Friday 24 August 2018

KVINNA - This is Türborock (Album Review)

Release date: September 28th 2018. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

This is Türborock – Tracklisting

1.Desert Wytch
2.War Machine
4.Flat Tyre
5.Space Vampyres
6.She-Wolves on Fyre
7.The Angry 45
8.Demon Road
9.Gammal Kvinna
10.Full Moon Ryders


Thünderwolf | Grïzzly | Spÿder


Truth be told I wasn’t going to review KVINNA debut album - This is Türborock. As I didn’t like the album at all from my very first listen. As the band felt they were trying to hard to be HIP and not playing the most exciting of sounds. I left the album alone for a few weeks and I decided to go back and listen to the album again. I even read their brilliantly funny EPK that came with the album. (Whoever wrote that EPK, My respect to you good sir!!!).

Maybe I was in a bad mood when listening to the album originally. However the 2nd listen I began to enjoy the album a whole lot more. Sure it’s not the most original of sounds but KVINNA have created a hugely entertaining and exciting debut album. Parts Stoner Rock, Punk Rock, Hard Rock, Fuzz Rock and Classic Rock. Imagine bands such as The Shrine, The Offspring, KISS and Turbonegro joining forces and releasing their own album.

This is Türborock will be the fucked-up and twisted result. KVINNA blast their way through 10 tracks of high voltage Hard Rock/Stoner Rock sounds with elements of Punk Rock and Classic Rock allowing the band to say a big “FUCK YOU” to standard genre conventions.

Most of the songs only last 2 mins or so. The album is frantic and fast-paced from the start. Songs such as Desert Witch, War Machine, Nitefighter, Space Vampyres, Demon Road and Full Moon Ryders are the ones that offer the albums most exciting moments.

The vocals feel inspired by Dexter Holland from The Offspring and that is no bad thing especially when matched against the different styles of music that KVINNA hold within their ranks. The only part of the album that I still have issues with is the lyrics. Sometimes the lyrics don’t really go with the music that the band have written for the album.

This is Türborock will find an audience with the Hard Rock/Stoner Rock scene within time. As it’s not the most easiest album to listen to. However This is Türborock is a superbly produced and hugely entertaining album. If you like your music being played at a 100 MPH and without a care in the world then KVINNA are the band for you.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to KVINNA for the promo. This is Türborock will be available to buy on DD from September 28th 2018.