Saturday, 19 October 2019

Iron & Stone - You Can't See What's Coming (EP Review)

Release date: September 27th 2019. Label: Hand Of Doom Records. Format: DD/Vinyl

You Can’t See What’s Coming – Tracklisting

1.Hand Of Fate 03:59
2.Shadow On Your Neck 03:57
3.Old, Bitter & Out Of Touch 05:10
4.1958 05:29


Henning L.: vocals
Stephan M.: guitar
Christopher P.: guitar
Matthias B.: bass
Torsten H.: drums


You Can’t Stop What’s Coming is the new EP from Fuzz/Stoner/Doom Rockers – Iron & Stone. The EP is based on either the novel or film of No Country For Old Men. This allows the band to create and play a dark blend of Doom/Stoner Rock with heavy amounts of Fuzz Rock being part of the action.

The EP has quite a raw sound and it matches the subject material the EP is based upon. The music is the strong point here with the opening song – Hand Of Fate – capturing a band playing a more gloomier sound and slightly bleak and angry vocals to match from Henning.

Fuzz/Stoner Rockers shouldn’t despair as Iron & Stone will have you covered in the riffs department with their blistering style of classic sounding Fuzz/Stoner Rock amounting for the highest amount of cool riffs held within the EP’s short running time.

Second song – Shadow On Your Neck – sees the band go for a full throttle Doom Metal approach with psychedelic overtones making their way to the party. The lo-fi production allows the band to carry on with their raw and angry sound that’s quite captivating in places especially when the band play some of the heaviest sounds on the entire EP.

The final two songs “Old, Bitter and Out Of Touch” and “1958” sees Iron & Stone become even more aggressive with everything they have at their disposal. Vocals, riffs and the lyrics all combine for some of most aggressive parts of the EP with a Dark Fuzz Rock vibe suddenly appearing and making you want to hear more of this highly addictive sound.

The only downside to this EP is that it’s too damn short. I know it’s an EP. I just wanted one more song to fully complete the EP. As the EP kinda feels unfinished. Though the classic Coen Brothers film ends in a similar fashion. So I applaud the band for sticking to that part of the film if that was their intention of course. That’s my own feelings of the EP so I could be way off here.

Overall, You Can’t Stop What’s Coming lives up to it’s fantastic title. You can’t stop the band on this form with this superbly entertaining EP.

Words by Steve Howe