Thursday 7 July 2022

Album Premiere Of postcards from new zealand New Album nin-an-ak

nin-an-ak is the second installment of postcards from new zealand's betwixt and between trilogy. Deviating from the extreme metal focus of burn, witch, burn, this release sees the anonymous project venture further into genre-crossing territory.

The band comments:

"nin-an-ak is an album about the sumerian goddess inana and the second album in the betwixt and between trilogy. it’s the first record we ever made with a string quartet, an instrumental suite in five parts borrowing sounds from progressive rock to folk through death metal, drone and classical music."

nik-an-ak conveys dark moods through a dramatically different melting pot of tones and textures. "e-ana" instigates the thrilling experience by establishing the soundscape that runs through the entire release. An eerie, dissonant backdrop manifests through which multiple layers of instrumentation dance and soar above. 

The razor like effects applied to the sarangi lead of this opening track insight an uneasy mood. It soon metamorphoses with the addition of orchestral strings and guitars creating further depth to the track. "inana" builds on the scene setting of "e-ana". A more minimalistic start soon sees the track develop through musical textures and enters heavier realms with the introduction of distorted guitars. nik-an-ak concludes with "nin-ana". The immersive and emotive string quartet elevates the cinematic quality of the music.

postcards from new zealand manipulate the dynamics of their compositions, creating fascinating and disturbing elements. nik-an-ak reveals yet more inventive and experimental sounds as they descend deeper into the shadowy side of humanity.

About the betwixt and between collection:

The title is taken from the 1967 essay by Victor Turner in which he explores the concept of liminality, based on the work of Arnold van Gennep and his 1909 book Rites de Passage. The idea was to create three albums that would express our deep contempt towards patriarchy and sexual discrimination in three different ways – not to place blame and increase divisions, but to explore the idea of coming together to support each other.

The band add further comments:

"nin-an-ak is an instrumental suite that had us collaborating for the first time ever with a string quartet; it’s some weird theatrical progressive-drone-metal beast that follows a concept based on the ancient sumerian deity inana, goddess of war and kinky sexy games.”

You can hear the whole album in full with this fantastic album premiere thanks to Holly over at C Squared Music.