Thursday, 24 October 2019


Release date: October 09th 2019. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

FEARS – Tracklisting

1.Empress 05:11
2.Many days march away 03:52
3.Witches 04:55
4.You only die once 04:21
5.River 04:23
6.The big bad red wolf 03:27
7.Tears 03:10


Valerio De Lucia - guitars
Edoardo LucĂ  - guitars
Daniele Lunardi - bass
Simone Giannangeli - drums


FEARS is the new album and 5th overall from Italian Sludge/Post-Metal masters – Tomydeepestego. If you haven’t heard of the band before then where have you been for the last 13 years or so. Tomydeepestgo are one of the best Instrumental Rock/Metal bands to come from the Italian Hard Rock/Metal scene. The band play an Alternative style of Sludge/Post-Metal. Combining the primal drive of early-era Pelican and the ethereal storytelling of Russian Circles and still sounding like their own band.

FEARS is perhaps their heaviest sounding album to date with the band pushing themselves further to the limit with highly anthemic and progressive sounding songs that sees the band adding a more psychedelic groove to their overall sound. The album is quite compact and allows Tomydeepestego to get straight to the point in playing Sludge/Post-Metal with a highly aggressive edge. Most of the songs last between 4 to 5 minutes each but that’s more than enough time for the band to play a wide range of different cinematic post-rock/post-metal sounds.

The album could have been on longer but the album is still action packed and you get your monies worth for around 30 minutes of intense riffage. The instrumental work is excellent and the band adapt a wide range of different sounds and emotions especially on songs such as: Empress, Many Days March Away, You Only Die Once and The Big Bad Red Wolf.

FEARS is an album that does have a gloomy outlook on life especially when the darker and dramatic musical passages appear. However, the album also has quite a few uplifting sounds as well spliced throughout the album.

Tomydeepestego have released another deeply satisfying album that should not only appeal to their established fan-base but will also impress the more casual listener and maybe allow the band to expand their fan-base even further.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe