Thursday 13 February 2020

InTechnicolour - Big Sleeper (Album Review)

Release date: February 21st 2020. Label: Big Scary Monsters/Art As Catharsis. Format: DD/Vinyl

Big Sleeper - Tracklisting

1.Miami Funk
2.Under The Sun
4.Big Sleeper
7.Lend Me A Crushed Ear
8.Slow Moth


Tobie Anderson - Vocals,
Dave Jackson - Guitars,
Vlad Matveikov - Bass,
Sam Coveney - Drums


InTechnicolour feel like they come from the American Stoner Rock scene instead of the UK. As the band play a heavily addictive and stylized version of Desert Rock, Stoner Rock and Psych Rock that sees the band draw influence from bands such as Kyuss and Torche in places. Though, the band add a more Alternative Rock flavour to their overall sound. Their debut album – Big Sleeper – doesn’t shy away from adding a deep admiration for the nineties alternative rock/grunge scenes as well.

The opening song – Miami Funk – has a classic Stoner/Desert Rock groove before an Alternative Psychedelic sound appears and the heavy addictive riffs go into overdrive that brings the early sounds of Kyuss to the party. The vocals from Tobie are good and quite easy-going in places. They remind me of Grant Nicholas (FEEDER) in many ways. Hopefully the band won’t take that as an insult. As I was huge fan of FEEDER back in my younger years. Anyway, InTechnicolour do play a heavy blend of Stoner/Sludge Rock on the later stages of the song.

Second song – Under The Sun – carries on the Alternative and Upbeat grooves with the song taking time to bring the heavy riffs to the party. The song is quite moody and reflective in places but shows a different side to the band and leaves you wondering in what direction the album will ultimately end up heading into. As the band keep their cards to their chest and just let their music do all of the talking.

Third song – Shaker – is where the band start to play some of their heavier distorted sludgier sounds with their nineties grunge/alt-rock influences being there for everyone to feel and hear. The music is moody yet again but it’s the edgier Psychedelic parts that make this song really works. As it makes the heavy riffs sound more precise and direct. The vocals are excellent yet again.

Fourth song – Big Sleeper – has a slightly gloomier sound compared to the other songs on the album. The song perhaps feels out of place when first listening to the album but it soon becomes a more rewarding experience with each repeated listen. As the song embraces it’s gloomy and almost Post-Doom outlook on life. The guitars and music move into many different directions but there is still a familiar Stadium Rock/Stoner Rock sound to it all.

There are five other songs on the album but the ones that impressed me the most are: Gallon Man, Slow Moth and Tortoise. As these songs allow the band to add a more cinematic groove to their music whilst bringing different layers of Heavy Stoner Rock to the party.

Tortoise is the standout and longest song on the album clocking in over ten minutes in length. The song is also the most experimental offering on the album with the band adding a Distorted feel to the album with moments of Drone, Doom, Psych, Sludge and Stoner Metal combining for one euphoric wild ride towards the end of the song.

Big Sleeper is such a rich and rewarding album with InTechnicolour playing many different styles of music within Stoner Rock/Metal. You need to take your time with this album. There are riffs to be found when you first listen to the album. However, the real reward is when you start to delve deeper into this album and discover the superb lyrics and lush musical imagery the band conjure up on the album that last leave you wanting more.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Lachlan at Art As Catharsis for the promo. Big Sleeper will be available to buy on DD/Vinyl via Big Scary Monsters and Art As Catharsis from February 21st 2020.