Thursday 30 September 2021

REDSCALE Release New Video For "It's A Death Cult Baby" From Upcoming New Album THE OLD COLOSSUS

REDSCALE is a heavy rock / stoner rock four-piece based in Berlin, Germany. Founded in 2015, REDSCALE released several records and brought their live shows to many stages. REDSCALE plays contemporary heavy rock. The powerful vocals are framed by collosseum-sized chordage, massive hooks and memorable melodies. 

The band released the following releases:  

SET IN STONE (Album – 2017) 
FEED THEM TO THE LIONS (Album – 2019, Karma Conspiracy Records)  
THE OLD COLOSSUS (Album – due out October 15th, 2021, Majestic Mountain Records) 

The 2019 album "FEED THEM TO THE LIONS" was warmly welcomed by the heavy rock scene around the world and accompanied by positive reviews in many media outlets.

You can see watch the new video "It's A Death Cult Baby" from their upcoming third album "THE OLD COLOSSUS" due out on October 15th 2021 via Majestic Mountain Records (Digital/CD/Vinyl). 


Christian Reuter (Guitars)
Grant Price (Bass)
Henning Claussen (Vocals/Guitars)
Martin Stabler (Drums)

Thanks to Vesper at Majestic Mountain Records for all of the details.

Wednesday 29 September 2021

Sofie Jell Release New EP - "Beauty Lies in the Eyes Pt.2”

Sharped, intense, energetic. The sonority presented by the Brazilian band Sofie Jell combines all these requirements, and in last Friday (24) we checked more of this intense mix with their new work, the EP “Beauty Lies in the Eyes Pt.2”, released by the label Banana Atômica.
Continuing the EP “Beauty Lies in the Eyes Pt.1” released in 2018 by the quartet from the city of Feira de Santana the group brings us once again their intense and exciting Grunge sound with elements of Alternative Rock and even Stoner, distilling an powerful and “sticky” heavy rock.

Created in 2017 and inspired by the likes of Helmet, Soundgarden, Silverchair and Queens of the Stone Age, Sofie Jell has been climbing several levels in rapid rise, delivering a mature and well-produced sound, with admirable composition levels and organic reverence for icons of the approaching strands.

Having participated in recognized festivals in Bahia such as Feira Noise (participating in three editions) and the 2021 edition of Dopesmoke Festival, the band composed by Lucas Laudano (vocals and guitar), Leonardo Guimarães (drums) Bruno Mendes (bass) and Marquinhos Menezes (guitar) delivers right away his inspirations in the six tracks, presenting with "Beauty Lies in the Eyes Pt.2" another round of these magnetic tracks and nineties influences, led by the single "Overrated" and evoking the most iconic and representative of the 90s in an honest and inspired way, a whole world for Grunge-addicted listeners

“Beauty Lies in the Eyes” was produced by the band and Vicente Fonseca, recorded at Estúdio do Beco in Salvador/Bahia, and is available on streaming below:

Listen to “Beauty Lies in the Eyes Pt.2” on Spotify or below:


3.Figure Out
6.Wasted Days


Produced by: Sofie Jell / Vicente Fonseca
Recorded between February 2020/March 2021 in: Estúdio do Beco, Salvador/BA
Drums recording at: Conexão Studio, Feira de Santana/BA
Mixed and mastered by Vicente Fonseca at Estúdio do Beco/BA
Cover Art by: Luise Pierote


Lucas Laudano - voice/guitar
Marquinhos Menezes – guitar
Leonardo Guimarães – drums
Bruno Mendes - bass
Jorge Luiz Marques Filho (participation) – piano and orchestra

Sofie Jell Links

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Floored Faces - Kool Hangs (Album Review)

Release Date: November 12th  2021. Record Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Kool Hangs - Tracklisting

Shoot The Ground

All Around You

I’d Be Broke

Now You See It

Into The Ground


Out Of The Ground

Head First

Bash Machine


Joe Syverson - Guitars/Vocals

Erik Cargill - Bass

Colin English - Drums/Synth


Kool Hangs is the 2nd full length album from Seattle Rockers Floored Faces with the band taking influence from The Melvins, TAD, Monster Magnet and Fu Manchu. Kool Hangs may have a “hip” title but this is low-down seedy Psychedelic Stoner Rock with a Garage Rock style outlook that also sees the band bring a street-level Grunge based vibe.

Maybe the whole feel of the album has the closest comparision to 90s Monster Magnet when they were at the height of their creative powers. Floored Faces tap into that seedy outlook but bring a Fuzz/Garage Rock kaleidoscope of grooves to the mix. The album is quite exciting to listen to at times even if the raw lo-fi vibe does take a couple songs to fully gel. Though, the opening two songs of Shoot The Ground and All Around You both feel like a love letter to the classic riffs of TAD and Monster Magnet. The music is rebellious with a spaced out attitude and quite fast-paced at times.

The production is handled superbly well and offers Floored Faces the chance to impress with almost every song with the music being very diverse. The seedy and fuzz based passages bring an extra level of heaviness with the band moving from one Stoner Rock situaion to the next with songs such as: I’d Be Broke, Now You See It and Into The Ground having a real 90s sounding Alt-Rock identity. 

Kool Hangs does sound it was recorded on vintage recording equipment to capture the Garage Rock/Punk Rock spirit of the eras of music heard on this release. I loved the whole seediness of the fast-paced guitars and the lengths of all the songs. 

There’s a buoyant upbeat and aggressive element to the lyrics that Floored Faces have written for this album. My favouire part is when Floored Faces bring in a fresh sounding Psychedelic Drone part that does have a FLOOR/TORCHE aspect to it. 

The 2nd half of the album is just as warm and engaging as the 1st half with Floored Faces playing the best parts of the album with songs such as: Updended, Out Of The Ground and Bash Machine.

This is such a different album to their 2020 debut album which was a great album itself. However, Floored Faces have created the “winning formula” for themselves on this album. The record just about does everything right with Floored Faces creating such a “KOOL” place for the cool kids, hipsters and old-school Stoner Rock fans to check out and fully get on board with.

Kool Hangs has just gained a place on my “Best Albums Of 2021” list. 

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Claire at Purple Sage PR for the promo.

Kool Hangs will be released on CD/DD/Vinyl from 12th November 2021.


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Monday 27 September 2021

WEIRD TALES Release New Video For ZZ

WEIRD TALES is coming back with a brand new video! New track “ZZ” recorded live at Kongo Studio in Warsaw, Poland.

The weird approach on this one is mixing stoner doom sludge and heavy psych in a way that delivers to every heavy music fan.

It takes you to the long trip with insane riffs, psychedelic sonic wall, crazy composition and unexpected changes.

It’s HEAVY, it’s LOUD, it’s WEIRD.


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DUEL - In Carne Persona (Album Review)

Release Date: October 1st 2021. Record Label: Heavy Psych Sounds. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

In Carne Persona - Tracklisting

1.Children Of The Fire 04:33

2.The Veil 04:17

3.Anchor 03:44

4.Behind The Sound 04:25

5.Bite Back! 03:04

6.Wave Of Your Hand 04:33

7.Dead Eyes 03:40

8.Lizard Tongue 03:56

9.Blood On The Claw 06:25


Tom Frank — Guitar & Vocals

Shaun Avants — Bass & Vocals

Justin Collins — Drums

Jeff Henson — Guitar & Vocals


In Carne Persona is the 4th full length album from famed Doomed Out Heavy Rock Crew DUEL and is perhaps their most dazzling record yet bursting with their no holds barred style of classic heavy metal and modern sounding Doom/Stoner Metal. The band excel in bringing the different eras of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal with DUEL’s usually wild style of Psychedelic grooves layered on top for good measure.

The album does sound more vibrant and heavier compared to their earlier releases but DUEL still maintain their classic trademark sound which you can hear on the storming opening song - Children Of The Fire. A gloomy Stoner Metal track fighting with a top-notch classic Heavy Metal vibe with that fantastic Twin Guitar setup allowing the band playing different styles of riffs for classic heavy metal fans to get on board with even if they’re not a fan of the modern Stoner Rock/Metal backdrop lurking not far away.

Second song - The Veil - sees Duel go a bit more “Doom Metal” with an almost 70’s sounding Doom Rock/Metal attitude with even a “grungy” aspect being heard. Well it did for myself especially during the quieter parts and Tom Frank on solid form with his bombastic vocals. The band pay their huge respects to KISS, Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden on this track which they may have done on previous albums. Add that modern Stoner Metal sound and DUEL just impress yet again with top-notch instrumental work and lyrics to match.

Third song - Anchor - has a more “Boogie Rock” centric approach with the music being quite feel-good and upbeat but still allowing DUEL the opportunity to bring a fast-paced Classic Heavy Rock style to the party. It’s deliciously or devilishly OTT and that’s down to the kick-ass OCCULT vibes held on this song.

DUEL continue playing their hybrid style of NWOBHM anthemic jams across 6 more songs with different scopes being played for the majority of the songs. Standout songs include: Behind The Sound, Bite Back!, Lizard Tongue and Blood On The Claw.

The album is being released on Heavy Psych Sounds who have handled all of DUEL’s releases since their acclaimed 2016 debut release. This is a good thing to see as Heavy Psych Sounds are one of the best underground labels currently out there (along with many others) and it’s cool seeing this partnership working so well.

Anyway, this is DUEL’s chance to shine in the limelight with their best release to date. The band takes many creative risks on this album. It may not seem like that when first listening to the album but give it a few listens and you begin to appreciate the different moods and styles of music DUEL use on this record. 

Always backed up by superb production, this album is quite the wild ride with DUEL proving even when hitting upon some hard themes, they still manage to allow the listener to have a great time with this album with powerful riffs that have that classic and modern energy without losing focus or momentum.

In Carne Persona is another superbly entertaining record that ranks as their best release to date.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Claire at Purple Sage PR for the promo.

In Carne Persona will be released on CD/DD/Vinyl from 01st October 2021 via Heavy Psych Sounds 


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Sunday 26 September 2021

Band To Check Out - BLACK SKY GIANT

Black Sky Giant are an Instrumental Psych Stoner Rock Band from Rosario, Argentina who have released 3 excellent albums since August 2020. I've only been a fan of their band for the last few months and it was my brother who told me to check these guys out. I admit I wasn't fully sold on their style of Instrumental Stoner Rock with the band showing their low-key style of Space Rock, Psych Rock and Desert Rock.

However, after listening to their 2nd album, Planet Terror that I started to warm-up to their style of Fuzzy Spaced Out Rock. With flashes of KYUSS, Karma To Burn and Yawning Man heard within their music that I started to enjoy the album more and more with Planet Terror becoming my favourite album of theirs. Though, their debut album, Orbiter and recently released new album- Falling Mothership all being high quality sounding and expertly produced releases.

Their music is one of Psychedelic Movement told through the Instrumental Stoner Rock/Metal field. There is a lush Psychedelic/Spaced Out backdrop that are the main building blocks for Black Sky Giant. The music always feels it moves from one intergalactic location to the next. 

Black Sky Giant are one of the best Instrumental Stoner Rock bands from the South American Scene. Bold claim. Perhaps. These are the best Instrumental Stoner Rock albums I've heard from that scene. The band are starting to build up a dedicated fan-base within the Stoner Rock community and with these 3 great albums it's not hard to see why.

Check out yourself.

Words by Steve Howe



Olympia, WA Sludge Metal Trio has signed to Desert Records.

For fans of Eyehategod, Dystopia, Iron Monkey, Autopsy, Mind Eraser.

'In The Throes Of Madness' serves itself as a release of anger, fear, depression, dissapointment and all the other things that come along with the current climate of the world we're living in.

For new listeners of Grim Earth this album is a progressive step in a slightly different direction from previous material. Member changes, coupled with new interests and the want to experiment with different genres led the band down the path of exploring new territory while maintaining the sound that fans associate them with.

'In the Throes of Madness' is about the human condition and all the things intertwined within that complicated subject while also touching the band's own personal feelings and emotions.

The album is filthy, distorted and full of rage which also perfectly sums up how we were feeling while writing this album. Its full of screeching feedback, abrupt tempo changes and abrasive tone while still paying mind to the riff.

The band took inspiration from lots of their favorite Hardcore/Powerviolence and Death Metal bands and added it into their songwriting formula

You can pre-order now from BandCamp and soon from Desert Records.


Saturday 25 September 2021

Heavy Blues Rock trio Ambassador team up with Interstellar Smoke Records to release debut album on vinyl!

Heavy Blues Rock trio Ambassador team up with Interstellar Smoke Records to release their brilliantly crushing debut album on vinyl!



*Trans Violet Vinyl 180 grams, housed in standard LP-sleeve cover, comes in single-pocket cover, double-sided print insert and poster A3.

Art by Alejandro Castillo Leonelli

*Trans Violet Vinyl Hand-Crafted in 33 1/3 RPM, with new special audiophile mastering for vinyl edition to get the highest possible sound quality at Velozet Estudio by Dylan Lerner and Masterized at Delajungla Estudio by Hernan Asconiga

All analogic recorded(!)

This album was recorded live and in one take(!)

Heavy Blues Rock Trio in BEST POSSIBLE FORM ! ! !


1. Blues del origen 05:07
2. Estado Natural 04:05
3. Arbol de la paz 03:54
4. Espejismo 03:57
5. Siniestro 06:11
6. Por los caminos 02:54
7. La amenaza del pombero 03:06
8. Donde pega el sol 03:58
9. Tiempo 01:32

Connect with Interstellar Smoke Records:

Connnect with AMBASSADOR:

Funeral For Two - II (EP Review)

Release Date: September 23rd 2021. Record Label: Inverse Records. Format: DD

II - Tracklisting

1.The Curse Of Lord

2.La Muerte


Guitar/vocals: Mikke

Bass: Jetro

Drums: Pete


II is the new EP from Finland Doom/Stoner Metal Power Trio Funeral For Two and it’s a well produced and well made affair that sees the band prove their talent across two excellent tracks. The atmosphere is one of aggressive tone and gloomy atmospherics. There is a moody Blues based vibe held within the confinements of the music with a Black Sabbath aesthetic that’s very hard to deny.

Opening song - The Curse Of Lord - is constantly loud and aggressive with a thumping bass being one of the highlights of the song. It’s perhaps not as prominent as the Drums or Guitars but there is something that draws you into that part of the song the most. Well it did for myself. The song soon moves into early-Monolord territory with heavy down-tuned or down-doomed sounds. The song can be quite Drone and Distorted sounding which gives Funeral For Two a more “in-yer-face” sound. With the song being on for over 11 minutes the band are quite comfortable making this a more progressive affair.

Second song - La Muerte - runs for little over 10 minutes and continues the themes and ideas from the first song but adds a few different sounds along the way. The FUZZ is brought way up more on this song and you’re treated to a song that moves a fine line between Doom Metal, Stoner Metal and FUZZ Rock with those Sabbath/Monolord influences still allowing Funeral For Two bring their own distinctive flavour to the party.

II is quite lo-fi but that doesn’t take anything away from the great production held on the EP. This remains a product of the underground scene and it does play along with fantastic gloomy energy. I wish there was another song to go with the songs contained on this release. Just to see if Funeral For Two has more cool tricks up their sleeve but we can wait until the nest release.

Add this to your collection now. Superb stuff…..

Words by Steve Howe


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Thursday 23 September 2021

Exclusive Album Premiere Of Cripta Blue Debut Full Length Album

Italy's up and coming power rock trio, CRIPTA BLUE will be releasing their debut self-titled album on Friday 24th September via Italian Powerhouse Label Argonauta Records.

The band's self- titled, first full length record will be out on September 24, 2021 and available on Vinyl and as Digital formats.

CRIPTA BLUE was formed in 2019 by members of bands like Desert Wizard, Thrash act Rising Dark and Talismanstone. Being no strangers to the heavy music scene, the trio skilfully plays an enthralling and vibrant blend of psych rock, heavy power blues and a remarkable sound of the NWOBHM doom rock era between Blue Cheer, May Blitz and Saint Vitus. CRIPTA BLUES‘ debut is a captivating example of finest proto doom, that has the psychedelic mood you can't help but to dive into, gloomy lyrics and the hint of a cult horror classic. 

The baritone vocals of front-man and bassist Andrea Giuliani are shrouded by acid and fuzz rock soundscapes, full of power blues and with the soul of doom, without any doubt CRIPTA BLUE's upcoming, first album could easily make it on several Best-Of lists by the end of this year. 

"We started our musical and twilight journey in a cold night of November 2019, and now our dark creature is finally alive and ready to get unleashed!" Says vocalist and bassist, Andrea Giuliani. 

He continues: "A new, personal doom and psych sound, that looks back on the past of the dark 70's. No occult lyrics but instead distorted and horrible metaphors of what it means to taste life and to live it sinking deep, surrounded by the living dead...

You can listen to the album in full thanks to the cool folks at Argonauta Records and All Noir PR.

Cripta Blue S/T will be available to buy on DD/Vinyl via Argonauta Records from September 24th 2021.


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Wednesday 22 September 2021

Slowshine - Living Light (Album Review)

Release Date: October 08th 2021. Record Label: The Lasting Dose Records.
Format: DD/Vinyl/Cassette

From The Basement - Tracklisting


2.Brittle Bones



5.Mother Moon

6.Dunes Of Time

7.Living Light 

8.A Quiet Place


Sabine Oberg – Bass

Jan Oberg – Guitars, Vocals

André Klein – Drums


Slowshine is the new band from members of Earth Ship, GRIN and The Smokin’ 44s with Sabine, Jan and André already being part of the same band with Earth Ship. However, this is a different beast to Earth Ship and sounds more like a fully realized version of Jan and Sabine’s other project GRIN. WIth both bands focusing upon Doom Rock, Sludge Metal, Stoner Rock though Slowshine add elements of Noise Rock and Shoegaze into the mix. 

Their debut album Shining Light can seem to have a comparison with bands such as FLOOR, TORCHE and Spotlights. However, Slowshine has a more upbeat, distorted and feelgood sound with the album being so cool and original in places. 

The record has 8 songs and has a lot of sonic variety for the band to play with especially on the excellent opening song Trails with its heavy mix of Distorted Sludge Rock and a powerful Drone quality to it. The vocals rest on the psychedelic side of life but the music gives Slowshine a real muscular edge. The Psychedelic guitars move from Post-Doom to Post-Stoner grooves with no trouble at all and shows you what to expect for the rest of the album.

Second song - Battle Bones - is a heavier song with the band moving quickly onto Psychedelic Sludge Rock with Noise/Indie Rock attitude being played in the background. The band brings a Progressive feel to this song and it does remind me of the more quieter moments from GRIN’s last album but as I said with a modern Indie feel though still within the confinements of Sludge/Stoner Metal. The Shoegaze aspect is a great touch with Slowshine really starting to get in their creative stride with this album.

Third song - Heights - has fantastic dual vocal delivery from Jan and Sabine which makes this one of the standout tracks on the album. The Post-Punk feel brings a heavier psychedelic environment for the band to experiment with. Crunching sludgy guitars and great singalong choruses make it irresistible not to join in. You can hear the band's musical influences far and wide on this song and it still remains a cool and original sounding composition. 

Fourth song - Wanderer - is perhaps the most laid back track on the album with a lovely slow-paced groove that lets you soak in the heavy and hazy atmosphere. Heavy Post-Rock guitars build upto heavier elements such as Sludge and Stoner with an almost 90s Alt-Rock/Psychedelic flow running in the vocals and lyrics. The 2nd half of the song sees the band play heavier grooves but still keeping in line with the earlier moments of the song.

The 2nd half of the album perhaps contains the heaviest parts of the album with Slowshine becoming more daring and creative with their music. The final 3 songs of Dunes Of Time, Living Light and A Quiet Place are the best parts of the album and even perhaps some of the best music I’ve heard all 3 members have been involved with including the mighty Earth Ship. 

Living Light was an unexpected surprise for myself as I fell in love with this album quite quickly and one that has definitely earned a place on my list of Best Albums of 2021.

Overall, Living Light is an album backed up by wonderful production values that make this a must have album. If you’re a fan of Torche’s earlier albums such as Meanderthal then you have no reason not to check this band out. This is an exciting and bold album packed full of uplifting Sludge/Stoner Metal songs from start to finish. 

Words by Steve Howe

Living Light will be available to buy on DD/Vinyl/Cassette from The Lasting Dose Records from October 8th 2021. 


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Monday 20 September 2021

Delco Detention - From The Basement (Album Review)

Release Date: September 09h 2021. Record Label: Self Released. Format: DD

From The Basement - Tracklisting

1.It Came From The Basement (w/ Jared Collins of Mississippi Bones) 03:51

2.The Joy Of Homeschooling (w/ Neil Fallon of Clutch) 03:09

3.Across The Water (w/ Domagoj Simek of She Loves Pablo & Isaiah Mitchell of Earthless) 04:07

4.Mascat (w/ Krissy Allen McPherson & Neal Pomerantz) 03:59

5.Dirt School (w/ Ben Jackson & Eddie Brnabic of Hippie Death Cult 04:05

6.From The Shadows ( w/ Bob Mavity & Mike Descoteaux) 04:24

7.The Action Is Delco (w/ Bob Balch of Fu Manchu) 03:19

8.The Future Of Werewolvery (w/ Jared Collins of Mississippi Bones) 03:44

9.All Ages Show (w/ Nate Bergman of Lionize) 02:51

10.422 (w/ Kevin McNamara of The Age Of Truth) 04:26

11.Gods Surround (w/ Thunderbird Divine) 03:03

12.Digital Animal (w/ Kingsnake) 03:27

13.Behemoth Ship (w/ The Mike Dillon Band) 03:51

14.Tones Of Detention (w/ Rogers Stevens of Blind Melon) 02:39

15.The Future Of Werewolvery 2 (w/ Jared Collins of Mississippi Bones) 03:33


Adam Pomerantz

Tyler Pomerantz


Delco Detention is the Stoner Rock Duo made up of a father and son. The band have gained attention within the Stoner Rock Community recently thanks to their action-packed and star studded debut album From The Basement. This is a collection of songs written by Tyler Pomerantz and he’s joined by the cream of the crop of the Doom/Stoner Rock underground. Check out the artists who appear on every song. What is even more impressive is that Tyler is only 10 years old and wrote all these tracks himself.

You have appearances from Neil Fallon (Clutch), Jared Collins (Mississippi Bones), Rogers Stevens (Blined Melon), Bob Balch (Fu Manchu) and Isaiah MItchell (Earthless) on this album with Delco Detention debut album being an exciting collection of Blues Rock/Stoner Rock based tracks with the guest appearances not overshadowing the main duo of Adam and Tyler.

The band gained momentum when Neil Fallon of CLUTCH appeared on a song written by Tyler which spread like wildfire last year and the second track where Neil appears on The Joy Of Homeschooling is one of the standout songs on the album. With it’s joyful and rebellious lyrics with a spikey Punk/Stoner Rock flavour with Neil’s awesome vocals elevating a level above the usual Stoner Rock song you here nowadays.

The album is perhaps  too bloated at 15 tracks but at least Delco Detention are aiming big for this release and the journey is always an exciting and adventurous style of Blues Rock and Stoner Rock. There are some moments of Heavy Psych and even Doom based moments along the way.

Standout songs include: Across The Water, Mascat, Dirt School, The Action Is Delco, 422 and Digital Animal. These were the tracks I found the most exciting and perhaps where both Father and Son find their true creative flow and groove on the album.

Not all of the lyrics work but you have to give Tyler credit. Being 10 Years Old this kid has a bright future ahead of him and he does show a sense of maturity way beyond his current age. The album is jam-packed full of great riffs that are constantly heavy and sometimes even challenging.

From The Basement's biggest achievement is showcasing a future star of the Stoner Rock underground. Let's hope Tyler carries on with his Stoner Rock journey and releases more stunning tracks such as held on this album. 

Overall, Delco Detention have graduated “TOP OF THE STONER ROCK CLASS” with From The Basement with an album rich in musical variety and one featuring your favourite Stoner Rock musicians is always an added bonus.

Words by Steve Howe


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Bogwife - A Passage Divine (Album Review)

Release Date: September 17th 2021. Record Label: Majestic Mountain Records. Format: DD/Vinyl

A Passage Divine - Tracklisting

1.The Approach 06:46

2.Restoration 06:04

3.Among the Trees 08:15

4.Celestial Dawn 05:22

5.Descent 10:11


A Passage Divine is the 2nd full length album from Danish Psych Doom/Stoner Metallers Bogwife and follows on from their 2020 debut album. This album takes a more riff-centric approach compared to that album with Bogwife leaning heavily on the Psychedelic Heaviness with echoes of YOB and Slomatics for good measure. There is also a steady mix of Blues Rock and Hard Rock on this album but mostly this is an action-packed album full of many Stoner/Weedian Twists and Turns.

Opening track - The Approach - is a doomedelic journey into the layers of different Psychedelic areas of Doom and Stoner Metal with an almost “Drone” feel to everything. There is a seedy element to the album which gives the record a much needed classic sound whilst remaining modern at the same time. The music moves along at a slow pace with the vocals bringing a well balanced style of different themes and tones. The lyrics are superb which allows the music to breathe and play naturally. 

Second song - Restoration - brings a “Sludge” environment which prompts the band to play some of the heaviest parts of the album. The vocals are slightly OTT in places but it works. As the music becomes more theatrical, you have to admire the influences of Black Sabbath and YOB working their way through on this track. The Space Rock flavour becomes an important building block for Bogwife to convert their heaviest grooves and sounds to a slightly more Progressive style of music.

Third track - Among The Trees - sees Bogwife in full flight with their Cosmic/Space Rock sonic based passages and the band simply excel at this style of music. The distorted and drone guitars allow Bogwife to become a more vengeful Doom Metal entity and you can see that change with the kick-ass vocals and soaring instrumental work that appears in the 2nd half of the song. Ambient/Psychedelic Sounds take over for a brief moment of time with Bogwife playing the best track on the album.

The final two songs - Celestial Dawn and Descent - offer almost 16 minutes of Psychedelic Doom/Stoner Metal being played yet again with heavy levels of Space Rock and Swampy Blues Rock with the final song Descent being the other standout track on the album. Descent lasts for over 10 minutes but it’s a dream song for Psych Doom/Stoner Metal fans. As the song has many different layers and levels of heaviness to the song. Bogwife channel modern-day YOB on the later stages of the album but still remaining true to their own sound.

A Passage Divine is another epic and stunning album to discover from the Danish Doom/Stoner Metal scene and Bogwife should be pleased with themselves in releasing a thunderous album such as this. If you’re on the lookout for a top-notch Spaced Out Doom/Stoner Metal experience then Bogwife would like to have a word with you all….

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Richard at Sheltered Life PR for the promo.

A Passage Divine is available to buy now on DD/Vinyl via Majestic Mountain Records.


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