Tuesday 18 February 2020

Orphans Of Doom - II (Album Review)

Release date: February 28th 2020. Label: The Company KC. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

II - Tracklisting

1.New Ishtar
4.The Ornamentalist
6.The Last of Me (The Captain)
7.Viper Diaper
8.Fever Dream


Jeremy Isaacson – Guitar
Bryan Sedey – Guitar
Greg Koelling – Drums


Orphans Of Doom are back with their new album – II – and it’s a less spaced out affair compared to their debut album which made me an instant fan of their music. Their new album is perhaps more aggressive and focuses more on a heavier style of Sludge/Doom Metal not heard on their debut album. Though there is still much to enjoy here if you’re a fan of the band’s debut album.

II is another standout album from the band and sees Orphans Of Doom expand their journey even further down the Sludge/Doom Metal rabbit hole. The riffs and vocals have a more precise nature to them with the band also adding a more progressive edge to their overall sound.

Opening song – New Ishtar – has a groove metal sound driving everything along with flashes of Doom, Sludge and Stoner Metal being used for heavy stylish effect. The song also offers glimpses of Psychedelic and Spaced Out Noises that shows that the band are more than happy to revisit ideas first heard on their last album. Though it’s the heavy grooves and riffs that’s the main attraction here. Perhaps influenced by early-era Mastodon once again but the band still manage to play their own blend of action-packed riffs.

Second song – Necromantic – opens with a fast-paced “Thrash” style sound with the vocals being more forceful and that’s perhaps down to the highly volatile lyrics the band have written for this song. The band do play some wonderfully epic guitar solos on the later stages of the song which can be quite melodic in places. The Psychedelic Post-Doom riff the band included towards the end had me under their spell for a few short moments before returning to their “normal” aggressive style of music.

Third song – Swans – carries on the thundering and heavy progressive grooves heard with a lot more flair and imagination being heard on this song with the music having a very cool sounding “LOUD v QUIET” dynamic with the band focusing more on the Progressive Doom Metal vibe of their overall sound. The song can be too flashy in places but I believe the band have earned that right to show folks what they can and they lay down a wide range of impressive sounds on this song alone.

Fourth Song – The Ornamentalist – is my favourite song on the album as it sees Orphans Of Doom add the classic “Thin Lizzy” guitar sound to the album and when they merge it with their epic style of Psychedelic Guitar Riffs then I’m taken back to the heavy atmosphere heard on the band’s debut album. The song is still quite heavy but the Spaced Out moments is what made me a fan of Orphans Of Doom in the first place. Musically, this is perhaps the best sounding song on the album and leaves you wanting more.

Four songs down and four songs to go. Orphans Of Doom carry on with their mission in bringing heavy and stylish Psychedelic and Progressive Sludge vibes with the second half of the album perhaps being even heavier than the first part. Songs such as: Rust, The Last Of Me and Viper Diaper – showing that the band have a wealth of different ideas to impress the masses with.

The production is excellent that allows the band to try new and exciting new ideas on this album that all ultimately pay off with Orphans Of Doom creating another outstanding album to impress the Doom/Sludge Metal masses with. As their debut album was sadly overlooked in my opinion. I’m hoping this album allows the band to enhance their fan-base to greater levels. As these guys richly deserve all the rewards and accolades hopefully coming their way.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Joshua at The Company KC for the promo. II will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via The Company KC from February 28th 2020.