Thursday 14 July 2022

Wizard Tattoo Premiere New Song And Video For Wizard Knife Fight (At A Bar) From Upcoming New EP.

Wizard Tattoo is an Indianapolis based rock band by multi-instrumentalist Bram the Bard that summons catchy riffs with progressive and heavy elements. Wizard Tattoo is the self-titled debut concept EP, releasing on the 26th of August 2022, which tells the story of a man who starts hearing a dark voice shortly after getting a tattoo. Throughout the four tracks, listen to his musical journey of delusion. Is he really becoming a wizard or is he just going mad?

Bram the Bard comments:

Wizard Tattoo is a culmination of influences from classic rock to doom metal. It takes two played-out concepts “tattoos of wizards” and bands with the name “Wizard” in their name and mashes them together. It’s meant to be tongue-in-cheek but came about from a midlife crisis that I went through during the pandemic. I think everyone gets to a certain point in their life where they evaluate their accomplishments, choices, and their very existence. Some people push through and keep going, and others end up self-destructing. Unfortunately, our protagonist in the EP chooses the latter and goes off the deep end. It’s a journey, and I hope everyone comes along for the ride!”

Conjuring up a storm, the title track delivers a captivating heavy doom sound with distorted guitars and groove rhythms. Transitioning into a spellbinding progressive bridge of orchestration and electronics, the narrative of Wizard Tattoo emerges through the eerie atmosphere. ‘A Wizard’s Lie’ ventures into realms of jazz influences with non-standard time signatures and intricate guitar leads, interspersed with necromantic manifestations of heavy fuzz. Bringing a touch of magic to the barroom brawl, ‘Wizard Knife Fight’ explores in greater detail the actions of the protagonist with a touch of humour and epic guitar riffs. Accompanied by the soft patter of rainfall, a bewitching acoustic guitar and folk harmonies divines a serene but sombre mood.

Wizard Tattoo is not your conventional fairy tale. See what happens when ink goes wrong in this not-so-enchanting story of dark sorcery, told through dynamic guitars, ghostly vocals and genre-crossing instrumentation.

You can hear the excellent new song Wizard Knife Fight (At A Bar) from the upcoming new EP.

The band say this about the song:

’Wizard Knife Fight’ was one of the first song titles I jotted down when putting this project together. The name just seemed kind of absurd and fit the overall theme that I wanted for the EP.  Musically, the main riff was hugely inspired by ZZ Top. When I think of bar music, I think of them, and that's what I was after for this song. In terms of narrative, this is the first song where the EP's protagonist firmly believes he's a wizard and goes out into the world to test his newly found power.”

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All music by Bram the Bard
Mixed and Mastered at Garage Fire Recordings, Indianapolis, IN
Album artwork by Zi F. Tam


1. Wizard Tattoo
2. A Wizard’s Lie
3. Wizard Knife Fight (At a Bar)
4. No Return

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