Thursday 6 February 2020

LICANTROPY Premiere New Song - Another Wolf Game - From Their New Album - Extrabiliante

LICANTROPY were born during the first full moon of May 2017, in the Venetian moorland, when Tommaso Mantelli (Captain Mantell, AMA, Kirlian, Il Teatro Degli Orrori), Luca Ramon (Hope You’re Fine Blondie, Waterproof) and Alberto De Lazzari (LAD, Industria Onirica) followed an instinctive and primordial attraction. LICANTROPY do not stand to musical clichés, rather they prefer to take unexpected and destabilizing drifts and to tell you an ironic point of view, bizarre episodes and adventures on lycanthropy, with raw sounds and a punky attitude. A true psychedelic intersection between music and visual art is going on over here and can be seen as the core of the project.

In 2018 another crazy full moon forced those 3 werewolves to record "Extrabiliante", their brand new output, to be released February 10th on capable Go Down Records. It all started with impro-sessions at Outside Inside Studio, followed by more concrete structure to the tracks by recording vocals and overdubs at Groove Studio.

Mixed by Alberto De Lazzari at the Fishbowl Studio and mastered at Lesder Studio by Tommaso Mantelli, the new album “Extrabiliante” is a multiform blend of styles which binds together psychedelia, garage, punk, rock’n’roll and a fine stream of pop taste.

You can hear the stunning new track - Another Wolf Game - from the upcoming new album.

The band have said this about their new video

"The video follows the continued Mexican saga of Mr Wolf as he gets involved to join a poker match against 'The Boss'. Things start to get hairy as Mr Wolf tries to win the match and taking his prize; the hands of the wife from The Boss. As Mr Wolf starts to lose his fortune, The Boss uses an artillery of his worst tricks to defeat him out of the game, ending in a sudden stand off.They will both die for love but no one has to lose the battle

Released 10.02.2020, Go Down Records

Formats: CD


01. Hispanic Wolf
02. Big Bad Affair
03. Pale Moonlight
04. My Fat Long Tail
05. Extrabiliante
06. I Wolf The Line
07. Another Wolf Game
08. The Revenge Of The Wise Wolf
09. Bite Me Wolf
10. Coyote?

Licantropy is:

Tommaso Tom Wolf Mantelli | guitar, vocals
Luca Luke Sky Walker Ramon | drums, percussions, vocals
Alberto Royal Albert Wolf De Lazzari | organ, synth, vocals

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