Tuesday, 8 October 2019

1968 - Live In Los Angeles (Album Review)

Release date: September 11th 2019. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Live In Los Angeles – Tracklisting

1.Temple of the AcidWolf 04:58
2.Blackwing 04:24
3.Wardogs 04:25
4.Devilswine 05:03
5.Fortuna Havana 06:59
6.McQueen 09:26


Jimi - Vocals
Sam Orr - Guitar
Bear - Bass
Dan - Drums


Live in Los Angeles is the new live album from UK Psych Stoner Rockers – 1968 – from their recent USA Tour which the band went down a storm with US audiences. Well, especially from the sound of this huge sounding live recording from the world famous venue - “Whisky A Go Go”. The band play a stunning set of their most well known songs such as – Temple Of The AcidWolf, Wardogs, Fortune Havana and epic sounding song- McQueen. The band include a new song – Blackwing -on this album and it’s a very good song indeed.

There are no hidden surprises on this album and you’ve perhaps heard all of the songs before. Though it’s good to hear what 1968 sound like on the live stage. This album has been Mixed and Mastered as close as hearing the band actually on stage. The album isn’t the best produced but it draws you into the murky atmosphere of the world famous venue.

1968 play a greatest hits set-list on this album. They have to especially with this being their debut USA Tour. They have to let the audience know what the band do on the live stage and they don’t disappoint. As you can hear the audience lapping up the entire show. It’s a precise 36 minute show but it succeeds in doing what a top-notch live album should do. Mainly to entertain the listener with the band’s most well known hits and playing their hearts out. 1968 succeed here with Live In Los Angeles as they leave the audience wanting more especially after the bombastic last song – McQueen – which is the best song on this album.

Live In Los Angeles is the perfect introduction to one of the best upcoming bands from the UK Psych Stoner Rock/Metal scene. Expect huge sounding Psych Rock, Stoner Rock and Classic Rock from 1968 but with a modern sound flowing through from start to finish.

Words by Steve Howe