Saturday 8 December 2018

Little Jimi - EP.1 (Album Review)

Release date: November 16th 2018. Label: MRS Records. Format: DD/Vinyl

EP 1 – Tracklisting

1.Jimi 06:40
2.Lamp Song 05:33
3.Dock 11 04:50
4.Molimoh 06:08
5.Goodbye Katus 07:01
6.Midnight Mojo (live) 08:20


EP1 is the album release from French Psychedelic Stoner Rockers – Little Jimi. Not a name that you would associate with the Stoner Rock genre but it operates within the story that unfolds on the band’s highly charismatic and gloomy debut album. The band take influence from The Black Angels and Mars Red Sky. As you will hear heavy psychedelic stoner sounds that gives away to a more gloomy atmosphere.

The EP is quite loud from the start with opening song – Jimi – having a surreal eastern vibe to the song but all held in the confinements of Psychedelic Stoner Rock. The vocals are quite different as I was expecting something else but they have a 70s feel to them. The music moves from different eras of Stoner Rock but still maintaining a modern Stoner groove.

Other songs on the EP such as Lamp Song, Dock 11 and Molimoh – allow Little Jimi to slowly build a heavy Space Rock sound to their music and the results are quite trippy and very weird at times. The songwriting is first rate even if the lyrical content is OTT and doesn’t make sense at times. However it adds to the overall enjoyment of this larger-than-life record.

If you’re a fan of Mars Red Sky then you will surely enjoy this band. Which isn’t surprising since this record is being released by Mars Red Sky own record label – MRS Records. So the influence is definitely there for everyone to witness and rock out to.

The standout song has to be the final two songs – Goodbye Katus and Midnight Mojo (Live) – as the band play some of the heaviest sounds on the entire album.

Little Jimi are not your usual Psychedelic Stoner Rock band and that’s what makes them so appealing and equally addictive. EP1 is a gloomy experience but there are moments of blissful Psychedelic Stoner Rock that you won’t forget. Overall, EP1 is an absolute joy from start to finish and I want to hear more from the band in the future.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Claire at Purple Sage PR for the promo. Little Jimi is available to buy now from MRS Records.