Saturday, 10 March 2018

Forming The Void / Pyreship (EP Review)

Release date: 09th March 2018. Label: Endhipendit Record Co. Format: DD/Vinyl

Forming The Void/Pyreship – Tracklisting

1.Forming The Void - To the Wolves 06:20
2.Pyreship - Wraith's Tide 09:02

Forming The Void - Members

James Marshall – guitar/vocals
Shadi Omar Al-Khansa- guitar
Luke Baker – bass
Thomas Colley - drums

Pyreship - Members

Sam - Guitar and Vocals
J - Guitar and Vocals
George - Bass
Steve - Drums


Two of my favourite bands that I discovered in 2017 have teamed up for this superb joint release. On one side you have Sludge/Stoner Rockers – Forming The Void and on the other you have Doom/Post-Metallers – Pyreship. Both bands released acclaimed albums in 2017 and I was quite excited to see what the band have in store for this joint record.

Forming The Void’s song lasts more than 6 minutes of Psych Sludge/Stoner grooves but with a more soulful blues vibe compared to the songs on 2017’s Relic. The song still has the familiar hallmarks that made Relic one of the best albums of last year. It’s dramatically heavy with a great vocal performance from James Marshall. James opts for a more grunge style of vocals for this performance. The music is heavy with the rest of the band creating a doomy psychedelic atmosphere. A very good song and shows that Forming The Void are continuing the good work they created with Relic.

Pyreship’s song opens with a dramatic monologue which is the same method they used on their debut album which was released last year. The mood is quite serious and political in places but I wouldn’t have it any other with from Pyreship. The music is very much in the realm of Atmospheric Doom/Sludge Metal with the band taking influence from artists such ISIS (The Band) and Russian Circles to a certain point. The song does take a few moments to fully get going but when it does Pyreship play a heavy cocktail of progressive Doom, Sludge and Stoner Metal sounds.

It ‘s good to see that both bands offer different contrasts and styles of music to each other. This record is an essential listen and offers a brief glimpse in how Forming The Void and Pyreship will sound like in the near future. As both bands will be releasing new albums in 2018. Until then enjoy this superb sounding collaboration and play it LOUD AS YOU CAN!!!!

Words by Steve Howe

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