Saturday, 24 March 2018

BONG - Thought And Existence

Release date: May 04th 2018. Label: Ritual Productions. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Thought And Existence – Tracklisting

The Golden Fields
Tlön Uqbar Orbis Tertius


David Terry - Bass
Mike Smith - Drums
Mike Vest - Guitars


Legendary Doom/Drone collective - BONG - return with their new album - Thought and Existence. Their eighth album overall and their first studio album in three years. This album sees BONG carry on their trademark Drone/Doom sound with their style of sonic experimentation being varied throughout the album. We are only treated to two songs on the album but at least they both run past the seventeen mark.

The first track - The Golden Fields - opens slowly with a drone/ambient based sound before David's voice appears that helps creates an eerie atmosphere. BONG's familiar heavy drone guitars create slow epic sounds that have different levels of tone and aggression. The drumming is what really stands out. They may sound quiet at first but as the song progresses as Mike Smith makes you feel part of the whole gloomy experience.

The song has its fair share of psychedelic rock sounds though it's buried under a heavy avalanche of distorted drone/doom riffs. This album has quite a claustrophobic feel as BONG slowly change their style of music without your realising at first. We see a different side to BONG on the second half of the song. As they venture into heavy progressive rock and add more vocals to the mix.

The second and final song - Tlön Uqbar Orbis Tertius - sees BONG carry on with their sonic experimentation with an even more expansive sound. As BONG dive right in by playing their standard Doom/Drone sound. The Psychedelic sounding elements are more prominent here as BONG focuses more on playing a daring meditative style of Doom/Drone Metal. I don't know what more else I can say about this album.

Apart from BONG have created another wonderful sounding progressive doom metal odyssey. This is an album that works on so many different levels as BONG creates music for mind, body and soul. Thought and Existence is perhaps one of the best sounding albums of its kind being released this year. A classic sounding album from a band that are at the top of their game.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Cris at Ritual Productions for the promo. Thought And Existence will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Ritual Productions from May 04th 2018.


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