Thursday 27 December 2018

News - EMBER announce 326: Spiritual Dialysis

EMBER announce 326: Spiritual Dialysis 

Throughout 2018 Crystal and Eric Bigelow of EMBER have continued to write music. They have been consistently brainstorming and amassing ideas, arranging and writing despite being deprived of having a full consistent band. It’s been an emotional and trialing year with the loss of musicians, the diagnosis of Eric’s Kidney Disease and surgeries. Despite the trials and tribulations, they have managed to amass a plethora of new material. 

Now, after a full year of absence and a full year since the release of 271, EMBER announce they have chosen a handful of songs that they will be recording in early February of 2019. 
The upcoming EP is entitled 326: Spiritual Dialysis and is to be recorded by Matt Washburn (Mastodon, Leechmilk, Norma Jean, Royal Thunder) at Ledbelly sound in Dawsonville Ga. Eric and Crystal Bigelow’s new musical compositions are weighty, inspired, emotional, expressive and brooding. 

They have created an exceptional landscape for Crystal’s well-known haunting vocals. They also have incorporated new elements to EMBER. Including (but not limited to) some menacing vocals laid down by Eric Bigelow. 

The artwork and track listing for the EP 326: Spiritual Dialysis will be revealed January 2019. The EP will be released March of 2019 with a video soon after to follow the release. 

All digital sales of the EP will go towards Eric Bigelow’s fund for Kidney transplantation.