Saturday, 3 March 2018

Legend Of The Seagullmen - S/T (Album Review)

Release date: 09th February 2018. Label: Dine Alone Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Legend Of The Seagullmen – Tracklisting

1.We are the Seagullmen 03:17
2.The Fogger 05:59
3.Shipswreck 03:56
4.Curse of the Red Tide 06:36
5.Legend of the Seagullmen 03:08
6.The Orca 04:18
7.Rise of the Giant 04:52
8.Ballad of the Deep Sea Diver 04:52


Danny Carey - drums
Brent Hinds - guitar
Jimmy Hayward on - guitar
David 'The Doctor' Dreyer - vocals
Peter Griffin - bass
Chris DiGiovanni - synth.


I'm not the best person for reviewing albums from supergroups. As you may have to contend in upsetting the multiple different sets of fans that the individual band members are from. Though I have a job to do with Legend Of The Seagullmen. The new project featuring members from iconic bands such as TOOL and Mastodon. As this band have Danny Carey on Drums and Brent Hinds within their ranks.

Add the other band members such as Jimmy Hayward, David “The Doctor” Dreyer and Peter Griffin. You have quite an eclectic mix of different personas, styles and different genres. That's how Legend Of The Seagullmen debut album plays throughout the album. It's a rip-roaring Psychedelic, Progressive, Experimental take on all things Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. The album is a nautical concept album featuring a wide range of different riffs and experimental noises. The vocals are very different and may take time to fully become accustomed to.

The overall theme is very OTT and operatic as the band can't fully decide what type of band do they really want to be. Psych Rock, Gonzo Surf Rock, Prog Rock and even Sludge Metal sounds appear. The heaviest moments are perhaps down to Brent Hinds and Danny Carey being involved. Songs such as: We Are The Seagullmen, The Fogger, Shipswreck and Curse Of The Red Tide superbly set up the crazy nautical ride that’s packed full of exciting twists and turns. The lyrics are quite sub-standard at times but it's the sheer fun and spectacle of the entire ride of the album.

Not everyone is going to like this album. It maybe too crazy and experimental for some. Sure you can hear shades of TOOL and Mastodon running through this band veins but that's only a small integral part of the whole album. The bombastic and theatrical vocals of lead singer are perhaps one of the highlights of the album. Other songs on the album such as Legend Of The Seagullmen, Red Orca and Ballad Of The Deep Sea Diver manage to create a truly cinematic sound. Legend Of The Seagullmen will perhaps be one of those supergroups that will only ever release one album and then fade into the sunset. As many supergroups have done in the past.

I hope not. As I would love to hear the band expand their sound further. Maybe the album can be too repetitive and one-sided at times but it still makes for a genuinely exciting album. The production is first rate with the album offering a dynamic sound from the start. Overall, this album is a crazy and hugely enjoyable take on the modern sounding Progressive Hard Rock/Heavy Metal genres.

Words by Steve Howe