Friday 29 November 2019

DOMKRAFT - Slow Fidelity (EP Review)

Release date: November 22nd 2019. Label: Blues Funeral Recordings. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Slow Fidelity – Tracklisting

1.Through the Ashes 09:19
2.Mud Collider 05:52
3.Where We Part Ways 12:54
4.Where We Part Ways (instrumental) 13:23


Greetings All,

Earlier this month, one of my absolute favourite bands Domkraft released an absolutely killer new EP entitled Slow Fidelity. This record comes hot on the heels of last years amazing Flood album. If you haven’t yet, do yourself a favour and check out that monster of a record. Slow Fidelity is a 3(4) song EP that shows the trio from Sweden mixing their trademark hypnotic riff and repeat sound with guest vocalists and some solid experimentation. The collaborative effort with Lea of Besvarjelsen, Marty of Slomatics and the enigmatic Mark Lanegan of Screaming Trees and QOTSA and more along with his own brilliant solo work, is a monster track filled with doom laden imagery and psych heavy explorations. The record seems to find the band leading you a dark, desolate journey from somewhere to who knows where. It lends itself to being a soundtrack to an apocalypse, and it sounds really damn good.

The record opens with the slow build of Through the Ashes that then explodes into the powerful riffage and some wiry angular sounds across nearly 10 minutes of bleak heaviness that laments “You let the guiding lights blind you”. The band then kicks in right away with the rock heavy and expansive sound of Mud Collider, a driving track shows the trio really flexing their muscle. The record then gives way to the centrepiece of the record. A bass heavy opening unleashes Where We Part Ways to a weary world. The band veers in a multitude of directions while allowing the aforementioned guest vocalists to weave dark parables to the listeners. This is a truly amazing song and a testament to the artistry of all involved. The closer revisits the same track, Where We Part Ways (Instrumental) revisits the song with an extra couple of seconds of music. It is really interesting to hear the band showing the foundation of the song and allowing the listener to drift under the hypnotic sound to either throw in your own words or just allow you to be consumed and drift away into the hypnotic hereafter.

Domkraft is honestly one of my favourite bands around today. Their artistry and immersive sound is nearly unmatched. If you haven’t. Check out both of the bands prior albums and keep your eyes peeled for a live record coming soon. In the interim, check this monster out. You will not be disappointed. Dig Heavy on this and check it out!

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Words by Todd Stealey