topics that is included on the album.

Kavrila blast their way through the other songs on album like a violent and out of control tornado. With the music being extremely harsh with a hardcore punk sound being the main focus. Songs such as Abandon, Demolish, Golem and Each (Part Two) having the fiercest and heaviest riffs on the album.

Blight is superbly and masterfully produced. As the whole sound of the album is EXTREMELY LOUD and clear from the start. My main issue with the album is the running time. It's on too damn short. The album could have easily benefited for a couple more songs.

Overall, Blight is an exciting and provocative album. If you're a fan of EyeHateGod and THOU then you'll be in your element with this album. This ranks as one of the heaviest Sludge Metal albums released this year.

Words by Steve Howe

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The Dead End Alley Band - Storms (Album Review)

Release date: August 18th 2017. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Storms – Tracklisting

1.Red Woman 07:36
2.Headstone Fortress 06:01
3.Need You (It's Enough) 03:59
4.Thunderbolts & Lace 06:06
5.The Clock Has Stopped 07:28
6.Waiting For The Void 08:58

Band Members

Javier Kou (Bass and vocals)
Sebastian Sanchez-Botta (Lead vocal and organs)
Leonardo Alva (Guitar)
Jafer Diaz (Drums)


Peruvian Psych Stoners – The Dead End Alley Band (TDEAB) – return with their 3rd cosmic opus and it's one that is very different to their previous albums. It's more doomier and with a more adventurous cosmic feel. The riffs drift from acid rock sounds to a more lingering sinister doom/stoner vibes.

The album has a distinctive 70s feel with the opening track of Red Woman capturing a band influenced by Black Sabbath but with a more acid rock feel. The vocals from Sebastian oozes style and confidence with the band playing at a very slow pace. The song has elements of progressive rock and allows the band to be more creative and assertive with their music. It's more of an Stoner/Doom sound than psychedelic rock especially when the the fantastic sounding organs appear.

Second track – Headstone Fortress – has a more distorted and fuzz rock feel and 60s sounding vocals coming from Sebastian. The album still has that lurking doom and gloom atmosphere but with a more lo-fi feel. Sometimes TDEAB struggle at times matching the doomier sounds with the more far-out cosmic/trippy sounds on this song. It would have been better if the band focused on that particular sound. As sometimes certain parts of the song are bogged down by too many different ideas all vying for your attention. The song is superbly played though.

Third track – Need You (It's Enough) – is a more straight forward song but allows TDEAB to return to winning ways. It's a dirty and seedy garage/stoner rock song with kick-ass lyrics to match. The vocals are slightly creepy but this allows the song to be one of the standout tracks on the album.

The second half of the album is so much stronger than the first half as TDEAB feel more comfortable creating more experimental sounds. The whole feel of the album does veer into different directions but it keeps you entertained throughout. Standout tracks have to be The Clock Has Stopped and Waiting For The Void.

Storms has a lot going for it. Epic creepy doomed out jams, great vocals and superb lyrics. The production feels very forced at times but nothing that will take from the overall enjoyment of the album.

The Dead End Alley Band should be proud of this album and I can see this album doing very well with the more adventurous Psych/Doom/Stoner Rock fan. Storms ranks as The Dead End Alley Band's finest work to date.

Words by Steve Howe

Upcoming releases:

- CD by Necio Records and Inti Records - Oct 13 (PE)
- CD by Forbidden Place Records - December (US)
- VINYL by Clostridium Records - Jan 19 (EU)

OF WOLVES - New Album Teaser

Sludge/Stoner/Punk/Thrashers - Of Wolves have released a new video teaser for their new album to be released by Cimmerian Shade Recordings later this year.

The album is coming soon further details will be announced at a later date. Stay tuned for more information.


Thursday 24 August 2017

Howling Giant - Black Hole Space Wizard: Part 2 (EP Review)

Release date: August 25th 2017. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD

Black Hole Space Wizard: Part 2 – Tracklisting

1.Henry Tate
2.The Pioneer
4.The Forest Speaks
5.Circle of Druids
6.Earth Wizard

Band Members

Tom Polzine - Guitar/Vocals
Roger Marks - Bass/Vocals
Zach Wheeler - Drums/Vocals


US Psych Stoners - Howling Giant - release their second part of their two part EP - Black Hole Space Wizard. The first part I became a fan of very late in the day and I didn't get the chance to review that release. Not making the same mistake twice with this EP. As it's an action-packed thirty minute ride showcasing some of the best spaced out Stoner Riffs around. These guys have been compared to Elder and Red Fang. I can see why but you should really take Howling Giant on their own merits and sound.

This EP opens with the superb doomed out/psychedelic jams of Henry Tate. The music has an aggressive feel to it, even when merged with the psychedelic doom/stoner riffs. The soundclips give the EP an out of this world feel. With past releases from Howling Giant, the EP is heavily influenced by science fiction. Henry Tate is purely an instrumental track and it shows you how good the band is writing melodic songs whilst firmly remaining in the Doom/Stoner Metal world.

Second track - The Pioneer - opens with a more fuzz based sound and he vocals finally make an appearance. The music feels influenced by Monster Magnet at different times. I wasn't initially a fan of the organ and keyboards that appear on this song. Though after listening to this EP half a dozen times I've become to appreciate them a lot more .They add real substance to the overall feel of the song.

Third track - Visions - is one of the heaviest and catchiest songs on the EP. It has a more cautious approach compared to the other songs on the EP. The song is very soulful in parts and perhaps more reflective as a result. The sci-fi theme never makes you lose interest as Howling Giant creates a different feel and sound for each of the songs. The second half of the song sees Howling Giant move into more progressive doom/stoner territory.

The EP comes unstock and almost to a dead end with the fourth song - The Forest Speaks. It doesn't really go anywhere. As the song is a quietly played instrumental song that offers no real substance compared to the other songs. Though it's beautifully played.

Normal business resumes with the excellent fifth track - Circle Of Druids. This is my favourite song on the EP. As its way OTT in the lyrics department and the thumping psychedelic riffs that easily draw comparison to Elder but with Howling Giant showcasing their own blend of Psychedelic Doom/Stoner Rock. The vocals are heavy and emotional throughout.

The final song - Earth Wizard - sees Howling Giant conjuring up one final round of psychedelic spaced out madness and they deliver on all fronts. This song is the best way to end the EP with. As the EP has a cool narrative and engaging story with a beginning, middle and end.

It's a shame that Howling Giant didn’t' release both EP’s as a full album. As it would have made for a complex and fantastic sounding album. The production is superb with the sound being loud and clear from the start. Overall, Black Hole Space Wizard Part Two is a thrilling and superbly entertaining EP that demands your undivided attention.

Words by Steve Howe
Thanks to Asher Media, Tony at Magnetic Eye Records for the promo. Black Hole Space Wizard Part Two will be available to buy on CD/DD from August 25th 2017.

KAL-EL - Astrodoomeda (Album Review)

Release date: August 25th 2017. Label: Argonauta Records. Format: CD/DD

Astrodoomeda – Tracklisting

1. Astrodoomeda
2. Atmosphere
3. Mothership
4. Code of the Ancient
5. Luna
6. Starlight Shade
7. Spacecraft
8. Green Machine

Band Members

Cpt Ulven - Vocals
Roffe - Guitars
Liz - Bass
Bjudas - Drums


Spaced Out Stoners - Kal-El - return with their new album - Astrodoomeda - and it's everything bit as intriguing and heavy as the title suggests. Their last album made a big impression on me and this one is so much grander within its scope and execution of the whole narrative of the album.

Opening track - Astrodoomeda - sees lead vocalist – Cpt Ulven - channelling his inner Ozzy Osborne and delivering a bona-fide vocal performance this album richly deserves. The riffs are a mixture of spaced out doom sounds and classic sounding stoner metal vibes. It can be very Monster Magnet/Black Sabbath sounding in parts but Kal-El do this on their own terms and not a pale imitation. The lyrics are one of the albums main strengths as they interact seamlessly with the sci-fi theme of the whole album.

The opening track is one of two epic tracks running near the nine minute and ten minute mark. It's to Kal-El's credit they keep you intrigued with cool spaced out noises and sublime voiceovers that hark back to the days of fifties science fiction movies. Well played, Kal-El. You've done your homework on this album.

Songs such as Atmosphere, Mothership and Luna drive this album to heavier psychedelic moments with the band playing a non-stop barrage of fantastic sounding riffs and noises. Kal-El even manage to find time to include moments of Fuzz/Desert Rock into their music. One of the main strengths of this album and Kal-El's music in general is their undeniably strong chemistry the band has with each other. The music flows naturally and never feels out of place.

The whole atmosphere of the album never feels forced and you're genuinely excited by the music that Kal-El play. The album has an air of intelligence as the band throw in a few knowing winks to the world of Science Fiction. My favourite song on the album is Starlight Shade. The second epic song on the album the band has included. Kal-El creates another trippy spaced out story powered by heavy stoner riffs.

Kal-El include a cover of the Kyuss classic Green Machine as the final song. You've probably heard a thousand covers of this iconic song before. Well time to hear another version. It's a very cool version indeed and at least Kal-El try to add their own spin to the song.

Kal-El also made the right decision in signing to Argonauta Records for this album release. Perhaps the most in-form record label around who are releasing quality albums across the Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal spectrum.

If you're a fan of Black Sabbath, Kyuss and Monster Magnet then Astrodoomeda is the album you need to hear and fully experience right now. As Astrodoomeda is a wild and wonderful spaced out musical odyssey that could launch Kal-El on to bigger and better things.

Words by Steve Howe
Thanks to NeeCee Agency for the promo. Astrodoomeda will be available to buy on CD/DD via Argonauta Records from August 25th 2017.