Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Sergeant Thunderhoof - Terra Solus (Album Review)

Release date: 06th May 2018. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Terra Solus – Tracklisting

1.Another Plane
2.Stellar Gate Drive
3.The Tree And The Serpent
4.B Oscillation
5.Diesel Breath
6.Priestess Of Misery
7.Half A Man
8.Om Shaantih


Dan Flitcroft - Vocals
Jim Camp - Bass
Darren Ashman - Drums
Mark Sayer - Guitar


Greetings All,

2018 continues to see wave after wave of fuzz heavy, stoner rock records being released. With this almost constant deluge of music, it is becoming more and more difficult for a band to make their presence known. Sergeant Thunderhoof do not have that problem. The band kicks down the goddam door and demands you give a listen to their righteous thunder. Terra Solus is eight killer tracks of heavy psyched out stoner perfection with sprinkles of metal, doom, and space rock throughout. This is the Bath, UK bands third studio album and it is delivered stunningly. The execution and recording are flawless and the songs are some of the strongest I have heard in a while.

Another Plane opens the album with a sick drumbeat that opens the door for a monster riff that allows the song to kick in to a killer groove. The song is dark and doomy with a sweet little wah heavy guitar solo that soothes the aching soul. The next track, Stellar Gate Drive is a groove heavy rocker with somewhat metal inspired harmony vocals and some wooah-o’s on the chorus.

The Tree & the Serpent is the most stunning song on the record and my personal favorite. It has a slower tempo but some fragile, melodic vocals and a chorus that digs in to your brain with cymbal crashes and will not let go. This is honestly, my favorite song that I have heard so far this year. It is amazing!

The instrumental B Oscillation follows. It opens with a tasty fuzz bass that gives way to some astral based guitar that then morphs into some heavy ass riffage. Diesel Breath is a heavy multi-faceted rock song that opens hard and heavy and then goes in a few different directions, it has a classic rock sound with a definite melodic, metal edge to it.

Priestess of Misery is another solid track that brings a fuzzy, doomy swagger that doesn’t quit. Throughout the record I was constantly impressed by the vocals, they are strong and in no way one dimensional. Definitely one of the bands strong points.

The acoustic Half a Man follows with a hushed, dissonant sound. It’s mantra like sound reminded me at times of Alice in Chains and Neurosis while staying true to the band’s sound. The track melds seamlessly into the closer.

The mostly instrumental Om Shaantih. The track opens with a muted acoustic sound that gives way to some psychedelic guitar way surrounding the minimal and detached astral vocals before closing with a solid groove that puts a solid exclamation point on the record.

Terra Solus is my introduction to Sergeant Thunderhoof and I am damn happy that I am now acquainted with these fine fellows. Terra Solus will rightly hold its place on the top of most “best of” lists for the year, and for good reason. Do yourself the biggest of favors and get down with Terra Solus!

- Todd S

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Words by Todd Stealey

Thanks to the band for the promo. Terra Solus will be available to buy on DD/CD/Vinyl from May 06th 2018.