Tuesday 4 September 2018

Future Usses - The Existential Haunting (Album Review)

Release date: September 14th 2018. Label: Pelagic Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

The Existential Haunting – Tracklisting

1.What Is Anything 10:59
2.Absolute Zero
3.Make Flowers
4.Heavenly Superperson
5.Apocalypse When Convenient
6.The Existential Haunting


Sacha Dunable
Derek Donley
Dan Wilburn

Drums and guitar were recorded at Clearlake Audio with Josh Newell (INTRONAUT, CYNIC), Derek Donley (INTRONAUT, BEREFT) and bass with Jon Nunez (TORCHE), all in Los Angeles. Mixing was done by CONVERGE'S Kurt Ballou at God City Studio.


Future Usses is the new band featuring members of Bereft and Intronaut. Their music is a blend of Instrumental Rock, Drone, Doom, Psych, Post-Rock and Post-Metal. Their debut album - The Existential Haunting - is not your most standard instrumental Post-Rock/Post-Metal album. As the band forge their own way by playing a more progressive and drone based style of music. 

You could compare these guys to Pelican and Russian Circles but there is so much more to their music. Future Usses have a more doom and gloom atmosphere held within their music. The mood can be very subtle and abrupt at times but the band also includes many moments of uplifting ambient rock passages which has a delicate Sludge Rock groove.

Opening track - What Is Anything - is a contender for one of the best songs I've heard this year. Dynamically powerful with the band creating ambient rock textures with many parts of the song changing to a bleaker sound. Though the psychedelic and ambient based elements are the best parts of the song as Future Usses bring an intelligent style of delivery to their music. The song can be painfully slow at times but that just makes you appreciate the different styles of music being played around you. The last few minutes of the song are some of the heaviest moments heard on the album.

Second song - Absolute Zero - is a more laid back and sombre affair with elements of almost avant-garde sounding music being played for a more direct sound. The song moves away from the post-rock/post-metal atmosphere from the opening song to a more experimental sound. It's good to see Future Usses willing to experiment with their sound and creating songs with their own feel and identity. The album does become gloomier and heavier on different parts of the album though mostly towards the end of the individual songs. This may disappoint some people first when listening to the album when the heavier moments appear the song abruptly ends. Though after a few listens you become accustomed to Future Usses style of music.

Third song - Make Flowers - is another one of the albums standout tracks with the band adapting a more Doom/Sludge Metal approach to their music. This song does have vocals but they're much distorted and drone based in their delivery. The instrumental work is the strongest part of the album and Future Usses excel on this part of the album. The different styles of music joining together for one wonderful sounding trippy affair. It feels that the band members have taken influence from the other bands they're apart of on this song. As I can hear a lot of Intronaut starting to come through on this song. However this is still Future Usses show and they have three more songs to impress you with.

Fourth song - Heavenly Superperson - like the name suggests is a song that offers a dreamlike journey into the realm of Post-Metal and one that has an eerie Psychedelic Doom based feel. The music relies on Ambient and Drone sounds that leave you wanting more.

Future Usses drift further into the psychedelic sludge/post-rock persona with the last two songs - Apocalypse When Convenient and The Existential Haunting. This album is an absolute joy to listen to. As each listen takes you on a different journey with Future Usses being very hard to define overall.

The production is excellent with the album showing that Future Usses are a real powerful force to contend with. The Existential Haunting is a masterclass of Post-Rock/Post-Metal music that offers a deft balance of Ambient based Doom/Sludge Rock.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Daniel from CZ Promotions. The Existential Haunting will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Pelagic Records from September 14th 2018.


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