Thursday 9 August 2018


Release date: August 20th 2018. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

CITYSLICKER– Tracklisting

2.I'm Your Maker


Saltbuck is a UK Doom/Sludge Metal band who is influenced by bands such as Electric Wizard, CONAN, Church Of Misery and Slabdragger. Their debut album CITYSLICKER is a gloriously heavy and filth ridden Sludge/Doom Metal odyssey which will leave you feeling quite angry against the world' As the album is filled with intense gloom and despairing sounds. The vocals omit a depressing vibe. Though the band do add elements of Psych Rock and Stoner Metal on parts of the album.

The songs can be quite progressive especially on the epic songs such as: I'm Your Maker, Sunder, Robot, Drench, Ravenous and Rend. OK, that's nearly the entire album. Saltbuck are not afraid to experiment with their music and the psychedelic elements allow the band to create a more diverse sound. The songwriting is quite intense. This isn’t surprising considering the dark progressive melodies Saltbuck have written for the album. Some parts of the album can be overbearing at times but overall this is a superbly entertaining and well-made album.

The production is first rate and I didn't expect that. As I was expecting a rawer and dirtier sound. So kudos to the band for releasing a superbly produced album such as this. My favourite songs on the album are: Sunder, Ravenous and Rend. As that's where Saltbuck create the most threatening and violent parts of the album. With moments of Psych Stoner Metal being played in the background. The soundclips spliced with certain songs is a nice touch. As the soundclips feel like they are warning you to expect more heavy punishment from Saltbuck.

The album does feel slightly long at over fifty minutes in length. However at least Saltbuck have a lot to say with their music despite the bleakness and heaviness of it all. The band does have a flair for playing more straight-forward Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs especially on Robot. So CITYSLICKER does have a few brief uplifting passages if you need a break from the relentless bleak sounds. There's not many of those moments but it does show that Saltbuck are more than capable to add a more upbeat sound into their music.

Overall, CITYSLICKER is an album that shows you why that Saltbuck have plenty of potential in the future. If you're a fan of Slabdragger then you're going to love this band. Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to SALTBUCK for the promo.e promo. CITYSLICKER will be available to buy on DD from August 20th 2018.


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