Saturday 22 February 2020

STAHV - The Sundowner (EP Review)

Release date: February 21st 2020. Label: Solid 7 Records. Format: Cassette/DD

The Sundowner - Tracklisting

1.Voyage of the Dawndraper 02:38
2.All-Seeing I 07:30
3.Evhgot 07:31
4.The Sundowner 04:28


Solomon Arye Rosenschein - Everything


Psychedelic Post-Rock/Post-Doom Experimentalists – STAHV are back with their new EP – The Sundowner – which runs for 22 minutes. The EP is a collection of different sounds that takes you on a journey that you wouldn’t expect. STAHV embrace a “weirdo” identity on this release with flashes of 60s Psychedelic Rock. Doom Rock, Noise Rock, Post-Rock with an almost Distorted Drone mentality allowing STAHV to play whatever the FUCK comes to their minds.

The Sundowner is what you would from a band overdosing on the beautiful ideas of legendary cult film director Alejandro Jodorowsky. I know that may sound strange STAHV but create LUCID MUSIC that not only seeks to elevate the mind but also one that’s quite soothing in places.

The standout two songs have to be All-Seeing I and Evhgot – as the songs feel inspired by Russian Circles and Pink Floyd with lush strands of Psychedelia turning into heavier and warped Post-Doom grooves that both leave you wanting more.

The Sundowner is perfectly named as the EP has the power to lift your mood to blissful heights but STAHV aren’t afraid to take you back to the more bleaker sides of life but the whole journey is one of discovery and I applaud STAHV for trying a different style of music compared to their previous releases.

If you want something to different to listen to that is quite original and different in it’s own right than STAHV will be waiting for you on this excellent release….

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to STAHV for the promo. The Sundowner will be available to buy on Cassette/DD via Solid 7 Records from Feb 21st 2020.