Wednesday 8 August 2018

Mountain Tamer - Godfortune Dark Matters (Album Review)

Release date: August 24th 2018. Label: Nasoni Records/Magnetic Eye Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Godfortune Dark Matters – Tracklisting

1.Faith Peddler
2.Funeral of A Dog
3.People Problems
4.Living In Vain Part 1
5.Living In Vain Part 2
7.Primitive Control
10.Riff Dealer
11.Head Over Heels


Andru Hall - guitar/lead vocals
Casey Garcia - drums/vocals
Dave Teget - bass/vocals


Mountain Tamer - return with another heavy round of Psychedelic Doom/Stoner Metal madness with their new album Godfortune Dark Matters. This album is quite different to their previous album. As it's a more direct and psychedelic sound that even has elements of Garage Rock held within its musical DNA.

Opening song - Faith Peddler - has a slightly murky and dirty sound but that's offset by a cool sounding Psychedelic Garage/Stoner Rock vibe. The vocals from Andru feel influenced by a wide range of different artists but still managing to offer his own distinctive sound.

Second song - Funeral Of A Dog - is a more experimental affair with various different sounds and genres combining for a psychedelic mini-freakout. The song relishes moving from sixties Psych Rock to a leaner and more modern Stoner Rock groove. The instrumental work is quite OTT but Mountain Tamer makes this work by writing original and highly imaginative lyrics.

Third song - People Problems - suffers from an identity crisis at times. As the song struggles to match the crazy psychedelic weirdness of the first two opening songs.

The band return to winning ways with the two-part song - Living In Vain Part One and Living In Vain Part Two - which easily classed as the best parts of the album. As Mountain Tamer play a heavy blend of Psych, Garage Rock. Stoner Rock and a twinge of Heavy Metal throughout both songs. The songs are very melodic and have elements of that classic Led Zepp/Black Sabbath sound running throughout it. I can hear the band being influenced by EARTHLESS as well. The upbeat mood of the songs is quite addictive as well.

The second half of the album carries on the psychedelic weirdness on superb songs such as: Primitive Control, Wretched, Riff Dealer and Head Over Heels. The album may have too many songs on the album but at least Mountain Tamer leaves you wanting more especially on Riff Dealer and Head Over Heels.

The production is handled well with the band having a more street based sound compared to other Doom/Stoner Rock bands I’ve heard recently. The album has a vintage feel to it but still retaining a heavier modern sound as well. Godfortune Dark Matters can be quite challenging to listen to at times. 

However that doesn't stop Godfortune Dark Matters offering a different style of Doom/Stoner Rock and Mountain Tamer releasing a superbly entertaining album.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Jadd at Red Lead Media & PR for the promo. Godfortune Dark Matters will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Nasoni Records and Magnetic Eye Records from August 24th 2018.