Saturday, 5 October 2019

The Great Beyond - S./T (Album Review) and Video Premiere Of OUT OF TIME

Release date: January 25th 2019. Label: This Charming Man Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

The Great Beyond – S/T – Tracklisting

1.The Great Beyond 03:43
2.Slip Away 03:48
3.I'll Do It Again 02:58
4.Out Of Time 02:49
5.The Ride 04:31
6.Maddest Man 02:59
7.Quit 02:48
8.Trapped In The Net 04:09
9.Living Shadows 04:30
10.zThe Patient 05:42


Leon Runde - Vocals & Guitars
Daniel Himmelberg - Bass & Vocals
David Aaron Mrohs - Drums & Vocals


I missed The Great Beyond self-titled new album when it was released back in Jan 2019. As I went on my self imposed hiatus with the blog earlier this year. Now it’s time to for a review of this cool sounding album. As it surprised me in many ways.

The Great Beyond is influenced by 70s Hard Rock and Heavy Metal with flourishes of Psych Rock, Classic Rock, Stoner Rock and Doom Rock thrown in for good measure. If you dig KADAVAR then you should check these guys as they play a similar style of music with the RETRO style grooves allowing the band to play top-notch classic sounding riffs from start to finish.

The vocals from Leon feel inspired by the legendary lead singers of 60s/70s Hard Rock. He’s majorly confident and a little bit cocky on the majority of the songs held on the album. It’s a good thing as The Great Beyond sound like genuine rock stars on this album and they have the riffs and songs to back up their immense talent.

I admire the “Thin Lizzy” style guitars that appear on songs such as The Great Beyond, Slip Away, I’ll Do It Again and Out Of Time. You can hear shades of Black Sabbath in their music as well as the band almost go for a classic Heavy Metal sound that allows the band to create some highly original music of their own.

The Great Beyond do stick to a similar formula and style of music for the rest of the album. However, that doesn’t stop The Great Beyond having fun with their music and playing an addictive style of music if you’re a fan of Classic Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.

My advice – Get stuck in with this excellent sounding album and you will have an absolute blast with these guys.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

We a premiering the new video Out Of Time from the album. Thanks to Chris at This Charming Man Records for the details.

The band have this to say about the new video:

"Out of Time” is an ode to Mother Nature and an emergency call to all earthlings. Since mistakes have always been realized afterwards, a change is more urgent than ever. Love, respect and awareness for this beautiful planet and it’s inhabitants is the message of this song!