Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Below A Silent Sky - A View From Afar (Album Review)

Release date: 11th March 2018. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD

A View From Afar – Tracklisting

1.The Highest Shrine 09:05
2.Caverns of Light 08:51
3.Tartarus 10:28
4.Earthshifter 08:53
5.The Great Divide 18:29


Heinz// Drums
Christian// Guitar
Robin// Guitar
Diego// Bass


Atmospheric Post-Doom Rockers - Below A Silent Sky - new album, A View From Afar - is a complex sounding record that takes elements of Doom, Post-Rock, Post-Metal, Psych and heavy Sludge vibes for an unflinching approach to Post-Rock/Post-Metal music.

The album is purely instrumental and will no doubt appeal to fans of Pelican, Long Distance Calling and Russian Circles. Those bands are perhaps the most well-known bands within the Instrumental Post-Rock/Post-Metal world and Below A Silent Sky may cite these bands as major influences. As this album has an eerie familiarity to it. That's not a bad thing to follow.

As at least you have a starting point what to expect from this album. It's only after listening to the full record you recognise there a lot more to their music. Below A Silent Sky are way more aggressive with their music and they create a fine amount of heavy progressive noises that will impress the most jaded of Post-Rock/Post-Metal fans.

The opening track - The Highest Shrine - does a superb job of showcasing the bands talent of playing intricate and intelligent Post-Rock/Post-Metal progressive passages. Whilst maintaining an air of melody despite the lengthy running time.

Second track - Caverns Of Light - is a heavier offering with a "YOB" Doom/Sludge style sonic riff appearing here and there. Though the band add a few Post-Rock interludes that change the mood to a more positive approach. The music is still heavy with the progressive sounds and noises being played at a leisurely pace. Below A Silent Sky never forget their Sludge/Post-Metal roots and they slowly start adding heavier elements to their music. The instrumental work is impressive indeed especially the drums. Heinz builds up an almighty rhythm for his fellow band members to play their guitars against.

It's been a while since I've listened to a truly wonderful sounding instrumental Post-Rock/Post-Metal album and I'm glad this album has come along as I've been feeling slightly jaded by the scene recently.

Below A Silent Sky carries on the soaring progressive melodies on the other three songs on the album. Tartarus, Earthshifter and The Great Divide all equally proving A View From Afar is an exquisite sounding album. My favourite parts of the album are where the band decides to throw caution to the wind and experiment with their sound. Either by adding Psychedelic Noises or Ambient Post-Rock cinematic passages.

The standout track for me has to be the excellent third track - Tartarus. As this song shows what Below A Silent Sky do so well. Creating soulful grooves before exploding into a loud vortex of sound. The drone/post-rock style is a stark contrast to the later stages of the song. As the whole mood of the album becomes dark and very violent in places.

The production is another highlight with the sound being loud and dynamic from the start. A View From Afar is a thrilling and brilliantly entertaining album and is essential listening if you're a fan of Post-Rock/Post-Metal music.

Words by Steve Howe