Monday 20 September 2021

Delco Detention - From The Basement (Album Review)

Release Date: September 09h 2021. Record Label: Self Released. Format: DD

From The Basement - Tracklisting

1.It Came From The Basement (w/ Jared Collins of Mississippi Bones) 03:51

2.The Joy Of Homeschooling (w/ Neil Fallon of Clutch) 03:09

3.Across The Water (w/ Domagoj Simek of She Loves Pablo & Isaiah Mitchell of Earthless) 04:07

4.Mascat (w/ Krissy Allen McPherson & Neal Pomerantz) 03:59

5.Dirt School (w/ Ben Jackson & Eddie Brnabic of Hippie Death Cult 04:05

6.From The Shadows ( w/ Bob Mavity & Mike Descoteaux) 04:24

7.The Action Is Delco (w/ Bob Balch of Fu Manchu) 03:19

8.The Future Of Werewolvery (w/ Jared Collins of Mississippi Bones) 03:44

9.All Ages Show (w/ Nate Bergman of Lionize) 02:51

10.422 (w/ Kevin McNamara of The Age Of Truth) 04:26

11.Gods Surround (w/ Thunderbird Divine) 03:03

12.Digital Animal (w/ Kingsnake) 03:27

13.Behemoth Ship (w/ The Mike Dillon Band) 03:51

14.Tones Of Detention (w/ Rogers Stevens of Blind Melon) 02:39

15.The Future Of Werewolvery 2 (w/ Jared Collins of Mississippi Bones) 03:33


Adam Pomerantz

Tyler Pomerantz


Delco Detention is the Stoner Rock Duo made up of a father and son. The band have gained attention within the Stoner Rock Community recently thanks to their action-packed and star studded debut album From The Basement. This is a collection of songs written by Tyler Pomerantz and he’s joined by the cream of the crop of the Doom/Stoner Rock underground. Check out the artists who appear on every song. What is even more impressive is that Tyler is only 10 years old and wrote all these tracks himself.

You have appearances from Neil Fallon (Clutch), Jared Collins (Mississippi Bones), Rogers Stevens (Blined Melon), Bob Balch (Fu Manchu) and Isaiah MItchell (Earthless) on this album with Delco Detention debut album being an exciting collection of Blues Rock/Stoner Rock based tracks with the guest appearances not overshadowing the main duo of Adam and Tyler.

The band gained momentum when Neil Fallon of CLUTCH appeared on a song written by Tyler which spread like wildfire last year and the second track where Neil appears on The Joy Of Homeschooling is one of the standout songs on the album. With it’s joyful and rebellious lyrics with a spikey Punk/Stoner Rock flavour with Neil’s awesome vocals elevating a level above the usual Stoner Rock song you here nowadays.

The album is perhaps  too bloated at 15 tracks but at least Delco Detention are aiming big for this release and the journey is always an exciting and adventurous style of Blues Rock and Stoner Rock. There are some moments of Heavy Psych and even Doom based moments along the way.

Standout songs include: Across The Water, Mascat, Dirt School, The Action Is Delco, 422 and Digital Animal. These were the tracks I found the most exciting and perhaps where both Father and Son find their true creative flow and groove on the album.

Not all of the lyrics work but you have to give Tyler credit. Being 10 Years Old this kid has a bright future ahead of him and he does show a sense of maturity way beyond his current age. The album is jam-packed full of great riffs that are constantly heavy and sometimes even challenging.

From The Basement's biggest achievement is showcasing a future star of the Stoner Rock underground. Let's hope Tyler carries on with his Stoner Rock journey and releases more stunning tracks such as held on this album. 

Overall, Delco Detention have graduated “TOP OF THE STONER ROCK CLASS” with From The Basement with an album rich in musical variety and one featuring your favourite Stoner Rock musicians is always an added bonus.

Words by Steve Howe


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