Sunday, 6 October 2019

Sorry For Nothing - Protect And Survive (Album Review)

Release date: September 27th 2019. Label: Self Released. Format: CD

Protect And Survive – Tracklisting

Volt Grabber
Man On Fire
Apocalypse Sometime
The Fog
Meet Helmut
Protect And Survive
One Cross Each
Burn Channels
Dig For Victory
Iron Hands


Rob - Guitar/Vox
Stu - Bass
John - Drums


Protect And Survive is the new album from UK, North East Stoner Rockers – Sorry For Nothing. This is the band’s first new album in 8 years since their 2011 record – Psycho Monster Resurrection. I have a long history with the band. As this is the band that made me started blogging back in 2011 in the first place and the main reason I created The Sludgelord blog. Mainly to review their 2011 album.

I’ve know the guys for a long time and the guys are a hugely talented bunch with a dedicated fan-base within the North East of England. The band take influence from CLUTCH, BLACK SABBATH and MOTORHEAD with elements of Punk Rock being woven into their musical DNA.

Protect And Survive is quite different to their previous albums. As the band have evolved into a more harder style of Stoner Rock/Metal with it’s uncompromising and bleak lyrics allowing the band to add a more aggressive tone to their overall sound. The production is quite raw and stays bleak throughout the album. This is very much a DIY album and that has served Sorry For Nothing very well down the years.

The album gets off to a cracking start with Volt Grabber and Man On Fire seeing the band play different sounds and genres with Hard Rock, Blues Rock and Stoner Metal being the main order of business. CLUTCH based vibes can be heard on these songs with the raw Punk Rock sound allowing lead vocalist Rob singing bleak vocal passages with an almost gloomier approach. The vocals feel and sound very real and have an unpolished feel to them. It’s good to hear and shows that the band aren’t afraid to play a more “real” Stoner Rock/Metal sound compared to more famous artists/bands within the Hard Rock/Metal community.

Protect And Survive is Sorry For Nothing’s longest album yet clocking near around 60 mins. Maybe the band could have cut one or two songs for a more precise listening experience. However, there is a lot of great sounds to be found on this album especially on the later songs such as: Protect And Survive, Once Cross Each, Burn Channels and Iron Hands which is perhaps the standout song on the album.

Sorry For Nothing are not doing anything groundbreaking here. However, the band have released a superbly produced record that offers fans of the genre a multitude of different grooves throughout the album and this will please the most jaded of Stoner Rock/Metal fan.

Words by Steve Howe