Thursday 29 February 2024

Desert Rock Stalwarts Full Tone Generator unleash new record ‘Refuge of Sinners’ And Announce Australian Tour With BRANT BJORK

Artwork credit - Christos Athanasias

After releasing first taste ‘Juan Carlos’ back in June, Melbourne-based desert and stoner rock outfit Full Tone Generator are now gearing up for the release of their second album ‘Refuge of Sinners’.

While indebted to key influences such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, KYUSS, and Melvins, over the course of their life the band has carved out a unique sound that traverses and fuses elements of stoner, sludge, desert, psychedelic and hard rock to create something all their own. And no more has that been true than on this collection of songs, which sees the four-piece produce some of the most well-written and well-executed songs of their career.

Longer tracks such as ‘Find Out’ and ‘Dark Eyes’ showcase the band’s ability to craft more complex, evolutionary journeys while shorter songs ‘Take Me’ and ‘Yeah Hey’ offer counterbalancing sonic bursts of energy.

All together, these songs create a vast and varied desert landscape of sounds and textures complete with dense, unrelenting guitars, pummelling drums, propulsive bass and guttural vocals.

The band initially formed as a recording project when Brant Bjork (KYUSS, Fu Manchu) agreed to do some writing and recording with Andy Fernando (singer & vocalist) in 2018. The writing and recording that took place would turn out to be Full Tone Generator’s debut album

‘Valley of the Universe’. After putting a full live band together to play the songs live, the band hit the road and continued to release new music; including releasing a double A-side with Nick Oliveri (KYUSS, Queens of the Stone Age), playing Ripple Fest in Austin, Texas, playing alongside Eagles of Death Metal and The Sword, and playing their own headline tour throughout the States.

The album was recorded at the legendary Rancho De La Luna at Joshua Tree, California. It was self-produced along with Dave Catching (Queens of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal), with mixing and mastering undertaken by Andy Fernando.

The band will hit the road in late March for a national tour supporting Brant Bjork. And with a European tour lined up for November, the band have a huge year ahead.

The hazy and heavy psychedelic sounds of the Desert haven’t sounded as good as this for a very long time. - Outlaws of the Sun

The raw vocals and desert punk soundtrack grab you and don’t let go, and you find yourself going back again to get the hit of adrenaline that this raw, uncompromising desert punk rock assault delivers. - The Punk Site

Full Tone Generator have honed their craft down to a fine art. - Hot Metal Mag

Full Tone Generator is:

Andy Fernando (guitar & vocals)
Brad Young (Guitar)
Ben Hall (bass)
Matty David (drums).

Full Tone Generator online - Instagram | Facebook | Bandcamp | Spotify

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Album out 8th March through Golden Robot and Iron Head Records on DD/Vinyl Formats.

Heavy Psych/Doom/Stoner Metallers KALGON Announce New Album Details

Kalgon’s 7 track debut album features the raw elements that have defined them since they began two years ago. With a truly DIY approach, Kalgon’s self-titled release portrays the trio as they sound, with minimal embellishment. The album was engineered by Kalgon and mixed by Kevin Boggs.

With heavy psych, thrash, blues and stoner-doom stylings matched with steady low end riffs, the album runs a varied and dynamic course, all while nodding to throwback doom grooviness.

Lyrically, the album tells a story of Kalgon, a fungus that reawakens from the Devonian period by having spores that remain preserved in the exosphere after a comet carries it into orbit around Earth for hundreds of millions of years. The fungus then begins to colonize the minds of humans, controlling them to reformulate the atmosphere of Earth for warmer, more favorable conditions and more methane for the hivemind parasitic space fungus.

Kalgon is:

Brandon Davis: Guitar and Vocal
Berten Lee Tanner: Bass and Vocal
Marc Russo: Drums

Album Details

Recorded, Written, and Produced by Kalgon
Mixed and Mastered by Kevin Boggs at Loc-Level Sound
Cover layout and AI rendering by Kalgon


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Wednesday 28 February 2024

Observers - The Age Of The Machine Entities (Album Review)

Release Date: 04th March 2024. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

The Age Of The Machine Entities - Tracklisting

1. Into The Eye (2:59)

2. Frank Poole's Dream (2:30)

3. Frozen Lattices of Light (3:27)

4. Strange and Beautiful (3:33)

5. Pod Bay Doors (2:01)

6. Moon Doom (3:24)

7. Metaphor II (11:38)

8. The Star Child (3:03)

9. The Narrow Way Part II (2:57)


Martin Kennedy (All India Radio) - Guitars and soundscapes

Rich Gray (Annihilator) - Bass

Chris Bohm - Drums


Joao Corceiro - solos on Moon Doom, Into The Eye, The Star Child

Joe Haley - solo on Pod Bay Doors

Jake Weber - solo on Strange and Beautiful

Ido Romano - Ney on Metaphor II

Breno Machado - solos on Frank Poole's Dream, The Narrow Way Part II


The Age Of The Machine Entities is the new album from Instrumental Doom Metallers Observers and it’s quite the technical marvel with various styles of Doom Metal the band play on the album. Creating a doomedelic canvas of different sounding sounds ranging from Prog Metal, Psych Metal, Space Metal, Ambient Metal and Melodic Metal. The album pays homage to the classic science fiction opus 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Observers can be compared to acts such as BONGRIPPER, Clouds Taste Satanic, Animal As Leaders, Russian Circles and Pink Floyd. The album is at its most creative best when weaving Ambient soundscapes with a clever use of Prog Metal, Groove Metal and even Thrash Metal whilst retaining it’s ethereal Doomed Out energy with flashes of mind-inducing Cosmic Doom that appear throughout the album.

The majority of the tracks run between three minutes to four minutes in length and still feel considerably longer which is a great aspect of Observers music. There is one epic song  Metaphor II running past near the twelve minutes mark that is also perhaps the standout track on the album. As Observers brings a wealth of first rate storytelling on the album which instantly makes you part of the action. You don’t have to be a fan of 2001: A Space Odyssey to enjoy this album but it may give you a greater understanding of what Observers are trying to fully deliver with The Age Of The Machine Entities.

Observers play a winning never-ending style of melodic Post-Rock/Post-Metal sounds which allows the band to explore a wealth of different Instrumental Doom Metal grooves with iconic soundbytes from the film appearing here and there. The record can be a technical marvel with the massive amount of tech-metal beats and classic guitar shredding that Observers dominate their music with. You can expect to hear some wicked amounts of Electronica sounds which adds a whole new creative flow to the album and provide a cautionary tale of Space Exploration like the source material it’s based upon.

Standout tracks include: Frank Poole’s Dream, Frozen Lattices Of Light, Pod Bay Doors, Moon Doom, Metaphor II and The Star Child.

Overall, Observers have delivered a highly original and unique interpretation of the classic novel and movie the record is built upon. The Age Of The Machine Entities is boosted by wonderful production values that makes this a powerfully charged and emotional experience where the Ambient Doom themes become ever more real before the album reaches it’s natural conclusion.

Words by Steve Howe

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The Age Of The Machine Entities will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl from March 04th 2024.


Official | Facebook | BandCamp | Instagram

Psych/Grunge/Stoner Rockers HIJSS Premiere New Song/Video BLOW OUT From Upcoming New Album

Grunge/Psych/Stoner/Blues Rock collective HIJSS release their wildly entertaining and outrageously heavy new album Stuck On Common Ground via Heavy Psych Sounds on Friday March 8th 2024.

With a mixture of heavy blues influenced riffs and synthesized Krautrock parts HIJSS tries to create a high dynamic range that will keep your attention at all time.

On top of gritty bass lines and ferocious drums lie cosmic guitars, tantalizing vocals and arpeggiated electronic drones.

All three band members come from a vast musical background. Their common denominator is with out a doubt a punkish attitude.

To get you in the mood for the new album we're excited to premiere their superb new track and video for BLOW OUT from the forthcoming new album Stuck On Common Ground. 

HIJSS state this about the track: 

"Blow Out has a raw grunge attitude, captivating listeners with its hypnotic verse and juicy chorus. High-gain bridges fill the gap. Its dynamic shifts will keep you engaged from start to finish.

HIJSS Members

Maurice - DRUMS


Bandcamp - Facebook

Stuck On Common Ground will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Heavy Psych Sounds from Friday March 08th 2024. 

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Tuesday 27 February 2024

HIJSS - Stuck On Common Ground (Album Review)

Release Date: 08th March 2024. Record Label: Heavy Psych Sounds. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

Stuck On Common Ground - Tracklisting


2.1234 me 

3.Headless Blues

4.Interlude #1

5.Train Tracks


7.Black Disease

8.Interlude #2

9.Blow Out

10.Tilt Mode



Maurice - DRUMS



Stuck On Common Ground is the debut album from Psychedelic Stoner Rockers HIJSS who also focus upon bringing elements of Grunge, Noise Rock, Blues Rock and a healthy dose of Punk Rock swagger to the album. The sound is quite volatile with a catchy and aggressive 1990’s subtle Alternative flavour with HIJSS operating with a stripped back melody to their music whilst allowing a rip-roaring Sludge Rock attitude appearing within the lyrics, vocals and the heavy guitars when everything becomes more aggressive.

The opening tracks of Ingraved and 1234me allows HIJSS the perfect opportunity to play a stylish version of Grunge and Psychedelic Stoner Rock with moments of Electronic charged rhythms which soon transforms into a heavy Krautrock movement which allows the Noise Rock atmosphere to be brimming with Punk Rock attitude. There’s a level of sonic based distortion which allows HIJSS to play some original music of their own even within the early stages of the album.

Third track Headless Blues weaves Blues Rock dominance with an almost experimental Punk Rock dynamics with levels of Psychedelic and Cosmic energy which adds another thrilling aspect to their music that remains quite upbeat with that rebellious nature the vocals and lyrics are delivered within this track alone. 

Fourth track Interlude#1 is a Electronic and Psychedelic instrumental track which can be quite eccentric in places but hazy Blues Rock energy just works within the Post-Rock flow of the whole track. It’s quite a creative departure from the previous tracks but allows HIJSS to gear up for the next round of Psychedelic craziness the album has in store for the listener.

The following songs of Train Tracks, Narcolepsy and Black Disease sees HIJSS take a darker approach with the album. As the music becomes quite seedy with that wicked Punk Rock and Stoner Rock vibe that soon transforms into Electronic noises, beats, sounds and Freakly glitches which shouldn’t really work within the Stoner Rock movement but HIJSS pull this off with great style. The band still moves further into the classic style of Desert/Stoner Rock especially within Narcolepsy with Lois Lane’s vocals being quite surreal and reaching to high levels of volume.

After the wicked instrumental track Interlude #2 sees HIJSS return to the destructive best with the final two tracks Blow Out and Tilt Mode being the most riff driven and anthemic parts of the album especially on Blow Out. There’s a darker sensibility appearing within the lyrics despite some of the more uplifting instrumental moments being played on these tracks. 

Heavy Psych Sounds are releasing this album and you all know what to expect from one of the best labels within the Stoner Rock/Metal scene and that’s why Stuck On Common Ground doesn’t disappoint within the production quality department. 

Stuck On Common Ground is a breath of fresh air with it’s catchy, aggressive and experimental grooves which still remains a first rate Stoner Rock album from start to finish. The production values are superbly realised and perhaps considered to be more Punk Rock based especially with the stripped back atmospherics which allows HIJSS to explore multiple different genres and remain superbly original from start to finish.

Words by Steve Howe

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Stuck On Common Ground will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Heavy Psych Sounds from Friday March 08th 2024. 


Bandcamp - Facebook

Italian Psych Rockers FRANK NEVER DIES Unveil "Red Moon Rising" Full Album Details

Italian Psych Rockers FRANK NEVER DIES have officially unveiled the comprehensive album particulars for their highly anticipated sophomore album, 'Red Moon Rising,' slated to debut via Argonauta Records on March 29, 2024.

Album tracklisting and cover art are as follows:

1. Peep Show
2. Red Moon Rising
3. Audrey
4. One of these Nights
5. Living Spell
6. The Fortune Teller
7. Know my Name

Previously, the band released an outstanding official music video for "Red Moon Rising": 

Compared to their debut LP (Behind the Paradox, Blood Rock Records), the sound created by the band is now less melodic and presents more free structures that recall 70' psychedelia. Inspirations from jazz, trip-hop, funk, and grunge merge with it.

The result of this eclectism creates a mysterious and enigmatic atmosphere, following the main themes of the LP, related to the red moon as worshipped or feared symbol: before it, the humanity reveals its most irrational aspect, between madness and adoration.

The first LP was completely instrumental, in Red Moon Rising instead Mirko Giuseppone and Simona Ferrucci sing in some tracks.

The drum's sound of Luca Zannini is direct, sometimes aggressive, tribal and lead role all the time.

Mirko's guitar, compared to the first LP, has a rough and vivid sound, frequently played through wah-wah pedal. The inspiration is between rock & blues and grunge.

The vintage's sound of Simona's synths contributes to the creation of a '70 touch. The bass frequently becomes the third melodic line in the tracks, with unconventional rhythm patterns and effects.

The composition of Red Moon Rising started in 2020. After three years, the drum and voice recording, mixing and mastering were made by Fabio Ferri (renowned sound engineer and former drummer of Il Balletto di Bronzo), in his studio in Roma Millenium Audio Recording.

Guitars, bass and synths were recorded in Rome at Blue Bird Studio of Simona Ferrucci and Mirko Giuseppone.

For more info:

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Fuzz/Alternative/Stoner Rockers WASTE A SAINT Release New Song/Video For C.M.T.L From Upcoming New Album RAVENOUS

Waste a Saint is a Norwegian band from Trondheim that plays melodic stoner rock with psychedelic touches and their sound has been compared to bands such as Queens of the Stone Age, The Dead Weather and Spiders, alternative rock from the nineties and fuzzed bands from the late sixties.
After the release of their debut album "Hypercarnivore" (All Good Clean Records - 2022), they've toured all over Norway and played in cities like Gothenburg and Copenhagen.

In June 2023, Waste a Saint entered the Sørgården studio to record their second album “Ravenous” with Per Borten from Spidergawd sitting behind the recording console. “Ravenous” essentially picks up their debut “Hypercarnivore” left off, presenting the characteristic sound Waste a Saint has created over the years and showcases their ability to meld genres. With a foundation of melodic stoner rock, singable choruses and catchy guitar riffs, the band incorporates elements from metal, blues and kraut rock throughout the album’s eight tracks.


Bogey Stefansdottir - Vocals
Alexander Skomakerstuen - Guitars
Ole Nogva - Bass
Øivind Fossem - Drums

We're excited to premiere the new song C.M.T.L from their upcoming new album Ravenous due out on Friday March 1st 2024 on All Good Clean Records.

The band say this about the track: "The song is by far the most aggressive on the album, but it's also one of the songs we had the most fun creating. The lyrics are from the pov of someone who was cheated on; when the cheater regrets what they've done and comes begging for forgiveness. To make the theme really stand out, we wanted to have someone to add scream vocals and we were lucky enough to get the awesome Sondre Sørensen Brønstad from Agabas to do just that. Despite its aggressiveness, the song has a playfulness to it that reflects the satisfaction of standing your ground, making it a band favourite."

Waste A Saint Links

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Monday 26 February 2024

Swedish Doomsters CAVERN DEEP Hunt Monsters on Gripping New Single ‘THE PEELER’

Hailing from Umeå in Northern Sweden, the trio have carved out a name for themselves in recent years with hulking doom that has got the underground listening...

‘The Peeler’, the brand-new single from Cavern Deep is out now via Bonebag Records

Watch the video for ‘The Peeler’ below!

Founded in 2019 by Max Malmer and former members of Swedish death metallers, Zonaria, and retro rockers, Gudars Skymning; Sweden’s Cavern Deep has established itself as one of the Scandinavia’s finest new doom metal bands.

Having released their first album in 2021 on the Polish label Interstellar Smoke Records, the band has since formed and issued music under their own Bonebag Records imprint, most recently releasing their latest record, Part II – Breach, to critical acclaim across Europe.

Returning this month for a one-off release, new single ‘The Peeler’ was originally intended to be a bonus track on the band’s forthcoming album. But while all good things come to those who wait, some things are too awesome to not share immediately. For those impatient souls itching for new material from the Umeå trio, this sleeping giant of a track focuses its attention on a lost mythical monster who resides in the deep cavernous realms of a long-lost civilisation. A hideous beast that hypnotises and oozes slime from its jaws, peeling skin from its still-stirring victims, and feeding off them piece by piece.

Towering guitars and drums soundtrack the ensuing chaos and seek to capture the creature using stark riffs and crushing strokes of colossal doom metal. Coupled with fantastic stop motion footage – assembled, and animated by artist, “Bob” – for the single’s visualiser video, ‘The Peeler’ is out now via Bonebag Records –


Max Malmer – Bass, Vocals
Dennis Sjödin – Drums, Vocals, Keyboards
Kenny Oswald Dufvenberg – Vocals, Guitars


2/3 – Musikhuset – Gävle, Sweden
23/3 – Gamla Enskede Bryggeri – Johanneshov, Sweden
24/5 – Droskan – Umeå, Sweden

Cavern Deep on Bandcamp | Instagram | Facebook

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Clouds Taste Satanic - 79 A.E. (Album Review)

Release Date: 01st March 2024. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

79 A.E. - Tracklisting




Instrumental Doom Metallers Clouds Taste Satanic return with their eighth album 79 A.E. which acts as a soundtrack to an unmade Apocalyptic Film. Consisting of two tracks both running for around twenty two minutes in length, the record is quite different to their acclaimed 2023 effort Tales Of Demonic Possession. As the band play a more streamlined version of Doom/Stoner Metal with flashes of Post-Rock and Ambient based energy.

This record has a more dominant Psychedelic and Cosmic sound with the band even adding a wicked style of classic Stoner grooves within the epic opening track Collision. Sludgy guitars abound within the first half of the song with a vibrant stop/start approach with the gloomy moments of the song. There is a subtle Blues Rock energy which the band splices with Space Rock attitude.

Even with no vocals or soundbytes, Clouds Taste Satanic provides a thrilling storytelling narrative which becomes ever more real when the heavier instrumental jams appear with the drumming being a real highlight.

Second track Reclamation sees Clouds Taste Satanic operate with a more Progressive vision which ultimately builds upto multiple different styles of Cosmic Doom and Psychedelic Stoner themes which takes the listener ever so closer to the impending arrival of ARMAGEDDON that 79 A.E. has been built for. The music is ever so real with a street level attitude despite the OUT OF THIS WORLD and science fiction creativity that the band have used for the record. The sound can be quite down-tuned in places with moments of bleak cinematic grooves before changing into small moments of uplifting blissful energy. 

79 A.E. is a first rate exercise in SONIC DELIVERY where the music feels almost too real at times and even hearing Clouds Taste Satanic having a more free-flowing attitude especially on the later stages of the album. Intricate noises and Ambient rhythms are used throughout the album which only adds to the overall excitement of the whole record. It’s great to see Clouds Taste Satanic explore new areas of music with that lush Post-Rock attitude being used to wonderful effect on Reclamation. 

This is an album with genuine HEART and SOUL with a powerful DESTRUCTIVE quality which gives it a more emotional feel that you don’t initially expect. 79 A.E. proves once again why Clouds Taste Satanic are without doubt one of the finest Instrumental bands from the Doom/Stoner Metal scene around today. This is another unmissable record from the band. 

Explore Your Own Cosmic Destruction at your own leisure. Simply unmissable.

Words by Steve Howe

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79 A.E. will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Majestic Mountain Records from March 1st 2024.


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Sunday 25 February 2024

Rising US Doom Rockers ELK WITCH Join Forces with MAJESTIC MOUNTAIN RECORDS for New Album

Hailing from the mountainous surrounds of Southern Oregon, Elk Witch is a heavy rock trio founded in 2019 by guitarist/vocalist Deven Andersen, bassist Darren Wostenberg, and drummer Joe Coitus.

When combined, the effect of that classic psych rock and progressive doom sound on their style has led critics to compare them to legendary bands such as Black Sabbath, The Sword, and The Obsessed. Leaning on riff-driven rock and raw energy to propel them forward on a sonic exploration, the band's ability to seamlessly blend modern musical elements into 70s and 90s metal make them a must-listen for any fan of the genre.

In 2020, Elk Witch unveiled their debut EP, The Mountain, which ultimately laid the foundations for their signature sound. Catching the attention of StoneFly Records in 2021 the release of their debut album a year later (Beyond the Mountain, 2022) solidified their presence on the stoner rock landscape and showcased the band's evolution and commitment to pushing boundaries. Their inevitable ascent was highlighted by impressive rankings on the Doom Charts which heralded their arrival as a rising force to be reckoned with.

Now in a partnership with Majestic Mountain Records, Elk Witch is poised to release their second full-length this April and are leading the charge with the album’s new single and title track, ‘Azimuth’.

“To me, ‘Azimuth’ holds a feeling and vibe we were really going for on the album,” explains Deven Andersen. “The lyrics draw inspiration from a personal experience, a trip to the high desert in Eastern Oregon, a land of isolation with sparse population. It has an amazing blend of desert landscape with high peaked snow-covered mountains. I was thinking this is the place I would go if something happened to civilization.”

A natural progression from their debut, Azimuth, takes the core ingredients of that Elk Witch sound to a more refined and diverse plane. Delving into broader subject matters that extend beyond the earthly realms, it explores both the past and future of existence, while it’s sound – perfectly captured on wax by those hardworking wizards at Majestic Mountain Records – operates at a higher sonic level and clarity with near-flawless production.

“It’s a surreal feeling to be able to call Majestic Mountain Records home. It was on our minds from the get-go making our second record. There's an undeniable vibe about MMR that resonates with us, and we felt a natural connection with them, especially given that Sweden is such a major force in the heavier and slower side of metal. We're genuinely psyched about what it represents in the heavy underground scene.”

Azimuth will be released on 19th April via Majestic Mountain Records on heavy weight 180g colour-in-colour vinyl (marbled red and smoky grey) with gatefold spine, and can be pre-ordered HERE

Watch the stunning video for the title track AZIMUTH from the upcoming album of the same name.

Elk Witch:

Deven Andersen – Guitar, Vocals
Darren Wostenberg – Bass
Joe Coitus – Drums


1. Dead Silence 
2. Azimuth 
3. Liminal Space 
4. Empyrean
5. Vortex
6. Universe 25
7. Space Drift
8. Ghosts of the Lupatia
9. Goddess of Winter

Artist: Elk Witch
Album: Azimuth
Record Label: Majestic Mountain Records
Formats: Vinyl/CD/Digital
Release Date: 19/04/2024
Produced by Elk Witch 
Engineered & Mixed by Deven Andersen
Recorded & Mixed at Vortex Studios at Central Point, Oregon 
Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio, New Windsor, New York
Album Cover by Adam Burke @nightjarillustration 
Gatefold Images by @Nibera and @Jadoarts 
Gatefold Layout & Graphics by Deven Andersen

Elk Witch on Bandcamp | Web | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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Gravity Well - Negative Space (Album Review)

Release Date: 23rd February 2024. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Negative Space - Tracklisting

1.As Above 03:14

2.The Abstract 07:16

3.Delirium 06:42

4.Burning Gaze 05:28

5.The Forest 05:50

6.So Below 06:00


Vocals, Synth - Fionnuala McGlinchy

Guitar - Tom Finney

Bass - Michael McFarlane

Drums - Ciaran O'Kane


Negative Space is the new album from Psychedelic Doom/Stoner Rockers Gravity Well who play with a Spaced Out sound with haunting vocals from Fionnuala McGlinchy providing the storytelling narrative. Though, the band injects spoken word interludes into the album. Taking creative cues and inspiration from bands such as SLEEP, Black Sabbath, Windhand and another certain Belfast band by the name of SLOMATICS.

This record has a more groove driven sound compared to their 2022 release Earthbound which sees a diverse range of different Doomed Out melodies and Heavy Psychedelic instrumental passages. The whole record is powered by an epic Stoner Rock/Metal tone which can be quite DRONE based in places especially within the stunning opening tracks of As Above, The Abstract and Delirium. 

If you ever wondered what WINDHAND would sound like if they ventured into far reaches of space then Gravity Well is perhaps the closest you’ll hear. However, Gravity Well are most definitely their own band playing a highly addictive blend of Doom/Stoner grooves with a hint of classic Sludge Rock for when the heavy grooves appear. The sound can be quite progressive with a Noise Rock edge on the later stages of the album.

Gravity Well are quite adept in blending Ambient themes and tones into a more Atmospheric style of music which just fills the whole Spaced Out Environment of the record especially on the heaviest parts of the album. The lyrics are another highlight which draws the listener into a deep emotional state especially when the Prog Rock movements appear out of nowhere with Fionnuala’s vocals are the perfect guide which have a deep Alt Rock/Dreamlike flow to them.

The second half of the album is just as diverse and inventive with the multitude of different Psychedelic sounds which cross into Shoegaze/Doomgaze territory with Burning Gaze and So Below being the standout tracks on the album. The band always finds the time to include classic guitar solos even when the song is perhaps dominated by a more ferocious style of Stoner Metal.

Negative Space is a superbly realised and constructed album with Gravity Well bringing their own fantastic style of Psychedelic Stoner Metal to the underground masses. With excellent production values, this album is one that offers a stunning cinematic vision if you like your music with that added extra level of Cosmic SPICE.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


Official | Facebook | BandCamp | Instagram