Saturday 18 August 2018

Fuzz Evil - High On You (Album Review)

Release date: September 14th 2018. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD

High On You – Tracklisting

1.Get It Together
2.You Can Take Her Away
3.Ribbons and Kills
4.If You Know
5.The Strut
6.High on You
7.Joseph Rudell - Are You In or Out


Wayne Rudell - Vocals/Guitar
Joseph Rudell - Vocals/Bass
Orgo Martinez - Drums


Fuzz Evil has decided to put their money where their mouth is with their new album High On You. As the band have recorded their album at Dave Grohl's 606 Studio and hired well known and respected producer Paul Figueroa. Paul has produced for diverse artists such as Slipknot and Alice In Chains. So what do we have with High On You.

You have seven songs of expertly written riffs that hark back to the good old days of Classic Rock, Post-Grunge, Hard Rock and Stoner Rock. Maybe the band take influenced from Cheap Trick too closely on this album at times but that's no bad thing. As Fuzz Evil excel in creating a wild and exciting hard-rocking atmosphere from the start with the heavy psychedelic sounds of opening song - Get It Together.

The song may take Fuzz Evil some time to fully find their feet but once they do there is no stopping them playing a highly stylistic and melodic Hard Rock sound. This is a different approach from Fuzz Evil and this allows the band to play different sounds under the name of Fuzz Evil. Perhaps under the guys other band - Powered Wig Machine but not Fuzz Evil.

Second song - You Can Take Her Away - is a heavier song with the band playing a more minimal sound but still having a high amount of Psych Stoner/Classic Rock riffs. The guitars are quite frantic but never losing focus and there is a lot of fun to be had with the cool guitar solos on display.

Third song - Ribbons And Kills - is a gloomier and doom based affair and is perhaps one of the standout songs on the album. This song has elements of Black Sabbath and Foo Fighters in the mix. Now don't let that put you off. This is still Fuzz Evil's show and they offer a devilish good time with this song. Strong lyrics matched with the almost sinister vocals from Wayne will leave you wanting more.

Fourth song - If You Know - opens with a Sabbathian based riff before Fuzz Evil start to impress with their own take on the standard Classic Doom Rock/Metal sound. This album is perhaps Fuzz Evil's most exciting album yet. with the album having a beginning, middle and end. The album can be quite progressive parts especially on some of the later songs such as High On You and Are You In Or Out.

You can tell this is an album that Fuzz Evil has put their hearts and souls into. Some people may complain that the guys are trying to achieve a more commercial sound with High On You with the choices made where the album was recorded and the producer as well. I say fair play to Fuzz Evil for having the guts for aiming BIG and looking for a different sound. You need to take risks within the music business and Fuzz Evil has perhaps taken their biggest creative risk yet with this album.

They shouldn't worry as High On You is a true ROCK ALBUM in every sense of the word. This is an album that will appeal to both the commercial rock scene and the underground scene where Fuzz Evil have built their reputation upon.

Overall, High On You is a must-have album one that offers high amounts of genuine excitement. Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to the band and Dave at US/THEM PR for the promo. High On You will be available to buy on CD/DD from September 14th 2018.

You can check Wayne and Joey in action on their excellent YouTube Channel – Fuzz Off.


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