Saturday 4 August 2018

L.M.I.- L​.​M​.​I. IV (EP Review)

Release date: July 05th 2018. Label: Killer Tofu Records. Format: DD

L​.​M​.​I. IV – Tracklisting

1.Neck Of Tension 02:15
2.Weaning Youth 02:18
3.Lurking Breath 02:32
4.First To Dark 02:55
5.June Was A Test 02:26


Stoner Punk Rockers L.M.I. return for another round of blistering and bruising sounds with their new EP. Nothing much has changed since L.M.I.’s last release. The music is still ferocious as ever with a meaty Stoner Rock/Metal vibe. Though there is still a lot of Hardcore Punk riffs to keep the Punk Rockers happy as well. The vocals are very different with vocalist adapting a more hardcore/death based growl.

The EP only lasts for about 12 minutes and that’s about the right length for this EP. As it’s not the most happiest of records I’ve came across recently. So if you’re in the mood for an angry outburst of heavy sludgy punk riffs the L.M.I are the band for you. The standout songs on the EP are Weaning Youth, First To Dark and June Was A Test.

The band still feel heavily inspired by At The Drive-In on parts of the EP and that’s no bad thing if you’re aiming for a certain Hardcore Punk Rock sound. Though I did admire the band for adding little cool moments of Psychedelic Rock on Lurking Breath.

Overall this is very good and well-meaning release from L.M.I. and should keep their fans happy until they release their next pissed-off release.

Words by Steve Howe